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Last Resort Mills Boon Silhouette Hannah Alexander

IT WAS A STORY TO PUT HIDEAWAY, MISSOURI, IN THE NATIONAL HEADLINES…A MISSING CHILD: Carissa Cooper, twelve, vanishes near her home–abducted, possibly by someone close to her.

Cowboy Conspiracy Mills Boon Intrigue Sons Of Troy Ledger Book 5 Joanna Wayne

Nothing would stop ex-lawman Wyatt finding his mother’s killer…except a damsel in distress and her daughter.

The Stolen Life Of A Cheerful Man Dimitris Politis

The Stolen Life of a Cheerful Man explores the contentious yet universal themes of intolerance and understanding, discrimination and acceptance, violence and forgiveness. Dimitris Politis plunges boldly into the reality of contemporary Ireland, but from his own Greek perspective, creating an extraordinary mirror

The Perfect Assassin Ward Larsen

One perfect shot will change the course of history. Christine Palmer, a young American doctor sailing solo across the Atlantic, makes an incredible discovery - a man narrowly clinging to his life in the frigid waters. But there is much more to this

Winter Of The Wolf Moon Steve Hamilton

Steve Hamilton's novels starring ex-cop and sometime-P.I. Alex McKnight have won multiple awards and appeared on bestseller lists nationwide. And when you start reading Winter of the Wolf Moon, you will instantly understand why. . .

Rules Of Re Engagement Mills Boon Intrigue Shadow Soldiers Book 4 Loreth Anne White

A man back from the dead. A madman on the loose. One woman who will change everything.

The Interpreter Mills Boon Vintage Intrigue Raeanne Thayne

He found her, barely conscious, on a dark Utah mountain road–a woman with an affinity for obscure languages and seemingly no memory of her identity. But ex-agent Mason Keller was not about to fall for that–and despite his attraction to her, he had

When Day Breaks Mary Jane Clark

On the day she died, Constance Young was the undisputed star of morning television. But her plans to move herself and her loyal audience to another network were cancelled when she ended up at the bottom of her swimming pool. And the fabled

Color Of Justice Gary Hardwick

Raised in the bosom of the inner city, white Detroit Homicide cop Danny Cavanaugh speaks and acts with the unmistakable attitude of a black man. But the savage murders of affluent African-Americans are plunging him into the urban heart of terror, where he

Disappearance Slader Merriman

Did you ever think that you could ever love somebody so much that you would have pain and sorrow? Did you ever feel as though someone would ultimately let that love lead to betrayal? In Disappearance, youll get these answers.

Acid Reflux Paul Dunk

This collection is a celebration of the long story containing 16 works of fiction along with the novella, "Jane Dough." With the exception of three new pieces, the stories were written from 2000-2006 and then extensively revised for this 2013 book.

The Sheikh 39 S Lost Princess Mills Boon Intrigue Linda Conrad

Sheikh Shakir, scarred by warfare, is ready for the ultimate confrontation. But his deadly mission to bring down his family's arch-enemy is compromised by the discovery that Nikki, the princess who destroyed his heart, is now a prisoner and that rescuing her is

Sevenlives And The Woof Pack Kenny Morrison

Join Sevenlives in her thrilling adventure with her Woof Pack team of country dogs to rescue others from capture and the ring of a Dog Fighting Contest. Sevenlives the cat has existed for centuries as Sevenia a werecat who has travelled to this

The Dark Shield Ralph T Gazzillo

Before his demotion, Joe McKeefe was a celebrated and highly decorated detective who had been recognized as a rising star in the police department. Now he was finishing his career as a uniformed patrol officer in the precinct with citys highest crime rate,

William Clyde Sutton

William traces the life of a soldier suffering PTSD after serving in Iraq. His attempts to restore his peace of mind using martial arts techniques, particularly Aikido, have unforeseen consequences and he experiences inexplicable mental and physical effects that lead to his imprisonment

Wolf 39 S Revenge Lachlan Smith

  • The first book in the Leo Maxwell series, Bear Is Broken, won the 2014 Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel, was a finalist for the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award for Best First Novel, and was named a Kirkus Reviews Best Mystery/Thriller

  • Edge Of Black A Samantha Owens Novel Book 2 J T Ellison

    The killer is armed with a lethal weapon: an invisible pathogen that has been released into the Washington Metro.

    Cold Case At Carlton 39 S Canyon Mills Boon Intrigue Rita Herron

    Dark Guardian Mills Boon Intrigue Jan Hambright

    Investigative journalist Olivia is on a mission but Jack has sworn to stop her. He has to protect her from a dark secret at the heart of Black’s Cove and will stand by her side, 24/7, if necessary…even if safeguarding her inspires the

    By The Scruff Of The Neck Diane Dephillips

    Maria Magliani arrives home to a frantic call that her pizza restaurant in on fire. The saucy, recently-widowed entrepreneur speeds downtown to suspicious, smoldering ruins.