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Hidden Agenda Mills Boon Intrigue Line Of Duty Book 2 Maggie Price

To: Sergeant Carrie McCall Subject: Regarding Reilly Your assignment flouts two cardinal rules of the cop code: Never investigate your partner and never fall for your partner.

Targeted Mills Boon Intrigue The Blade Brothers Of Cougar County Book 1 Lori L Harris

In The Shadow Of David The Secret Rebellion Martin Baggen

A thoroughly innovative reworking of “the greatest story ever told.”

Main Suspect May 39 Lon Maze Miranda

From the author that brought you the Love Is Blind series comes a brand-new suspense thriller. After the death of his father, Jacob Cass becomes one of the biggest attorneys in the country. After a night out with Blake, his roommate, Jacobs fun

Afterburn Colin Harrison

A high-voltage international thriller about a millionaire businessman catapulted into a world of criminal intrigue, sexual obsession, extortion, and death.

Target Down Julian Jay Savarin

From the author of Trophy, a thriller about the November Project men, a band of fearless pilots, who find themselves embroiled in a scandal of international proportions when they accidentally blast a civilian airliner out of the sky.

Operation Medina The Jihad George Mavro

The Balkans and Mideast, a region very much in the news, is the setting for this action novel which takes place in the not too distant future. The secular pro western government of Turkey has been overthrown in a violent revolution and replaced

God Guns And Charter Schools William Allen Burley

After defending her Connecticut town against the installation of a nuclear waste repository, attorney Maryann MacKenzie is facing a new legal challenge. When a cult-like sect arrives in Roxbridge, Maryann is forced to question the groups intentions. Meanwhile after a yearlong stint as

Political Season Lance E Ryskamp

"Like we say in Louisiana, it is time to start ripping some bark off the tree. And poor Max Parker isn't going to know what hit him."

The Death Gene George J Brewer

As most everyone who reads the newspapers these days will be aware, DNA technology and cloning genes (isolating and obtaining the DNA for a specific gene) is on the cutting edge of science. Almost every week a new gene is cloned, its DNA

Knockout Mills Boon Silhouette Erica Orloff

Don't let the knockout looks fool you. Jackie "Jack" Rooney packs a punch, and it's made her the top boxing trainer in Vegas.

Gender Games Alfonso C Hernandez

Gender Games is a novel written in an innovative, experimental form in short chapters related by a narrator who lives in a world where Gender definition is irrelevant since the characters he meets appear male and turn out to be female. And vice-versa.

The Last Crimefighter Bradley S Hartman

It has been twenty-five years since the world collapsed. The great cities left to ruin. Three quarters of the worlds population dead from a man made disease only known as The Reaping. Great minds lost. Technology stopped. Mankind in an attempt to survive,

Fearless Mills Boon Intrigue Corcoran Team Book 1 Helenkay Dimon

Davis Weeks had a sterling reputation because his role in the undercover Corcoran Team trumped everything.

The Fall Clifford Reopel

Financial instability beguiles anger, and anger beguiles war! The United States is under attack. Unrest lies around every corner. The fall of the United States was bound to happen; they just did not know "the fall" comes from within. Economic unrest, the national

P I Daddy 39 S Personal Mission Mills Boon Intrigue Beth Cornelison

When his father's found dead P. I. Peter's fixated on finding the killer. But his son's teacher Lisa thinks the single dad is digging too deeply. She's determined to help him move past the horrors of the past and find a way to

Justice Is Coming Mills Boon Intrigue The Marshals Of Maverick County Book 5 Delores Fossen

The armed and dangerous woman trespassing on federal marshal Declan O’Malley’s Texas ranch isn’t a killer. She’s Eden Gray, and the PI is trailing trouble and unfinished business.

Behind Every Dark Cloud Charles Carroll Lee

Detective Alonzo Cunningham races against the clock to rid the city from a serial rapist. A beautiful woman unwittingly aids the widowed detective in his investigation as well as a clairvoyant college student, James Dexter, and his underworld connected father, Reese Dexter, Jr.

Sheriff 39 S Runaway Witness Mills Boon Vintage Romantic Suspense Scandals Of Sierra Malone Book 1 Kathleen Creighton

Pregnant and on the run, Rachel Malone Delcorte is the only witness to the murder of two federal agents. Mob boss Carlos Delcorte wants her baby–his grandson–and he wants Rachel dead. But as fate would have it, sheriff's deputy Jethro "J.J." Fox gets

One Last Good Day Kimberly Coleman

"A story filled with characters so raw and exposed to the elements of their own lives that you are practically forced to turn the page and read on..." from a Goodreads review.