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The Birthday Girl The Gripping New Psychological Thriller Full Of Shocking Twists And Lies Sue Fortin

Primary Suspect Mills Boon Intrigue Eclipse Book 15 Susan Peterson

Ransom On The Rhone Stephen G Yanoff

The theft of a priceless Gobelin tapestry drags insurance investigator, Adam Gold, into the murky and violent world of international artnapping - and a life or death struggle with the Corsican mafia. In an effort to retrieve the tapesty, Gold will also become

A Cold Day In Paradise Steve Hamilton

When first published, A Cold Day in Paradise won both the Edgar and Shamus awards for Best First Novel, launching Steve Hamilton into the top ranks of today's crime writers. Now, see for yourself why this extraordinary novel has galvanized the literary and

Crush Depth Joe Buff

Reactionary enemy regimes have brutally taken command in South Africa and Germany. U.S. and European shipping lanes are suddenly under attack. World War is at hand -- and for the ruthless Berlin–Boer Axis, the devastating weapons of choice will be tactical nukes used

Racing Against Time Mills Boon Vintage Intrigue Marie Ferrarella

The Honorable Brenton Montgomery would break every rule to recover his kidnapped little girl. But he wasn't prepared to clash with the one woman he'd secretly loved for years, Detective Callie Cavanaugh, whose job it was to find Rachel. And when tensions grew

Ayla John Matheson

An interesting object is found on a archaeological research site in northern Brazil. Incredibly old it is send to the UK for interpretation, resulting on an amazing story of a impossibly existing past civilization on this world. The story unfolds into a thriller

All That Remains Melva Haggar Dye

In the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, little girls have started to disappear. The city is in hysterics. Parents are frantic, and the police are baffled. Thea Kelly is one of the shocked community members, witnessing the horror via the news on TV. She

Victor 39 S Mafia Family Series 3 Janet Enos

Continuing from Series 2, Victor is waiting for Jennifer to have the baby. He wonders if it will be a girl or a boy. Lorenzo informs Victor that he is ill and that he does not have much time left. He wants Victor

In His Sights Mills Boon Vintage Intrigue Justine Davis


The Death Story Amay Saxena

One misty night, a young writer was travelling from Kalka to Mumbai in train. He was enjoying his cold journey when a young beautiful woman entered his compartment. To pass time, she offered to tell him a story. He hesitated at first, but

Adoption Christopher Stone

Christine Sawyer has been missing for two months. The discovery of her mutilated body will propel Chief of Police Ron Kosciak into a race of life and death with an adversary so evil that even Hannible Lector would tremble in fear. Frustrated by

Death Comes For The Deconstructionist Daniel Taylor

Jon Mote – grad school dropout and serial failure – has been hired to investigate the murder of his erstwhile mentor, Richard Pratt, a star in the firmament of literary theory. Feeling unequal to the task, Mote skitters on the edge of madness,

The Webster Nexus Jay D Gregory

When it comes to rhythm, Mick has two left feet.

A Choice Of Love Dean Robbins

Murder and Revenge Rock a Sleepy Minnesota Community Average people get entangled in web of crime and love in new book When a troubled young mother is violently murdered, everyone becomes a suspect in A Choice of Love (published by iUniverse), the debut

Delusion Joanna Elm

When Emma Kane turns up dead in her Main Line mansion, no one is free from suspicion, least of all her husband of twenty-five years, New York media mogul Jack Kane. Too many people would love to see Jack Kane out of biusiness

The Man For Maggie Mills Boon Vintage Intrigue Frances Housden

Maggie Kovacs was the most enchanting woman Detective Max Strachan had ever met. She was also the most eccentric. Or was she? Max soon realized that the nighttime visions Maggie claimed she saw supplied him with details that only the police– and a

Dark Entity Joe Gauthier

There is no available information at this time.

Unfortunately Yeseph Albert Schindler

The inexorable intent of whistleblower Yeseph Albert Schindler is to complete the circuit in order to shine a light on the shoddy, fungal legal establishment of Quakerville as its hyphae infiltrate the Auschwitzerland federal arena of law and politics.

Liar K L Slater

How far would you go to protect your family?