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Styx And Stones J B Davis

Styx and Stones could have been subtitled The Paper Chase, for it is a yellowing file of names and addresses that emerges as the main character in this suspense filled murder mystery. An illegal purchase of the precious gem, Alexandrite, in Russia, topples

Deadly Safari Mills Boon Love Inspired Suspense Lisa Harris

Paschal Moon Kathy D Wooten

FBI agent, Arvidia is sent urgently to the east coast on an undercover assignment. Unbeknownst to her, danger is lurking around the corner. Her boss and the Quad have very little time to save her from the wrath of a man who has

Crossfire David Hagberg

Russia is in turmoil. As liberals struggle to hold power, the hard-liners in the KGB decide to fund themselves. They will hijack a vital US gold shipment. The first step will be to frame Kirk McGarvey for the bombing of the CIA's Paris

One Way Or Another Elizabeth Adler

What begins as a beautiful evening at a party on a yacht ends with attempted murder...and a quest for revenge...

Sleeping Beauty Phillip Margolin

Author Miles Van Meter is on a book tour to promote his sensational bestseller Sleeping Beauty, a true-crime account of a deeply personal subject: the attack by a serial killer that left his twin sister, Casey, in a coma. Tonight the audience waits

The Code Daniel V Schrager

The Code is the story of a Chicago cop, Jake Harmon, who stumbles across an unidentified man carrying $250,000. While struggling to adhere to the "Cop Code of Behavior," he attempts to uncover the source of the money. Aided by his girlfriend and

Dale Brown 39 S Dreamland Razor 39 S Edge Dale Brown Jim Defelice

The weapon is codenamed "Razor"—the brainchild of the brilliant minds at Dreamland—a mobile chemical laser system with a range of 600 kilometers capable of downing anything that flies. The destruction of an American aircraft over northern Iraq suggests the inexplicable and unthinkable: a

A Colder War Charles Cumming

Internationally acclaimed as "a premier writer of espionage thrillers" (USA Today), Charles Cumming is "among the most skillful spy novelists" (Washington Post) and "a worthy successor to the John le Carré and Len Deighton" (Chicago Sun-Times). Now, with A COLDER WAR, Cumming

I 39 Ll Be Seeing You Mills Boon Vintage Intrigue Beverly Bird

SURPRISE #1: Her client, dead in his salad plate.

The Intruder Betty Lynne Hull

When Scott Andrews F-16 catches fire, he remains in the blazing inferno, fighting off the inevitable until he can clear a densely populated area below. His last conscious thought is of his bride, Sara. . . sweet Sara. Scott awakens in a hospital

Scenic Route Donald L Ball

"Once you pick it up, you won't put it down. A new twist in every chapter. Move over James Patterson." -Sergeant Matt Zelinsky. Tuolumne County Sheriff's Department. Sonora, California. On an isolated mountain highway leading to California's Sonora Pass, Deputy Jerry Griffen meets

Sudden Engagement Mills Boon Intrigue The Taylor Clan Book 1 Julie Miller

With blazing blue eyes and beckoning broad shoulders, Brett Taylor was irresistible to most women. But Detective Ginny Rafferty wasn't about to succumb to his potent charm.

Indestructible Mills Boon Intrigue Cassie Miles

Test Subject: Drew Kincaid Ability: Self-healing Weakness: Melinda Winston and the baby she's carrying. His baby.

Lock Stock And Secret Baby Mills Boon Intrigue Cassie Miles

It’s Blake’s mission to protect pregnant Eve from a psychopath. But his soldier instincts are put to the ultimate test when she stirs an intense passion in him that Blake doesn’t know if he can keep under control…

Mysteriad Frank Sherry

Basil was a successful filmmaker and the golden child of an ordinary, middle class family until the day he was found naked and staring in his apartment one morning. No one knows how long Basil has been in this catatonic state. There is

Out Of The Ash Gloria H Giroux

The intertwined Prescott, Manzone, and Grant clans have made their marks on the world against the backdrop of the turbulent and astounding 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. As the mid-1990s roll on into an exciting new millennium, evil forces rise from the ashes of

Spider Mountain P T Deutermann

A huge dog came out of the woods from our right and lunged at my face. I ducked the snapping jaws by throwing myself backward hard enough to crack my head on the ground. The dog went over my head, landing in a

Hostage Situation Mills Boon Intrigue The Equalizers Book 2 Debra Webb

Experience the thrill of life on the edge and set your adrenalin pumping! These gripping stories see heroic characters fight for survival and find love in the face of danger.

Southern Love Waterloo Trina Warren

Southern Love & Waterloo are 2 novellas I wrote. Theyre both psycho-thrillers & fictitious. Southern Love is love, romance, & drama. Lou is making her way in the world and falls in love. The mystery of the book involves her losing Travis. Waterloo