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Bloodborn Kathryn Fox

“Kathryn Fox has created a forensic physician who readers of Patricia Cornwell will adore.”

For The Baby 39 S Sake Mills Boon Intrigue Beverly Long

Burned in the past, Detective Sawyer Montgomery’s learned to stay guarded when a beautiful woman’s involved.

The Angel And The Outlaw Mills Boon Vintage Intrigue Ingrid Weaver


Defensive Wounds Lisa Black

“There are many forensic experts. There are many writers. Rarely, however, do the two meld as seamlessly and synergistically as Lisa Black.”

Montana Secrets Mills Boon Intrigue Charlotte Douglas

The Purloined Encryption Caper Rose Ameser Bannigan

Five renegade NATO intelligence officers sent by their governments to the U.S. to steal industrial secrets from government and hi-tech companies secretly conspire to sell technologies they acquire to rogue nations for personal profit. All have high-level contacts in European and Middle

The Gatherers Craig Markley

Never give up your dream, especially if it is a book, what seems so far away; isnt.

Fury Calls Mills Boon Intrigue Caridad Pi Eiro

Four years ago vampire Blake took too much blood from Meghan and turned her to save her life. Now their initial attraction has turned to anger and distrust. But with a killer on the loose, their only hope is to trust in their

They Screamed Evil Jamie Grooms


Closer Encounters Mills Boon Intrigue Code Name Danger Book 10 Merline Lovelace

To Drew "The Riever" McDowell, this seemed like a fairly straightforward assignment: track down Tracy Brandt and find out her connection to a top secret mission.

The House Of The Vampire George Sylvester Viereck

The freakish little leader of the orchestra, newly imported from Sicily to New York, tossed his conductor's wand excitedly through the air, drowning with musical thunders the hum of conversation and the clatter of plates. Yet neither his apish demeanour nor the deafening

Black Flash Michael James Grant

A small group of strangers living in different towns across America, each with different backgrounds, is chosen. Some have come willingly, while others have been taken in the dark of night. Stark, shadowy terror suddenly invades their dreams and turns their days into

The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes David Handler

HARLAN COBEN calls it "One of my all-time favorite series! ...David Handler is so good at writing one smart, funny page-turner after another that he makes it look easy." 

Murder Through Disabled Access Dr Nicholas M Almond

Dr Bruce Noble is an expert Criminal Psychologist and Neuropsychologist but suffers from severe disability. His Personal Assistant, Sophie, is completely loyal and has delayed her own career to support him during his university work and police consultancy. In Bruces private life he

Angel Warriors Gregg Abello Andres Ramirez

Angel Warriors is an action/adventure fiction novel about the extraordinary missions tasked by the Archangels to the chosen human beings, who are known as Innocents, in the fight against the Demons, who threaten to annihilate the human race and rule over the Angels

She 39 S Positive Mills Boon Intrigue Delores Fossen

lthough forced to put aside personal differences to rescue a child, FBI hostage negotiator Colin Forester and his estranged wife, Danielle, couldn’t ignore the issues that had pushed them apart…or the chemistry that still stirred their blood.

Stolen Tess Gerritsen

When the bullets finally ceased, the bodies lay in a coiled embrace on the lifeboat.

Cager Georgia Brown Zuniga

A handsome ex attorney turned Highway Patrol officer. A beautiful woman in her prime. A famous architect. An FBI agent at the top of his game. The lives of these four people come together in love, deceit, espionage and murder. The story of

Tournament Of Shadows Andrew Capon Michael H Hyman

In the shadows, there are those who plot to exploit the financial weaknesses of the United States. A well-planned assault could threaten the dollars position as the worlds reserve currency. An attack like this would also threaten the business of government, military, and

The Sea Of Lost Girls Carol Goodman

Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning author