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The Cartel 7 Illuminati Ashley Jaquavis Jaquavis Coleman

The saga of love, loyalty, and crime continues in the next explosive book in the Cartel series from the minds of New York Times bestselling authors Ashley & JaQuavis.

Mosasaur The Return David D Holt

James King is back, in this sequel that pits man against beast-again. Flashback: the year is 1973 and the W.A.R facility has deposited highly toxic and radioactive waste on a secret base in central Florida. From the 1960's thru the 1980's, another top

Bad Analysis Colin Knight

In London, a delusional racist aristocrat, invisible, privileged, and well-protected by his station, ruthlessly coordinates a diabolical attack, a slaughter disguised as a domestic terror assault.

The Twilight Of Our Dawn J Patrick Bick

In the year 2410, so-called clonies have become controversial issue. Originally revered as miracles of science, these test-tube humans have become feared and ostracized. True, they are useful; they are stronger than regular humans and can perform dangerous tasks that normal people could

Restless Spirit Mills Boon Intrigue Cowboy Cops Book 2 Cassie Miles

Badlands Mills Boon M B Aftershock Book 3 Jill Sorenson

Love is the most dangerous territory of all

Web Secrets Ronnie Dauber

Madison Richards is a young bride who investigates a personal issue and is unwittingly drawn into a terrifying web of deception and revenge. As her loved ones mysteriously disappear one at a time, shes left with only one friend in cyberspace. He learns

Don 39 T Close Your Eyes Carlene Thompson

Nestled on the shores of Lake Erie, the small town of Port Ariel, Ohio, is a welcome haven for Natalie St. John. Back home for the first time in years, she plans to visit old friends, mend a broken heart, and take a

Midnight Choices Mills Boon Vintage Intrigue Eileen Wilks

Injured, weary, Duncan McClain had come home to forget….

The Trade Shirley Palmer

Matt Lowell never set out to be a hero…but he wasn't given a choice.

The Lawman 39 S Secret Son Mills Boon Intrigue Skye Brother Babies Book 1 Alice Sharpe

Former cop Brady Skye hadn't seen Lara Kirk in nearly a year, and yet she could still penetrate his soul with a twitch of her lips.

Seeking Sanctuary Frances Fyfield

Betrayal is in their blood . . .

Captive Dove Mills Boon Silhouette Judith Leon

Nova Blair–code name, Dove–is known as the ultimate, tough-as-nails agent who always gets her man. So when ten prominent American tourists are kidnapped in Brazil, Nova launches into a race against time to rescue the innocents and uncover the identity of their sociopathic

Baby Jane Doe Mills Boon Intrigue The Precinct Book 4 Julie Miller

Commissioner Shauna Cartwright knew she was stirring up a hornet's nest by reopening the Baby Jane Doe murder case. Now she faced the further wrath of the KCPD by recruiting the much-maligned Eli Masterson to get the job done.

Ladykiller Meredith Anthony Lawrence Light

In the city that never sleeps, evil is wide awake. From the bright lights of Times Square to the dark alleys of New York, the Ladykiller is at work and at prey. Four women savagely murdered on the mean streets of NYC. The

Insiders Marvin H Mcintyre

For veteran Wall Street advisor Mac McGregor, it is the worst of times. A plunging stock market, a global panic, and white-knuckled clients create a trifecta of agony. Against this backdrop of guaranteed sleepless nights, McGregor receives a bizarre request from an old

The Murde Mountains Valley Of Progress Archive 1 Cory Sheldon Linda Cuckovich

Jean Batsu dreamed of the impossible, and knew it would require the impossible journey to achieve it.

The Three Faced Woman Maria Barkanyi

The contemporary story tells of a pretty girls very exiting life, full of sudden changes, loves, secrets, and peculiar coincidences. Vicky fell in love with a young Spanish doctor, but suddenly the girl is kidnapped and taken to Marrakesh. During a period of

The Circular Study Anna Katharine Green

Anna Katharine Green ( 1846 – 1935) was an American poet and novelist. She was one of the first writers of detective fiction in America and distinguished herself by writing well plotted, legally accurate stories. Green has been called "the mother of the

Waterford Point Mills Boon Intrigue Shivers Book 11 Alana Matthews

The perfect getaway was what Rachel Hudson expected, not a real-life mystery that could become her next bestseller. Escaping California for Waterford Point, Maine, was supposed to be all rest and relaxation. But instead of breakfast in bed, Rachel experienced night terrors, and