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Globalization And The City Andreas Exenberger James Mokhiber Philipp Strobl G Nter Bischof

The world today is far less a global village than a “global city”, as global network of multidimensional urban spaces of congestion prominently forming – and also formed by – globalization. But the relevance of cities is nothing but new. They were essential

Germany Today Christiane Lemke Helga A Welsh

This book analyzes the major post-unification developments that have tested and shaped the “new Germany” from a multilevel perspective. The authors argue that domestic transformation and a heightened role in international politics are consequences, often unintended, of unification, Europeanization, and globalization. Informed by

Receiving Erin 39 S Children J Matthew Gallman

Between 1845 and 1855, 2 million Irish men and women fled their famine-ravaged homeland, many to settle in large British and American cities that were already wrestling with a complex array of urban problems. In this innovative work of comparative urban history, Matthew

Beginnings Sebastian Falicon

Quite early in life, Sebastian knew that he liked men rather than women; more specifically, that he was turned on by men in heavy waterproof kit, particularly bikers. Books on escapology confirmed a growing interest in bondage. Youthful experiences grew more sophisticated; friendships

Classics In Political Science Joseph S Roucek

This book, long in preparation, is a survey of both the great and the infamous political ideas of history as reflected in the writings of the world’s foremost political thinkers. The editor has presented selections, each representing the core of the particular individual’s

The Creation Of States In International Law James R Crawford

Statehood in the early 21st century remains as much a central problem as it was in 1979 when the first edition of The Creation of States in International Law was published. As Rhodesia, Namibia, the South African Homelands and Taiwan then were subjects

Deep Darkness Dana Cathey Williams

The time has come when your darkest hour meets with the light of day. You no longer have to live behind the mask of destiny killers, the pain, the abuse, or the brokenness of your past. Before you were formed in your mothers

The Smile Of The Human Bomb Gideon Aran Jeffrey Green

In 2017, nearly six thousand people were killed in suicide attacks across the world.

Agricultural Beginnings In The American Southwest Barbara J Roth

Roth synthesizes wide-ranging CRM and academic data to explore the factors that led to plant cultivation in the American Southwest—and how the adoption of agriculture in turn affected the ancient peoples of the region.

Communicating Global To Local Resiliency A Case Study Of The Transition Movement Emily Polk

In light of impending global climate and financial crises, it is imperative to analyze models for positive social change that are focused on building community resiliency and sustainability. This book explores the communication processes of the Transition Movement, a community-led global social movement,

Chemistry And Compassion Pauline Brody

Amy Le Vesconte was born at the end of the nineteenth century but exemplified the modern teacher and woman scientist of the twenty-first century. She earned her PhD in chemistry in 1931 and devoted the next four decades to teaching chemistry to young

Small Works John A Donaldson

How can policymakers effectively reduce poverty? Most mainstream economists advocate promoting economic growth, on the grounds that it generally reduces poverty while bringing other economic benefits. However, this dominant hypothesis offers few alternatives for economies that are unable to grow, or in places

The Shadow Of The Hummingbird Athol Fugard Paula Fourie

A legendary playwright mines the depth of the human heart.

I Crowned My Damn Self Tamara T Allen

I now live in Dallas, Texas but was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in Wichita, Kansas. Let my start by saying I am super hyped about my fi rst publication! My poetry refl ects several aspects of lifes reality, sometimes animated, sometimes

Arcticness Ilan Kelman

Climate change and globalisation are opening up the Arctic for exploitation by the world – or so we are told. But what about the views, interests and needs of the peoples who live in the region? This volume explores the opportunities and limitations

Finding My Ultimate Purpose Michael Ceaser

Finding My Ultimate Purpose is Michael Ceaser’s life story of triumph over the traumatic events he has experienced. His journey encompassed gang activity as a teenager, time in prison, alcohol and drug abuse, and a terrible gambling addiction. With the use of 12-step

Boats Borders And Bases Jenna M Loyd Alison Mountz

Discussions on U.S. border enforcement have traditionally focused on the highly charged U.S.-Mexico boundary, inadvertently obscuring U.S.-Caribbean relations and the concerning asylum and detention policies unfolding there. Boats, Borders, and Bases offers the missing, racialized histories of the U.S. detention system and its

Archaeological Ethics Karen D Vitelli Chip Colwell Chanthaphonh

Looting. Reburial and repatriation. Relations with native peoples. Professional conduct. The second edition of Archaeological Ethics combines compelling articles on these topics written for a general audience with valuable teaching aids. The updated articles provide a fascinating introduction to the issues faced every

American Soul The Contested Legacy Of The Declaration Of Independence Justin Buckley Dyer David L Boren

American Soul brings together a variety of primary source documents related to the contested meaning and legacy of the Declaration of Independence, and the various speeches and writings assembled together demonstrate how competing interpretations of the Declaration have shaped, and been shaped by,

Joy Runs Deeper Bronia Beker Joseph Beker

Bronia and Josio (Joseph) grew up in Kozowa, a shtetl filled with lively culture, eccentric characters and extended family. When Bronia met Josio, she was charmed by his confidence and fearlessness. Separated when Josio was drafted into the army, reunited amid the chaos