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I Dreamt I Became President Don Keys

Don Keys gets whisked away into a bomb shelter on his first day as president, where he meets a mysterious group that claims to be the nations true power brokers. Numerous five-star generals, a five-star moderator who prefers not to be named, and

Years Of Red Dust Qiu Xiaolong

Published originally in the pages of Le Monde, this collection of linked short stories by Qiu Xiaolong has already been a major bestseller in France (Cite de la Poussiere Rouge) and Germany (Das Tor zur Roten Gasse), where it and the author was

The Divinity Gene Matthew J Trafford

A mob of teens descends upon Paris in the thrall of a self-help author; a grotesque yard-sale statuette frees a dying man from his silence; the hottest club in town is staffed by angels. This is the uncanny world of The Divinity Gene,

Don 39 T Wait To Be Called Jacob R Weber

Don't Wait to Be Called is a collection of short stories that span the distance from Eritrea and Ethiopia, whose refugee populations author Jacob Weber worked with in 2013 and 2014, all the way to Rustbelt towns of Ohio, where Weber grew up

Reggie And Joan P G Wodehouse

Long before P. G. Wodehouse dreamed up Bertie Wooster and his "gentleman's gentleman" Jeeves, he wrote humorous stories for British magazines featuring the adventurous young chap Reggie Pepper and the very sporting Joan Romney. In true Wodehouse fashion, Reggie and Joan cook up schemes,

The Happiest Hour Stefano Benni Sergio Altieri

The happiest hour of our lives is the one we can not find, it is not in our past nor in the present or in the future. It escapes us, forcing us to chase it and then immediately doubt it. Yet we all

The Curse Of Future Tom Tom Chalfant

The Curse of Future Tom is a compilation of short fiction, novel excerpts, and humorous pieces from the popular online blog. Ranging in subject matter from rural bank heists to teen suicide to raising teenaged daughters, skipping from fiction to non-fiction as the

The Odditorium Melissa Pritchard

O, The Oprah Magazine “Title to Pick Up Now” & Book of the Week

Thumbprint Joe Hill

New York Times Bestseller

Cock A Doodle Doo Or The Crowing Of The Noble Cock Beneventano Herman Melville

A short story from the Classic Shorts collection: The Happy Failure by Herman Melville

Auggie Wren 39 S Christmas Story Paul Auster Isol

A timeless, utterly charming Christmas fable, beautifully illustrated and destined to become a classic

The Lighthouse Keeper S Son Dallas Edward Quidley Jr

The Lighthouse Keepers Son shares a chronological collection of several short stories recalling author Dallas E. Quidley Jr.s life as the son of a lighthouse keeper. With modern marine safety technology, the lighthouse way of life has slipped away, even though many lighthouses

Nana Eggs Linda Schiro Ross

Nana Eggs is a book of short stories written for all ages. They are true stories of life experiences of the author and depict her life from childhood to the golden years. The author will share with you her uninhibited life as a

Painless Rich Larson

From the science fiction author of Annex and Tomorrow Factory comes Rich Larson's stunning short story, Painless--a Original.

Dear Brother Felicia Fredlund

A cold and wet autumn makes a visit to the graveyard uncomfortable for twenty-something years old Silas Stone.

Malpractice Eddie Brady

The main story opens with a rendition of a medical malpractice jury trial against a surgeon, a hospital, a nurse, and a group of surgeons in a jurisdiction where the medical care professionals win 90 per cent of this type of civil litigation.

Sextet Christine Benvenuto

The friendship of two tightly knit New York City couples whose bond isn’t quite what it seems threatens to unravel after the publication of a story in a well-known literary magazine that bears a strange resemblance to their real life. This wry, urban

Flights Of Fancy Jon Christensen

Book Summary: This is a short book of short stories (and one novelette) of mixed genre. The genre range goes from occult/horror, to murder/horror, to near-future/speculative, to something that may (or may not) be speculative. If there is such a thing, the latter

Let The Day Perish Christian Petersen

Petersen beautifully reins in the confusion of men fathers, brothers, lovers in search of memories long faded in the wash of fast-running streams and firelight.

Throttle Joe Hill Stephen King

Inspired by Richard Matheson's classic "Duel," "Throttle," by Joe Hill and Stephen King, is a duel of a different kind, pitting a faceless trucker against a tribe of motorcycle outlaws in the simmering Nevada desert. Their battle is fought out on twenty miles