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La Constatine Alexandre Dumas

Written by noted French author, Alexandre Dumas, "La Constantin" is an essay belonging to his collected title "Celebrated Crimes" which features famous criminals and crimes from European history.

C M Kornbluth An Anthology C M Kornbluth

C.M. Kornbluth was a well known science-fiction writer, writing for a lot of pulp fiction magazines. 

Tales From The Briccs Maurice Kelly

Tales from the Briccs is a collection of short urban stories that gives one a raw and water resistant glimpse into real life scenarios that happen in ghettos all across America. Each story contains one of the perils that plague the lives of

Healer Of The Earth Sharon Butala

Dr. Mowbray no longer feels that he is a healer, but instead believes that he carries death with him. Mr. Baker, dying in the hospital, dreams of being surrounded by the beauty of nature—a bamboo forest, the Sahara Desert, a sunny glade. Watching

A Pair Of Blue Eyes Thomas Hardy

Elfride finds herself caught in a battle between her heart, her mind and the expectations of her parents and society. The novel is notable for the strong parallels to Hardy and his first wife Emma Gifford. When Elfride's father finds that his guest

Words From A Glass Bubble Vanessa Gebbie

This passionate new book gathers together for the first time many of Vanessa Gebbie’s award-winning stories. Described by Maggie Gee as ‘a prodigiously gifted new writer’, this is a natural storyteller; her narratives unfold with a deceptively light touch, exploring with compassion what

Ingots Of Gold A Miss Marple Short Story Agatha Christie

A classic Agatha Christie short story, featuring Miss Marple, from the collection Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories.

Dragonfire Bill Dixon

This is where the dreams areor the nightmares. Snapdragon is a narrative poem, accompanied by the authors original artwork, satirising modern lifes preoccupation with self and self-image through the tale of a deluded, comical dragon. The dragons foolish dreams echo the narcissistic preoccupations

Strange News From Another Star Hermann Hesse

In 1919, the same year Demian was published, seven of these stories appeared as a book entitled Märchen--literally, Fairy Tales. For this first edition in English, we have followed the arrangement Hesse made for the final collected edition of his works, where he

Watch With Me Wendell Berry

In these newly reissued stories, Wendell Berry transports readers to Port William, Kentucky, the fictional community he’s lovingly created across multiple novels, stories, and poems

The Amazing World Of Tooth Fairy Abhinav Misuriya

In a magical land far across the sky in the middle of Magicville lived a little tooth fairy with her fairy princess family and other creatures of wonder. She was called Emma. She was the most gorgeous creature with her beautiful wings that

Captain Charisma Takes On Shagwood Country Club Russel Carter

This is the second story of the adventures of Captain Charisma and his friends. He has to defend his honor against his enemy Captain Chaos. Not only does Captain Charisma battle Captain Chaos everyone else gets involved in something. Can Captain Charisma defeat

The Relive Box And Other Stories T C Boyle

While T.C. Boyle is known as one of our greatest American novelists, he is also an acknowledged master of the short story and is perhaps at his funniest, his most moving, and his most surprising in the short form. In The Relive Box,

Sheherazade Chronicles Of The Fairy Tales G N Eltoukhy G N Eltoukhy

Scheherazade chronicles about the fairy tales told by Scheherazade after Sinbad takes her in a journey with the wonder chick Fuzzy.

Pulp Graffiti Wilbert Quick

Pulp Graffiti is a fresh and humorous combination of karma, the butterfly effect, and chaos theory that will compel you to ask, "Would the dancing virgin have jumped off the bridge if Roger hadn't farted." Better yet, what would have been the consequences

Tales Of Northumbria 13 Tales From Northern England Howard Pease

The tales which make up this volume all appeared in print in various publications before 1899 (some of which have since gone out of circulation).

Dissemblings S P Elledge

Here, from the author of the collections Ensemble, Assemblage, and Semblances, is another collection of short stories and fictional pieces, twenty-one in all, and many of which have been previously published.

Red Girl Rat Boy Cynthia Flood

A new collection from a noted feminist author and winner of the prestigious Journey Prize for short fiction.

Faithless Joyce Carol Oates

In this collection of twenty-one unforgettable stories, Joyce Carol Oates explores the mysterious private lives of men and women with vivid, unsparing precision and sympathy. By turns interlocutor and interpreter, magician and realist, she dissects the psyches of ordinary people and their potential

A Bunch Of Coriander Ann Mascarenhas

This book of short stories has a seed of fact around which has been woven the fiction. This is life as seen by the author among the lower middle class and the poor. These are stories of people who find their own little