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Paradise And Elsewhere Kathy Page

Longlisted for the 2014 Frank O'Connor Award

Reflections On Solitude And Other Essays Sameer Grover

REFLECTIONS ON SOLITUDE and other ESSAYS explores a diverse range of topics from Eastern mysticism to mathematics, while blending in an element of fantastic realism. Sameer Grover is one of the eminent voices of our time.

High Lonesome Joyce Carol Oates

No other writer can match the impressive oeuvre of Joyce Carol Oates. High Lonesome: New and Selected Stories 1966-2006 gathers short fiction from the acclaimed author's seminal collections and includes eleven new tales that further demonstrate the breathtaking artistry and striking originality of

The Helpless King Nelson Ebwelleson

An awe-inspiring king who had the total command of his kingdom was reduced to nothing by Mother Nature. He was robbed of his majesty and became a beggar. Homeless, debased, and demoralized, the king lion went begging from house to house. At the

The Ink Readers Of Doi Saket Thomas Olde Heuvelt

People send their dreams and wishes floating down the Mae Ping River with the hope that those dreams will be captured, read and come true. It is a surprise what some wish for and why. One can never know what's inside someone's heart

Incest Present For Xxxmas 4 Pack Bundle Deedee Zee

Four families enjoying the holiday season the best way they know how… with dubious consent incest sex and lots of it.

Copenhagen Tales Lotte Shankland Helen Constantine

Exploring the many moods of the Danish capital. From the narrow twisting streets of the old town centre to the shady docklands, this rich anthology captures the essence of Copenhagen and its many faces. Through seventeen tales by some of the very best

Abused Victimized Traumatized Dazed Crazed And Confused

IS YOUR FORMER SPOUSE AN IDIOT? While the characters and events in this book are fictitious, most people will point to at least one story and say, "That happened to me" or "That's my former spouse." WHY BUY THE BOOK? Here are some

Out From Darkness Shana Donais

Teenage life is a hard life. We all have our problems, some bigger than others. Although Aiara has her friends (and Jake), she feels alone, helpless, and hopeless as she faces a prostituting/drug-addict mother, a drug-dealing/rapist stepfather and a runaway dad who left

The Red Shoes New Bin Sobchuk

RED BACKGROUND TOO. WITH CATS PICTURES. The Red Shoes New by Bin Sobchuk Review The author has familiarity with the culture of China and North America in which she is able to incorporate into an open respective analysis of the emotional undercurrents of

February Strawberries Jim Harmon

Famous and Classic Science Fiction Novel

Bushveld Desert And Dogs A Game Ranger 39 S Life Christiaan Bakkes Elsa Silke Suzette Kotze Myburg

A second collection of stories from this well-known game ranger's life and adventures in the wilderness areas of Namibia. After he recovered from a crocodile attack in the late nineties, he has worked for almost 15 years in conservation and ecotourism. This is

The Cupcake Ingredient George Saoulidis

The Red Diamond Sexy Erotica Olrik Martin Reib Petersen

"My tongue had barely touched her other nipple when her breathing sounded as if she was about to have an orgasm. "How big is the stone?" I asked. She gasped: "No more..." I took her nipple in my mouth again. She was trembling

Ethan Frome And Selected Stories Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton was born in 1862 into an aristocratic New York family. Educated by the best governesses and tutors, Wharton profited from an exceptional education. She began her writing career with short stories before moving to novels. Collected in "Ethan Frome and Selected

101 Detectives Ivan Vladislavi

What kind of Detective am I? Eardrum or tympanum? Gullet or oesophagus? Pussy or pudenda? A Detective needs a language almost as much as a language needs a Detective. In this new collection of stories, award-winning author Ivan Vladislavic invites readers to do

Woman To Woman Madhulika Liddle

A young girl finds herself looking on as her mother listens to the woes of the world, always offering a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on—while harbouring a bitter secret few know of. A woman and her brother try to come

Short Stories And Tall Tales E P Whitney Phd

The stories and tales in this book relate intimate relationships told in sensitive, non vulgar language. Some names and places are fictitious while incidents and relationships are based upon fact. Book I was withdrawn from the market to avoid any personal embarrassment as

Powers Of Attorney Louis Auchincloss

Tales that take you behind the scenes of a powerful New York law firm, from the New York Times–bestselling author of The Partners.

The Blood Is On The Wall Felicia Fredlund

The vampires needs humans for only one thing: blood. Any human they capture either becomes their cattle or vampires themselves. Food or killer. The vampires, stronger and faster than humans, decided to stop hiding and take over the world.