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Suksuku Revisited Ayuba Mshelia

The book Suksuku Revisited . . . is a diverse collection of the stories, folk tales, and ma?umdla dza dza that the Bura people of Northeastern Nigeria use to transmit their cultural milieu, belief systems, and the supernatural to their youth. The book

Reckoning Timothy Benson

Presenting an engaging, suspenseful mix of paranormal stories, Reckoning takes you into the lives of ordinary people who face extraordinary and unexplainable situations for which they are entirely unprepared.

Don 39 T Arrest Me Melinda Dillard

What happens when a young woman gets arrested for speeding and evading a police officer? "Don't Arrest Me!" takes the reader into a world filled with unexpected twists and turns. The woman ends up being willing to do anything to get out of

The Queen Of Spades The Captain 39 S Daughter And Other Stories Alexander Pushkin

By the time Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837) was twenty years old, he was already being recognized in the Russian literary scene as a great talent. He was born in Moscow and educated at home and at the Lyceum, studying Latin and eighteenth century French

Corbett Lake Diaries J E Baker

J.E. Bakers Corbett Lake Diaries will transport you on a nostalgic trip through the Golden Age of fly-fishing and five-star wilderness lodges from the era of Roderick Haig-Brown and General Money. Along the way youll experience fishing for grayling in the waters that

The Billionaire 39 S Blind Date Valentine 39 S Day Short Story Mills Boon M B Jessica Hart

Single mum Nell is struggling to meet new men, but her friends have lined up a blind date with the man Nell should have married all those years ago.

Tales Of Town Country Willa Cather

These seven stories by Willa Cather, edited by Patricia T.

Beyond The Benign J T Ryan

Science fiction is all around us; But, which part is science and which is fiction? Have you ever seen a quark, a worm hole, or a neutrino? Heres a few more: UFOs, extra-terrestrials, Big Foot, parallel universes, and black holes. The big questions

Good People Robert Lopez

Stories of lives lost and found at the crossroads of the ordinary, the bizarre, the tragic, and the comic

Ritual 1969 Jo Mazelis

A disquieting everyday world of make-believe as roles and performances are explored in Jo Mazelis’ darkly gothic new collection, Ritual, 1969. What might a little girl be made of? Sugar and spice? And when she grows up? A dressmaker, teacher, flower-maker, actress? Or

Rose And The Pelican Neil Deutsch Dominic Sparano

Rose is young girl on vacation whose afraid of the ocean . She forms a special friendship with a pelican named Peter. She meets many friends, but forms a special bond with Peter who helps her get over her fear of water.

A Fabulous Five Of Ancient Hunters Nadir El Hosny

John and the crew are off in another magical adventure, featuring The Magical Thief The Magical Toy The Magical Land The Magical Snowman The Magical Teacher John meets more friends, and has another fun day with his friends.

Four New Messages Joshua Cohen

A quartet of audacious fictions that capture the pathos and absurdity of life in the age of the internet

How To Stop Loving Someone Joan Connor

Looking for love after forty: comic, dark, brassy, intelligent.

That Was A Shiver And Other Stories James Kelman

A trucker passes through a town he used to know and a local tries to sell him his sister; a couple put their children to bed and hear a loud scratching at the wall; a Principal and his associate examine the dead body

Mobile Tales Karen Lamantia

About The Author: Author of "The Gods Played Here", the first book in the Message Series, Karen La Mantia believes: Just because the news is bad, doesnt mean we cant have fun with it. and wrote The Message book series for a humorous

Success Stories Russell Banks

In Sucess Stories, an exceptionally varied yet coherent collection, Russell Banks proves himself one of the most astute and forceful writers in America today. Queen for a Day, Success Story, and Adultery trace fortunes of the Painter family in there pursuit of and

Flare And Falter Michael Conley

How many ways can the world fall apart? A smug superhero belittles the very people he’s supposed to save. An Aztec god escapes the sacking of his city to take refuge in modern-day Manchester. Rebels topple a despotic regime, much to the disappointment

Her Mother 39 S Mother 39 S Mother And Her Daughters Maria Jos Silveira Eric M B Becker

Her Mother’s Mother’s Mother and Her Daughters tells the story of Brazil through the histories of a twenty women. It opens with Inaia being born in 1500, at the moment when the Portuguese arrive in Brazil and continues through to the present, tracing

The End And Other Beginnings Veronica Roth

Bestselling Divergent and Carve the Mark author Veronica Roth delivers a stunning collection of novella-length stories set in the future, illustrated with startling black-and-white artwork.