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Dorminita 39 S Short Stories Nik

Dorminitas Shortstories consists of four stories about everyday life. The stories are about real life issues with family and friends.

The Lost Journals Of Pedro Piscator And Other Tales Lachlan Plain

The Lost Journals of Pedro Piscator is a collection of short fiction presented in various stylistic forms, written and illustrated by Australian author, puppeteer and artistic director Lachlan Plain. The playful and melancholic fictions engage with common themes, reflecting on the process of

The Stories Of Richard Bausch Richard Bausch

A 2004 PEN/Malamud Award winner, this collection celebrates the work of American artist Richard Bausch -- a writer the New York Times calls "a master of the short story." By turns tender, raw, heartbreaking, and riotously funny, the many voices of this definitive

Miracle Boy And Other Stories Pinckney Benedict

The story collection Miracle Boy and Other Stories contains fourteen works of short fiction written over the last fifteen years - and published in some of America's top literary magazines and anthologies - by one of West Virginia's most established and well-recognized writers

Finding Again The World John Metcalf

The collected stories of one of the greatest masters and champions of the short story form, John Metcalf’s Finding Again the World: Collected Stories considers the world through a very Metcalf-y lens. Sarcastic, wry, brilliant, and hilarious, Metcalf again proves the value of

From Out Of The House Proceed Jensen Beach

In his debut collection of stories, Jensen Beach’s characters discover what it means to be individuals, colleagues, husbands and fathers in a world that too often complicates the best intentions with sabotage and subterfuge. What’s most striking about these narratives is the protagonists’

Freakout Stories Nicholai Ball

How long does it take for an alien bug to enslave a town? What would you do if you had to eat out of a jar of eyeballs? What happens when two boys go out to find an abbandoned witches den?

Children Of The Night Ulrick Casimir

In Children of the Night, his debut story collection, author and scholar Ulrick Casimir explores the bonds that are forged, strained, broken, and forged anew as his restless and at times desperate protagonists attempt to navigate the murky byways of modern life. In

Arkansas David Leavitt

Three “sly, self-knowing, and hilarious” novellas from the highly acclaimed author of The Lost Language of Cranes (The New York Times).

Three Novellas Joseph Roth

Written in the final days of Roth's life, it is a novella of sparkling lucidity and humanity. "Fallmerayer the Stationmaster" and "The Bust of the Emperor" are Roth's most acclaimed works of shorter fiction.

Winesburg Ohio Sherwood Anderson

Stories about Midwest characters and their lives - from the inside out.

The Second Wind Bradley Mathis

Brad is an Arizona Native born in Phoenix. From a very young age, he has been an avid outdoorsman. His great loves are his hobbies, which include hunting, fishing, and riding his quad around different areas of the beautiful state that he calls

Mounted By Halloween Hounds 6 Pack Bundle Dame Doggy

It’s Halloween and these girls have run across some enchanted hounds who are very horny.

Fiddler In The Boardroom Francis A Andrew

In this darkly humourous trilogy of short stories, a space ship, a wacky hotel, and a bizarre notion of marriage vows provide a backdrop for the weirdest of financial scandals. In 2030, advances in space technology have made it possible for the average

Not A Place On Any Map Alexis Paige

Not a Place on Any Map, winner of the 2016 Vine Leaves Vignette Collection Award, explores the switch-backing emotional terrain of traumas and triumphs, as well as the disparate landscapes where they unfold. In rich, evocative snapshots of Chicago, the desert Southwest, California,

Witness Of Apparitions Alien Moni Bandyopadhyay

How a man fought against a sexy young witch who used to use her physique and occult power to fulfill addiction of sex and money. And on the other side, some young girls met some young aliens in a haunted house where they

Mad Hope Heather Birrell

Journey Prize–winning author returns with a kaleidoscope of off-kilter short stories about parenting in its many forms.

Subtle Variations And Other Stories Miriam Karmel

A dazzling, lively, and masterful collection of short stories that is the recipient of the inaugural Holy Cow! Press "First Fiction" prize. Nearly every story has been previously published; three have won the Tamarack Award, the Waasnode Short Fiction Prize, and the Moment/Karma

Discard Michael Christie

From the short-story collection The Beggar’s Garden, “Discard” tells the story of Earl, who, after the death of his beloved wife, Tuuli, retreats into his basement. He emerges to track down his estranged, homeless grandson, leaving food and other broken-down bits of things

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night Bobby Alvarez

So I present to you twelve chapter 1s of novels that have never been written or, more importantly, finished. Maybe someday, after the kids leave and I have all sorts of free time, Ill finish one or two of these into full-fledged novels.