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When It Was The War J L Fiol

E Pensare Che A Malapena Scrivevo Cartoline William Farn

Questa esperienza letteraria è nata e cresciuta durante la parentesi lavorativa come tassista: l’incontro di un Universo umano composto di mille personaggi, alternato a momenti di solitudine, ha permesso di maturare esperienze composite che hanno affinato percezioni e sentimenti che probabilmente restavano sopiti

Flower Fables And Hospital Sketches Louisa May Alcott

This compilation contains two books : Flower Fables, and Hospital Sketches.

Morphed Nightmare Wendell Hanes

Matt Gore has been convicted of bank robbery and is facing up to 3 years in prison. He has skeletons in his closet. Will Matt's secrets be his salvation Or will they be his downfall?

Unrequited Love Martha Gould

This is a story about finding true love. Two best friends now roommates have the pleasure of meeting two women who fit their criteria. The question is do these women have what they really want. Are they the full package or just another

Seven Roads To Travel Owen Trevor Smith

A Rocky Way To Paradise William Keech

This is about a young lad who lost his father, his only parent, and had to survive through hard and good times. The book was written in a simple language to aid adults in learning to read.

Prodigals Greg Jackson

"People are bullets, fired," the narrator declares in one of the desperate, eerie stories that make up Greg Jackson's Prodigals. He's fleeing New York, with a woman who may be his therapist, as a storm bears down. Self-knowledge here is no safeguard against

Mitchie 39 S Amazing Adventures Kimberly Bon

Mitchie is having a horrible day, but, all of that changes when he meets Zing. On this, their first journey, Zing will take Mitchie on an amazing adventure wherehe learnsabout the planet Saturn, self-esteem and friendship.

The Book Club Just Desserts Nancy Noel Marra

If you have a group of friends with whom you've shared many of life's trials and celebrations, then you'll find the women of The Book Club: Just Desserts very interesting. If one of your hobbies is reading, then you're sure to enjoy the

Ten Tender Tales Amy Bud

Ten Tender Tales is a garland of beautifully woven short stories about ordinary people with unique dreams, desires, and choices. While some stories like War in the Workplace highlight our struggle for success in a fiercely competitive workplace, others like The Precious Dancing

Three Boys Who Thought Experimental Fiction Was For Pussies Dennis Cooper

“[A] brilliant, triumphantly lurid writer as well as a supremely talented, elegant stylist whose prose is smart and nervy. He might also be the last literary outlaw in mainstream American fiction.” —Bret Easton Ellis

Afterlife And Other Stories Ed Krizek

Afterlife and Other Stories is a collection of moving, poignant and exciting short stories set mainly in the Philadelphia, PA area. The stories were written and edited with great care over a period of fifteen years. Anyone who has experienced the magic and

The Pink Train Yvonne Taylor

The story is intended for 3 to 6 year-olds. A small girl has a dream about a little pink train full of playful fairies and gnomes. She awakes, but the dream continues in the form of her grandmother visiting her and bringing a

House Of Heroes Mary Lachapelle

A collection of short stories populated with heroes great and small, outsiders and inmates, disfigured, disenchanted, and quietly triumphant

The Eastern Brew Syed Sarwar Hussain

The Eastern Brew is a translation of some selected Urdu short stories written by prominent writers from India and Pakistan. These stories are as varied in their subject matters as they are in the assortment of writers presented in this anthology. The selection

A Brigand For A Night And Other Tales Madhavi N Gunasheela

The short stories in this book span different genres from sagas to comedy to horror. Set in different time frames in both urban and rural settings, it makes for a combination of sorts. The author, having experienced an amalgam of cultures, has fashioned

Western Taxidermy Barb Howard

"Roadkill stuffed and presented as art, an OB/GYN appointment gone horribly wrong, and government spies with a weakness for salmon bagels and Timmy Ho's. Tender, satirical, and occasionally absurd, Barb Howard's new story collection Western Taxidermy is a perfect introduction to one of

Confetti For Gino Lorenzo Madalena

A realistic portrayal of the Sicilian fishing community in San Diego in the 1950s, Confetti for Gino centers around the DeMarino family, in particular fishing boat captain Gino DeMarino's stubborn attempts to break away from tradition by vowing to marry a woman from outside the

Short Stories 1895 1926 Walter De La Mare

The publication of Short Stories 1895-1926 celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Walter de la Mare's death. It is also the culmination of a major literary enterprise. For many people Walter de la Mare (1873-1956) is as great a writer of fiction as of