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Subject To Change Renee Rodin

Subject to Change is a series of self-portraits along the road of a life well lived.

There Were Bears And Rumors Of Bears Andre Miftaraj

In these seven stories set in Alaska and New Mexico, Detroit and Chicago, Andre Miftaraj gives us characters who encounter situations in the physical world, and sometimes beyond the physical world, that through danger and heartbreak deliver them to someplace strange. There Were

Let Stay Or Let Walk Away Debapriya Ghosh Biswas

Fate decides who walks into your life, you decide who you let stay, who you let walk away, and who you refuse to let walk out. Relationships, of all kinds, are like sand held in your hand. The sand remains where it is

The Girl Who Saved Tomorrow J R Kruze

"I don't see why I have to wear this - it's completely impractical! How would you ever, ever fix anything if you have to worry about getting a run in your stockings?"

True Persuasion Leroy Hewitt Jr

"TRUE PERSUASION" is the fourth book written by the author. Other books by him includes "RED HOT BLUE NIGHTS," "CRIME LOVE & BLACK PEARLS," and "MAD GUNS TILL ROMANCE." This particular book "TRUE PERSUASION," takes you into a fascinating world of adventure. It

Sergeant Stone Nopd Daniel Barker

Sergeant Stone, the unforgettable character from James Prine's Tales From the Id, is back in his own enthralling collection of short stories by Prine's nephew, Daniel Barker. Stone is a New Orleans beat cop, but he is also much, much more. His jurisdiction

The Cenci Alexandre Dumas

From 1839 to 1841, Dumas, with the assistance of several friends, compiled Celebrated Crimes, an eight-volume collection of essays on famous criminals and crimes from European history. He featured Beatrice Cenci, Martin Guerre, Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia, as well as more recent events

Blood Secrets Nadine Mcinnis

Family missteps and physiological mysteries are brought together in a collection sure to raise the blood.

Seasons Of Time Steven R Thacker

The book features a poem entitled 'The Cross'. It was written from the viewpoint of the tree that was used to make the cross upon which Jesus died. The poems in this book cover a span of about 35 years and were inspired

One Point Two Billion Mahesh Rao

There are 1.2 billion people living in India; more than 1.2 billion stories in one country.A man living on a tea plantation in the Nilgiri Hills realises he"??s in love with his daughter-in-law; a young family eagerly awaits the launch of Shakti-Cola; a

In Due Time Chartese Mitchell

Sometimes things that were waiting on dont always come when we want them, but somehow they come at the right time. It will be here in DUE TIME

The Redemption Of Galen Pike Carys Davies

This winner of the 2015 Frank O'Connor Short Story Award is reminiscent of Annie Proulx's Wyoming stories.

The Rattler Other Stories A S Patric

This entertaining collection includes a romp of a novella called The Rattler, as well as short stories and micro fictions all set in and around contemporary Melbourne. Sometimes serious, sometimes seriously playful - always written in breathtakingly beautiful prose - these stories uncover

Gamble With The Sun Phil Ford

Gamble with the Sun is a collection of short stories and stage and screen plays. Fords earlier works of the Changes trilogy, The Root Cause Analysis of a Balanced Leader, and Cool Blue Emotion: Rhymes and Reason, show us the broad spectrum of

A Christmas Anthology David W Angle

In A Christmas Anthology, the author gives us a look at Christmas and how the holiday can change those who experience it.

Flying A Red Kite Hugh Hood Michael Gnarowski

  • 55th anniversary edition of great Canadian writer Hugh Hood’s first short story collection
  • Hood was celebrated at the 2015 IFOA with a reading by the Montreal Story Tellers group he helped found
  • Hood’s writings present a view of modern Canadian life that elevates

Silent Retreats Stories Philip F Deaver

The stories in Silent Retreats trace the tentative journeys of men as they redefine who they are in a changed world while still coping with memory and desire in the old ways. Above all, these stories chronicle a search for absolution—for the elusive

Frying Plantain Zalika Reid Benta

Set in a neighbourhood known as “Little Jamaica,” Frying Plantain follows one young girl from elementary school to high school graduation as she navigates the tensions between mothers and daughters, second-generation immigrants and first-generation cultural expectations, and Black identity and predominantly white society.

War Lords Of The Moon Linton Davies

Davies Linton was a science fiction writer. His works are not well known, but his talent allowed him to be published in pulp fiction magazines. 

Without A License Keith R A Decandido