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The Weak Point Dealer Bhavik Sarkhedi

The Weak Point Dealer is a delightful collection of Short Stories that includes the genre: Endurance, Fortitude, Motivation, Love, Revenge & much more. Stories are portrayed in such a way that it depicts how an ideal person breaks the barrier & drop the

Graduate Seminar Dennis Cooper

“[A] brilliant, triumphantly lurid writer as well as a supremely talented, elegant stylist whose prose is smart and nervy. He might also be the last literary outlaw in mainstream American fiction.” —Bret Easton Ellis

Wakulla Springs Andy Duncan Ellen Klages

Winner of the World Fantasy Award for Best Novella

California Tales Jane Ciabattari

Three stories reflecting California’s intense pressures and addictions: Sparkling Arabella, high on crystal meth astride a Harley, ascends into the stars. Will she find grace at last? A boy, a girl, and a dog meet in the Viper Room, looking for love on

Tales Of Canadian Rurality Denn Thome

Normally, a twelve-mile strip of highway from the lake to town flows easily like the wind. But as traffic suddenly comes to a screeching halt, a married couple on a simple trip to town realizes a silver van from Alberta is holding up

Highway Trade And Other Stories John Domini

A collection of stories set in Oregon’s Willamette Valley—many of the protagonists having moved west to start their lives anew.

The Prussian Officer And Other Stories Lawrence Lawrence

Because of his frank and honest portrayal of human sexuality in the controversial works for which he is best known, e.g. "Lady Chatterley’s Lover" and "Women in Love", D. H. Lawrence was not widely respected in his day. In fact at the time

A Guide To Animal Behaviour Douglas Glover

Shortlisted for the Governor General's Award for Fiction

The Elephant In The Room Paul Cornell

George R. R. Martin's bestselling Wild Cards series of a multi-author shared-world universe has been thrilling readers for over 25 years.

Unlucky For Some Lynne North

In Unlucky For Some you will find a compilation of thirteen macabre short Twist in the Tale offerings guaranteed to chill your soul and take you to dangerous places you really shouldn’t go alone. You will be transported back to the 1800s to

Ashleigh S Fall Ruth L Ferguson Raynald Kudemus

Ten-year-old Jessica is pedaling as fast as she can with her friend Ashleigh on her bicycle following her. Jessica wants to get home before the storm hits. But when she decides to take the dirt track with a sharp drop-off on one side,

Relief Stories For A Nine Inning Game Richard Silverman

An eclectic mix of high-brow and low-brow cliffhangers with everything from extraterrestrials to an extramarital affair, Matzah to mayhem, bluster to fluster and everything in between.

Wicked Mills Boon Spice Briefs Crystal Jordan

Lynx shifter Farah has never been interested in limiting herself to a single mate, though she’s instinctively drawn to the unrestrained lust of The Wild, her people’s mating time.

You Re Welcome Purdy High Trixie Poor

This book is for anyone seeking a laugh-out-loud read. Through hilariously funny, far-fetched escapades, a teenage girl recounts her high school years while, at the same time, reveals small-town life in the early sixties. This is a delightfully wacky and engaging romp back

Well Played Stella Harris

In Well Played by Stella Harris a young cellist has the chance of a lifetime at a very prestigious institution. But her position is soon compromised by her frustratingly gifted, handsome and manipulative section leader.

Tiny Ladies Adam Klein

Tiny Ladies is a stark and suspenseful novel about remorse, the ironies of intervention and the terrible courage it sometimes takes to start again.

Rock And Rol Heaven Tom Boyle

A trio of uncollected stories from early in TC Boyle's career, Rock and Roll Heaven shows all of the qualities that have people excited about Boyle from the beginning--great ideas, dazzling writing full of wit, black humor and wisdom. These three stories were

Betwixt Twists And Turns Mona Mohanty

Dragonflies are said to be harbingers of rain, but they may be much more for one unsuspecting woman. A household dog finds a reprieve when Grandma comes to stay. A young man stops by an ATM at night and finds himself encountering robbersand

Acorns And Other Stories Dr James Kennedy

About the Book: The short works of literature in Acorns and Other Stories will inspire readers with timeless themes while attending to the common sensibilities of everyday life. Yes, these are fun stories, yet within each there permeates a core conflict not easily

Ancient Sorceries And Other Weird Stories Algernon Blackwood

"Ancient Sorceries and Other Weird Stories" is a collection of supernatural stories by one of the greatest writers of such stories to have ever lived, Algernon Blackwood. This collection contains the title story, "Ancient Sorceries", which is the tale of a tourist who