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Humor In The Gospels A Sourcebook For The Study Of Humor In The New Testament 1863 2014 Terri Bednarz

Humor in the Gospels offers a comprehensive history of the various scholarly approaches to the study of humor in the Gospels over the past 150 years. It explores the barriers, insights, and advances in the field of biblical humor and offers an extensive

1 Samuel Complete Bible Commentary Verse By Verse Matthew Henry

This is another volume in the series of Bible Commentaries of Matthew Henry.

Reinvent Mike Kinch

New book "REINVENT" shows readers means to a healthy world view. Author Mike Kinch uses his life journey from agnostic to mature Christian to create a truly challenging and inspiring read.

The Advocated Proof Yousuf S Nada S Hashem Al Rifai

The Advocated Proof, "Al-Burhaan Al-Muayyad" , the most famous book of Imam Ahmad Al-Rifai, is about Sunni Islamic Sufism. It is a collection of sermons (lessons) delivered to his followers and students. It explains matters of spiritual purity and increasing closeness to God

The Dialogues Of T Bone Goldfarb D Julius Loeb

For modern Western man to be socially disenfranchised, isolated, confused and clinging like a primate to any warm object is not a new literary idea. If fact, this novel takes the position there are no really new ideas. The fictional protagonist in this

Scripture And The Authority Of God How To Read The Bible Today N T Wright

In Scripture and the Authority of God: How to Read the Bible Today, Widely respected Bible and Jesus scholar, N. T. Wright gives new life to the old, tattered doctrine of the authority of scripture, delivering a fresh, helpful, and concise statement on

See Only Love Marian S Taylor

Marian asks us to see the interconnectedness of the Spirit within each and every individual. So often we view ourselves as well as others as separate and different. But no matter what their circumstances, each person has a connection with the Spirit and

Designing Religious Research Studies From Passion To Procedures C Jeff Woods

Have you ever been frustrated with or perhaps even frightened about writing a religious research proposal? This book demythologizes the religious research design process by beginning with the writer's passion for ministry and then guiding the writer through a series of questions and

Women Leaving Prison Jill L Snodgrass

Women Leaving Prison examines the oft-ignored experiences of female returning citizens, our returning sisters, who face numerous individual and systemic barriers as they return to life beyond bars. In the age of mass incarceration, with 700,000 inmates leaving prison each year, spiritual and

Without Absolutes God Is Not God Ronald A Train

Breakthrough Therapies Margaret Rogers Van Coops

While most people today vaguely realize that the body is a working machine that generates energy, most of us dont understand the way energy flows, where it goes and what it does. Margaret Rogers research with her clients and under medical supervision has

Old Babylonia Children 39 S Middle Eastern History Books Baby Professor

Believe it or not but what happened in Old Babylonia centuries ago still holds water today. You see, significant events in history, regardless of the setting, changed the world. They created lessons and from there, new decisions came about. That’s why the identity

Augustine 39 S I Confessions I Leland Ryken

We’ve all heard about the classics and assume they’re great. Some of us have even read them on our own. But for those of us who remain a bit intimidated or simply want to get more out of our reading, Crossway’s Christian Guides to the

The Screwtape Letters Study Guide For Teens A Bible Study For Teenagers On The C S Lewis Book The Screwtape Letters Alan Vermilye

The Screwtape Letters Study Guide for Teens takes teenagers through a study of the C.S. Lewis classic, The Screwtape Letters.

Speaking Together And With God John S Mcclure

Ours is a time of unprecedented pessimism regarding the possibility of achieving consensus around moral issues. Christian liturgical practices, which are grounded in a communicative economy of love and mercy, contain wisdom that might be of significant help. What difference might it make

Eternal Love Doreen S Barber

This book explores Gods unconditional love and how He uses it to bring hope, healing and restoration.

The Reckless Way Of Love Dorothy Day Carolyn Kurtz

Dorothy Day is remembered as one of the great women of our age. Her admirers want to make her a saint, though she often protested. What hidden strength did this woman possess that continues to inspire people today?

The Sacred Place Of Exile Pioneering Women And The Need For A New Women 39 S Missionary Movement Carla Brewington Mark Labberton

The person of exile may be considered a wanderer, a nomad, a refugee, or a rebel. People of exile can be the marginalized, the disenfranchised, the outcast, the left out, and the pushed away. Different terms are used, but what defines them all

The Strange Fires Of Christian Drama And Comedy Francis Tega

Motion pictures or drama are neutral agents used to drive in knowledge skills and attitude, but in spiritual things, they should not be mentioned at all because they are among the instruments misused in Christian circle. This book explains why.

Kierkegaard And The Staging Of Desire Rhetoric And Performance In A Theology Of Eros Carl S Hughes

An analysis of spiritual eros in the writings of Søren Kierkegaard. Argues that Kierkegaard uses settings of theatrical and liturgical performance as rhetorical means of eliciting ever greater desire for God. Situates Kierkegaard against the backdrop of the Lutheran tradition and older traditions