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Prayers For People Who Say They Can 39 T Pray Donna Schaper

Sometimes the time you most need to pray is when you are least able to—these are the prayers you offer.

Jesus And Peter Michael Perham

Isn't it a mind-blowing thought that God, the creator of all that is, wants to be our friend? Friendship means an intimacy and an understanding that few of us associate with God. For many, playing the servant to Jesus' master may sound like

Weapons Of Spiritual Warfare Jean Tshibangu

Since the fall of Lucifer, the world remains divided into two kingdoms: the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. Thus, humanity is living in a state of permanent war, which the perpetrator is none other than Satanotherwise called Old Serpent. The

A Common Written Greek Source For Mark And Thomas John Horman

This book uncovers an early collection of sayings, called N, that are ascribed to Jesus and are similar to those found in the Gospel of Thomas and in Q, a document believed to be a common source, with Mark, for Matthew and

Will You Sparkle In The Light Linda L Evans

Excerpt: Upon waking that morning, still in a state of slumber the angel of the harvest appeared by my bed and placed in my hand a head of Golden Bearded Wheat, and said,........ Book content Description Will You Sparkle in the Light takes

Knowing Wholeness Nancy S B Ging

This little book of earthy, spiritual and sometimes sensual poems will inspire the reader to embrace oneself completely. Moving stuck energy and freeing the reader to celebrate aliveness is the poets goal. Equal play with this poetry is given to finding our relationship

From Grace To Glory Or Again Octavius Winslow

Octavius Winslow (1 August 1808 – 5 March 1878), also known as "The Pilgrim's Companion", was a prominent 19th-century evangelical preacher in England and America. A Baptist minister for most of his life and contemporary of Charles Spurgeon and J. C. Ryle, he

Christianity For Know Nots Leslie R Toliver

Words are powerful. Words hold weight. Words can educate you, or confuse you. They can bring joy or pain; faith or fear. Words unlock the mysteries of life. Did you know that your words have creative power? Did you know that what you

Worldviews In Conflict Ronald H Nash

This world is a battlefield in the arena of ideas. The prize is the heart and mind of humankind. In this book, Ronald Nash outlines the Christian way of looking at God, self, and the world. He holds that worldview up against the

Effortless Action Wu Wei As Conceptual Metaphor And Spiritual Ideal In Early China Edward Slingerland

This book presents a systematic account of the role of the personal spiritual ideal of wu-wei--literally no doing, but better rendered as effortless action--in early Chinese thought. Edward Slingerlands analysis shows that wu-wei represents the most general of a set of conceptual metaphors

A Commentary On The Order Of Mass Of The Roman Missal A New English Translation Edward Foley Roger Mahony

A Commentary on the Order of Mass of The Roman Missal gathers the insights of some of today's foremost English-speaking liturgical scholars to aid in understanding this most recent edition of the Order of Mass and its new English translation. Developed under the

Tracking Down The True Church Of Christ Shell Abegglen

According to the Global Christian Encyclopedia, there are forty-one thousand different denominations of Christianity in the world. Since there was only one true church of Christ at the time that he and his apostles originally organized the primitive church, why are there now

Without Benefit Of Clergy Women And The Pastoral Relationship In Nineteenth Century American Culture Karin E Gedge Harry S Stout

The common view of the nineteenth-century pastoral relationship--found in both contemporary popular accounts and 20th-century scholarship--was that women and clergymen formed a natural alliance and enjoyed a particular influence over each other. In Without Benefit of Clergy, Karin Gedge tests this thesis by

Miriam From Grass To Grace Olusegun Issac

MIRIAM is a transformation account. It is the story of the refinement of a plain village girl from raw to high quality, from crude to top grade purity. Her latent potential in the worship of God was discovered early by a dedicated and

Lent With Pope Benedict Xvi Pope Benedict Xvi

Accompany the Holy Father through the forty days of Lent and the octave of Easter with short daily reflections that will enrich your prayer and draw you closer to Jesus. These reflections, taken from the homilies, Angelus addresses, and encyclicals of Pope Benedict,

The Bloodred Tree Before The Flood John C Stringer

The Flood, Noah, angels, demons, dinosaurs, monsters, archaeology, ancient history, epic fantasy, John Stringer brings us a fearsome, captivating, ultimately redemptive and realistic glimpse at the war in heaven and the pre-Flood earth, where terrible nephaliim stalk the ground. Mankind suffers, and Unos

Islamic Jihad M A Khan

The attacks of September 11, 2001, changed the way the world looks at Islam. And rightfully so, according to M.A. Khan, a former Muslim who left the religion after realizing that it is based on forced conversion, imperialism, and slavery: the primary demands

Joy Unspeakable Barbara A Holmes

Joy Unspeakable focuses on the aspects of the black church that point beyond particular congregational gatherings toward a mystical and communal spirituality not within the exclusive domain of any denomination. This mystical aspect of the black church is deeply implicated in the well-being

My Church Or My Church Which One Is It Clive Brown

This is an important book: a valuable book for learning and understanding. It is a book to read through and one to refer to repeatedly. I believe this book is an integral part in the study of the church and beneficial to all

Reviving Christian Humanism The New Conversation On Spirituality Theology And Psychology Don S Browning

Browning argues that the time is right for religious intellectuals in conversation with the social sciences to reinvigorate the deep humanistic strands of the grand religions and enter into global interfaith dialogue on that basis. Concentrating on the Christian heritage, he draws on