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Saved From What R C Sproul

Christians speak of “being saved,” but all too often don’t follow the phrase to its logical reply: “Saved from what?” How do we answer this question when we share the gospel with others? Far from being a matter of semantics, the issue holds

Seeking Paradise Mary Ali

This is the story of Iman, a story of a woman who grew up in the countryside in the troubles of 1970s Northern Ireland. She goes to England to qualify as a dietitian in the 1980s. Twelve years later, her world is turned

Bless This Food Ancient And Contemporary Graces From Around The World Adrian Butash

Bless This Food presents 160 timeless mealtime blessings in an easy-to-use format. The eloquent prayers and poems have been carefully selected from the world's major religions, ancient traditions, and the work of great poets and thinkers.

What We Have Seen And Heard Fostering Baptismal Witness In The World Michael E Connors

One of the chief challenges of the Second Vatican Council was to reclaim the meaning of baptism, especially as the foundation of service and mission in the world. Fifty years after the close of that watershed gathering, nineteen distinguished religious leaders and scholars

Preaching And The Theological Imagination Zachary Guiliano Cameron Partridge

In an era in which The Episcopal Church and the Church of England have become increasingly alarmed about numerical decline, Christian proclamation has become more important than ever. To fully meet this challenge, Anglicans must reclaim a vocation to preach the good news

What God Requires Robert Cox

What God Requires is a book that is designed to challenge its readers to either build or rebuild a strong relationship with God. The chapter titles that are used are the steps that should be followed in order to develop and maintain a

The Best Wine At Last Ernest Dahn

The Best Wine Now Where there is good in life, there is always the best somewhere. Dont stop short of the best. Locate it! - Bishop, Dr. Ernest Dahn Developing an inner huger is the path to locating the best life in Christ. Where

Wealth Wages And The Wealthy Raymond F Collins

Fulfilling what he has called a “grave responsibility,” Pope Francis has often addressed the issue of economic inequality and the use of personal, corporate, and national wealth. Francis’s teaching is rooted in the teaching of Jesus, preserved in the pages of the New Testament. The

The Book Of Love Pastor Ron Swingle

Humanitys history is soaked with blood, sweat, and tears, as it seeks a solution to its great dilemmalost Love for it seeks a solution apart from God who IS love

Child Of God Delight In Him Caranita Wolsieffer Tony Sobota

Life takes an unexpected turn and you feel lost.

In Search Of The Lost Sheep Calet Cortes Jr Marisol Bennett

In Search of the Lost Sheep was written to encourage those who believe there is no hope for them in this world, to the one who feels alone, hurt and abused. This book references scripture that prove how much God loves everyone no

John Owen And English Puritanism Crawford Gribben

John Owen was a leading theologian in seventeenth-century England. Closely associated with the regicide and revolution, he befriended Oliver Cromwell, was appointed vice-chancellor of the University of Oxford, and became the premier religious statesman of the Interregnum. The restoration of the monarchy pushed

When The Sisters Said Farewell J P J Caruso Cardinal Timothy M Dolan

When the Sisters Said Farewell tells an important story of the contributions of Catholic elementary schools to the United States by chronicling the experiences and insights of religious women (nuns) who were the last members of their communities to serve in parish elementary

What Belongs To Us As Believers Heather M Bates

Do you find yourself wandering through life wishing you knew all the gifts God has given you so you can put them into practice? Wouldnt it be great to have a specific guide to follow to activate something that maybe you dont even

Regenesis Paul Tubach Jr

What is the meaning of life? Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? These questions have been asked and answered thousands of times before, but would you like to know what God thinks of you from His perspective?

A Nation 39 S Faith At Risk Michele Watson

All around us we see a world of paradox: deep ironic, and intractable. A world in which the hungry nations export food; the richest nations slip into demoralizing economic recessions; the strongest nations go to war against the smallest and weakest and are

Comparative Characterization In The Sermon On The Mount Characterization Of The Ideal Disciple Arren Bennet Lawrence

The Sermon on the Mount contains many comparisons. In this book, the functions of these comparisons are studied by the methodology called comparative characterization. Characterization is the way a character is characterized in a narrative. Comparative characterization is the characterization of a character

Redeeming Fear A Constructive Theology For Living Into Hope Jason C Whitehead

Fear is hardwired into our brains and is a common biblical theme. To be afraid and to act on that fear is to remember that something in life is worth living for. Whitehead helps readers find the roots of hope in the soil

Word Made Flesh Recovering A Sense Of The Sacred Through Prayer John Main

Offers insights into the kind of prayer that enables us to bring the whole of our being to God, and to let the power released into the world by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus flow through our hearts and into the

The Nature Of God S Divine Redemption John R Matthew

The book was born out of a desire to lift your spirit. As we look around us today, we see a lot of pain and sorrow and misery. The concept of The Nature of Gods Divine Redemption is a deliberate intention to encourage