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Waiting To Conceive Yinka Ayeni

Pregnancy and conception are a program written by God; the baby is born and knows when to suck in air, even though he or she has been surviving via the mothers placenta for the months he has spent in the womb. No one

He Gave Me Pearls Rochelle Frazier

In a time of desperation, I prayed believing for one idea to change my life, and He gave me the words and the images for the most precious cast of characters aimed at touching the world with their southern grace. The stories were

The Message Of The New Thought Abel Allen

Thousands of people are constantly asking three questions: What is New Thought? Wherein does it differ from the orthodox religions? What is the line of divergence between New Thought and Christian Science? The purpose of this volume is to answer these inquiries. To

A Moment Of Silence Landy Perez Feliciano

God has designed a perfect plan and a specific purpose for each person who has decided to believe in His word. This book will inspire and allow you to dream and believe in the promises that God has declared. If youve been waiting

Dreams Deferred A Concise Guide To The Israeli Palestinian Conflict And The Movement To Boycott Israel Cary R Nelson

Dreams Deferred arrives as debates about the future of the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict intensify under the extraordinary pressure of a region in chaos. The book empowers readers to be informed participants in conversations and debates about developments that increasingly touch

Sacred Bliss A Spiritual History Of Cannabis Mark S Ferrara

Sacred Bliss demonstrates that throughout religious history, cannabis has offered access to increased imagination and creativity, heightened perspective and insight, and deeper levels of thought.

Martin Luther And His Legacy A Perspective On 500 Years Of Reformation Roy Long

The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation. On this occasion the Council of Lutheran Churches in Great Britain presents Martin Luther and His Legacy to tell the story of the development of Lutheran communities in the UK.

It 39 S A Miracle Ranjitham Paul

Its a Miracle! is indeed a miracle storybook written by Ranjitham Paul for very young readers. The book is packed with four interesting stories. Jesus doesnt take money from the till to pay His temple tax. Why? When Tillee Swallowed the Moon has

A Brains Centered Universe I Think Mike Hicks

Do you question if we were created? This isnt the supernatural in Genesis. This is a logical explanation of how we were createdimplications of the design. I question evolution of the parts of complex systems of the body dependent on other systems. I

Her Body Bears The Word Jaimie D Crumley

Her Body Bears the Word is a womens spirituality book that aims to move women toward a theology of body positivity. It asks several questions. What are the requirements of a female body if that body is to bear the Word of God?

George Herbert And Post Phenomenology Malgorzata Grzegorzewska

This reading of George Herbert’s poetry takes advantage of contemporary philosophical reflection on the givenness of being and of language. The book presents George Herbert’s poetic sequence, The Temple, as the poet’s response to a call which originates in the Word made flesh

Christianity And Alcoholics Anonymous Competing Or Compatible Ernie Tolin

Postmodern Children 39 S Ministry Ivy Beckwith

This practical, thought-provoking book presents a new paradigm for children’s ministry in the emerging 21ST century and explores how churches are currently putting that vision into practice. Advocating the need to regard children as full participants in their faith communities, the book provides

Kneeling At The Altar Of Science The Mistaken Path Of Contemporary Religious Scientism Robert Bolger Richard Olson

Does religion need to look more like a science? If much of the contemporary work published in science and religion is any indication, the answer appears to be a resounding yes. Yet the current tendency to dress religion up in the language and

He Caught Your Tears Shawnta M Ball

Like many women both young and old, our relationships with our fathers (or the lack thereof), comprise a chapter in our lives that if not addressed can wreak havoc in our current life situation and prevent us from having the future of our

Part I Mount Up With Wings Part Ii To Everything There Is A Season Faye Callahan

The first part of my book includes Bible studies that will inspire us to serve God and be stronger Christians.

Beautiful Thoughts From Henry Drummond With Linked Table Of Contents Henry Drummond

My first thought of writing out this little book of brief selections sprang from the desire to assist a dear friend to enjoy the Author's helpful books. Many times these Beautiful Thoughts" have enlightened my darkness, and I send them forth with a

The Upper Room Disciplines 2016 Rita Collett

Strengthen your daily walk with Christ through this award-winning devotional book. Based on scriptures recommended in the Revised Common Lectionary, this daily devotional guide features 53 writers from a variety of Christian traditions and locales. Writers include Elaine Stanovsky, D. J. del Rosario,

The Holy And The Hereafter Or Is It Hooey J L Miller

The original purpose of this book was to explore various religious ideas and beliefs relating to the hereafter. The title was to be The Hereafter-Maybe!

Stained Glass Windows Vernene Rogers

This book is about my own personal journey as a Christian in the Christian Church Circle. It talks about my experiences that I encountered while trying to serve Our Lord and his people. It is a basic and yet powerful reality of what