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A Gift Of Leaves Ardith Hoff

In this book the author has used observations from the natural world to convey feelings about living through the seasons of life.

My Song And Other Poems Orok Otu Duke

A tree is known by its fruit, not the roots. In the Efik communities, we sing and dance when we are happy and when we are sad. There are seasonal, celebratory, occupational and occasional songs and dances, reflecting the whole gamut of existence

The Boy Who Wanted Too Much Greg L Hines

The Boy Who Wanted Too Much is a collection of poems that form a story. There is prose to support the poetry and frame the story but at its heart, poetry is the key. Subject matter touches upon the realms of myth, religion,

Essential Encouragement Vanessa Clark

Overview Therefore encourage one another with these words: 1 Thessalonians 4:18 Essential Encouragement..Poetry With A Purpose is.. +Rare, Real and Relevant +Prophetic, Passionate and Powerful +Inspiring, Insightful and Interesting +Empowering, Engaging and Expressive +Transparent, Truthful, Testimony +Motivating, Moving, Meaningful Inside this treasure chest

Memories Hopes And Dreams R Ray Sette

This book is based on inspirational poems of faith, memories, hopes and dreams for all who have experienced these at sometime in their lives. It is my hope that some or all of these poems will give solace and thought to all those

And Then Nothing Happened Oya Zen Rama

This rising sun is an invitation to see the Garden of Eden around us with open eyesand, with closed eyes, the Kingdom of Heaven within us here and now. The ancient mystics termed this enlightenment Sahaja Samadhi. As Oya Zen-Rama discovers, this profoundly

A Trickster 39 S Time Is Said Melvin Robinson Wali Walt Neil

This amazing piece of work which was created by Is Said take you on this amazing journey that opens your mind to your conscience and awareness, the book A Trickster's Time has poems that will send you on a journey, it would make

Vishwaatmaa Madhup Pandey

"Vishwatmaa" - a collection of poems penned by my Guru Shri Madhup Pandey is a peculiar work.. peculiar in language craft and expression to drive home the eternal truth.Avinash Pande, M.P. (Govt. Of India)

Deaf Republic Ilya Kaminsky

Finalist for the National Book Award o Finalist for the PEN/Jean Stein Award o Finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award o Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize o Winner of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award o Winner of the National

Opening The Door Just A Crack Christine J Dieckhoff

Hopefully, there are a few poems in this book with which you will connect and say "Thats exactly how I felt at one time or another."

Mutual Rebirths Lino Milita

Rebirths occur sometimes spontaneausly, due to events which require radical changes: they can be wonderful for what life offers, or may cause desperation for unespected contingencies that wipe off everything, except dark visions of future. Luck and diligence grant the opportunity to be

Paradise View John Leighton

A Book of Poems I have no place to go except by foot I have no secrets. In a listening ear Every sentence sounds what its about Just out of frame. As a photographer Can break hearts simply by showing you young Handsome,

The Cross Raymond Grant

If not for this, then surely death. If not by him, then sure defeat. This became that needed and only worthy sacrifice for freedom and victory: Christ upon the cross. Too often believers seek the pleasure of God's goodness while failing to recognize

Speak It Lanetta O Smith

Speak It is a poetry book about when life takes you through trials and tribulation and you have to speak it. I had to learn through my trials and tribulation to just speak. Each poem displays how to handle hard situations and how

River Of Time Robert W Barker

The poems in this book are selection of Tanka poetry, written by the author in a period of a little over one year. The book is divided into six seasons, The First Late Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Early Winter, and The Second Late

When It Comes To Love A Collection Of Poems Rama Kaba

When It Comes to Love, see all the sides of love…

Love Lost And Rape Latasia Cox

Love, Lost and Rape is a book that is meant to leave you feeling inspired. This book takes on many different walks of life. It focuses on the Pain, happiness, and other feelings of everyday life. It also focuses on what the world

Hymns From The Heart Asha Iyer Kumar

Using simple language to impress profound thoughts on Love in its purest form, 'Hymns from the Heart' is a melody that will touch and heal the heart. Each verse appeals to the highest order of aesthetics in a unique way and gently taps

Autobiography G M Sisson

The poems were originally divided into sections: 1. Introspective reflections has to do with memories, perceptions, creativity, etc. 2. Social commentaryself- explanatory. 3. South Chicago has to do with myself and relatives in South Chicago when it was still basically Polish. 4. History-fiction

Journey To The Center Of The Heart Terry Victor

Journey to the Center of the Heart is a collection of poems that takes you on an adventure of love. So strap yourself in and hold my hands. While youre reading, each of my poems will make you feel special because you deserve