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In My Skin Latonya D Young

If you have ever wanted to take a look into a poets soul here is your opportunity to do so. Latonya is known for digging deep into the depths of her soul and giving her readers the best of what she has in

For Nocturnal Souls Jada Bender

For Nocturnal Souls is a compilation of original poems written by poet Jada N. Bender broken down into two sections entitled Book I: Confessions to Constellations and Book II: Release vs Restraint. The entirety of the work, which is written in the form

Robert Burns The Lassies George Scott Wilkie

During his short life Burns wrote a great deal of poetry to or about women. Some were written as love poems or songs, intended to sway the heart of whoever had caught his eye, others in honour of a more casual acquaintance whose

Courtney Houston 39 S Life Through Poetry Part Ii Courtney R Houston

This is the second volume of poetry by Courtney R. Houston. This second volume of poetry is about her life after High School, going though college, and some good friends. Courtney has written these poems in different setting in her life. This book

Edstudioz Edtertainment Remember Me Penny N Kuria Pettigrew

A Tupac Shakur fan who had similar ideologies. Born to a single parent in Africa, it is interesting to see how Tupac had an impact on this young man and to many young kids in different parts of the world. Edwin Henry Kurias

The Romantic Landscape David Davies

The Romantic Landscape is David Daviess first publication. David found the love of writing at a young age. Over the years, he is improving his style. In this collection of poems, David expresses through nature and landscape to bring to life his past

Poems From Nature Carla Dawn Woodford

This book of poetry is about nature of all kinds and something calming to read. I have a love for nature which inspires me to write about it. Not many people notice the beautiful nature that is all around us. So hopefully my

Conversations Of The Heart Jennifer Robinson

Conversations of the Heart is the second book of poetry from the heart and passion of Jennifer Robinson. Writing is a way of life, the way she speaks, the way she shares her emotions. These new poems are the follow up to her

God 39 S Blessings Don 39 T Stop Corcasa Smith

Writing poetry is a great way for me to express my feelings and my out look of life. I have been inspired by my family and church members to pursue my gift in writing. These poems are written with clarity and will allow

Poetically Unique John Petrosius

Life hits us all, and we usually have little time to consider the chances we take or dont take. This author has always considered choices in view of if he was to live for only one more year, what would he do? When

Late Winter Blues William Schulman

I offer my book of poems as a union of words and images from cover to cover. Artistically, I also include graphic examples of my personal print-making, such as lithographs, lithosketches, etchings, woodcuts and drawings to join my metaphorical language describing incidents from

Poetic Stories From The Yin And Yang Of Life Angellia Moore

Poetic Stories from the Yin and Yang of Life takes its inspiration from daily events that occur in society and life. These poems capture the ups and downs of lifethe positive and negative aspectspresenting a perspective on the yin and yang of everyday

Joy On Joy John J Ensminger

"Joy is a choice," he says, "and when we choose it, everything in life improves, is healed, and outlooks get better and better."

Soul Prints Helen White Wolf

SOUL PRINTS presents a collection of poetry and short pieces examining the deepest soulful reflections for anyone with a strong faith and belief in angelic guidance. Each poem and short story is simply stated, seeking to share the souls journey here on Earth.

Life Lines A Confirmation Of Being Inscriptions Consigned To A Thoughtful Humanity Leon A Walker

Life Lines is the result of this authors continuing drive and desire to provoke thought in his readers. He seeks to do so by providing works that are creative in presentation and also intellectually and emotionally stimulating. His primary focus has been to

Invisible Tender Jennifer Clarvoe

No description for this book.

Simple Poetry Shared Volume 1 The Simple Poet

10 Simple Poems Shared: Mother's Life, America, Meeting, Wonder, Fall, City Life, Rescue Me, My Daughter, Imagine & A Place We Share

Introspektd The Lone Languishing For Love Tiffany Rachann

Life is merely an assessment of how poetically we respond to what we’ve been chosen to learn. It relies heavily on unprecedented truths and engenders what we acquaint as responsibility. introspektd: the lone languishing for love is one woman’s attempt to discern the

Selected Poems 1967 2007 Hudson Owen

The 63 poems in this volume represent four decades of the author's writing life. The reader will find poems of work, love, loss, sports, art, the natural world, in a variety of verse forms. There are tears, laughter, reflections, dreams in these pages.

Films Ted Bernal Guevara

There is no available information at this time.