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Love Is Sweet And Sour Jasbinder Kaur

This is a book of Poems about Love

Naturalismo Jubert Cabrezos Marikit Arellano

As one of the emerging poets in the Philippine literary scene, Jubert Cabrezos gives us a whole new poetic view of the scientific world. In his simple yet lyrical free verse form, he takes us to a world of black holes, stars, Darwinian

Poems For All Seasons Lolita Jude

I have written 'Poems for All Seasons' with a view to have children conduct a bit of soul-searching while also keeping in mind the important fact that they are 'children'. Most of the poems are 'fun' poems which the kids will enjoy reading.

My Toes Jozi Maldonado

"My Toes", written and illustrated by Jozi Maldonado is a beautifully written narrative poem that reminds us all to love ourselves, just as we are! In the book, a child grapples with their mom's not so dainty looking toes and their cute toes.

Quick George Murray

The highly anticipated follow-up to the wildly popular Glimpse

Modern Poetry Lloyd Constantine

Modern Poetry contains poetry that refl ects a litt le of my childhood days (Beds, for example, relates my experience with the growing of fl owers back in the sixties but melds in with recent occurrences), and includes life stories of friends and

Diverse Vanities Clifford R Bragdon

Clifford Richardson Bragdon of St. Louis graduated from Saint Albans Academy and Amherst College. While in Amherst he worked summers as a counselor at Camp Bonny Dune on Bass River, Cape Cod. He also pitched for Yarmouth on its semi-pro baseball team. He

Yelizaveta Sabah Jassim

Poetry is the crying of the soul. I feel I have lived through so many different anatomies in this existence. If you wonder what the soul is, it is like a driver and a car. The car have a definite longivity, once its

Conversations With Skeletons Kirk Dematas

Join author Kirk DeMatas on a journey back in time as he visits the seemingly autocratic world of the past in his new poetry collection, Conversations with Skeletons. Written over a three-year period, the poems chronicle the radical reenactment of past experienceseffectively dialogues

Ruth Of Many Names Other Loose Leaf Poems A E Wilcox

In thinking of a title for this, my first book of poems, Ive come up with the following:Ruth by Many Names + Other Loose-leaf Poems. An admittedly awkward title, but I think the complimentarity to be found between the twenty-three verses of,Ruth, and

The Infinite Doctrine Of Water Michael T Young Diane Lockward

The gorgeous poems of Michael T. Young’s The Infinite Doctrine of Water offer the rewards of deep reflection. The poet’s sharp eye and attentive ear capture the delicate light and shadow of urban life and personal memory. New York and Jersey City provide

When I See Susan Semple Sophia Sisson

One persons connection to an invisible God through the visible world He created.

Keep Believing Kimberly Gold

Keep Believing was written after constant conviction that Gods stories needed to be told. Authentic and phenomenal stories have been collected from credible people of all denominations. While our material world continues to grow in secularization, we need to be reminded that God

The Hidden Ireland A Study Of Gaelic Munster In The Eighteenth Century Daniel Corkery

Daniel Corkery’s classic book The Hidden Ireland is a study of Irish language poetry and culture in eighteenth-century Munster. The ‘Hidden Ireland’ of the title is literary Ireland: Corkery’s famous book is an attempt to reclaim Munster’s Irish language poets from the hands

Beowulf Translated With Annotations By John Lesslie Hall And An Introduction By Kemp Malone Anonymous

Literary scholar, professor, and poet J. Lesslie Hall is best known for his 1897 translation of the Old English epic poem “Beowulf.” The story focuses on the titular character of Beowulf, a Scandinavian hero who comes to the aid of the Danes to

Miss Understood Jd Floyd

JD Floyd is an avid reader who enjoys expressing herself through descriptive writing. A regular visitor to the Caribbean, she is a collector of Caribbean-themed childrens books. Born in London, England, JD Floyd grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada where she presently resides.

Pearls Of God 39 S Promises Janet R Newbill

This gift book of poetry is a collection of "pearls" of God's truths and promises. These poems and prayers were written in Janet's journal during her quiet times with God each morning. As she read and meditated on various scriptures from the bible,

A Fool S Moon Enid Aames

A Fool's Moon," is a collection of poems that were written between circa 2004 and 2006, when I was in my mid-to-late 20s. My work is mainly based on past life experiences that have affected me so greatly that they served as literary

Vital Energy Jeanette Prather

Here is the product of her perceptions on humanity during the dark and light periods of human life. We are all united while vast differences merely exist in our minds.

The False Laws Of Narrative Fred Wah Louis Cabri

The False Laws of Narrative is a selection of Fred Wah’s poems covering the poets entire poetic trajectory to date. A founding editor of Tish magazine, Wah was influenced by leading progressive and innovative poets of the 1960s and was at the