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My Life In Words Jade Knight

Relationships (mother, romantic,work, also with myself) my experiences growing up in a single parent home. Not addressing past childhood experiences, teenage phases, love, just life in general.

Oscar J Sherlene Adolphe

Skipper Can no Longer Play...

Lines That Every Woman Loves To Hear A Collection Of Love Poems James C Curry

"Lines That Every Woman Loves to Hear" contains love poems for every conceivable situation. You will not find another collection that best taxes words' limited capacity and shall undoubtingly best convey your feelings to your special someone and fill their heart with their

Uncommon Values Poems Of Service Eddie Phillips

Military service is service to mankind. Our Service members carry the weight of the fight so that we can be safe to raise our families. This book is a small glimpse into that world and a simple "Thank You" for all they do.

Poetry For The Soul Volume 3 Janice Stampley Means

A POETS PRAYER OF THANKS Lord I come to you as humble as I know how I thank you for birthing forth this gift in me right now I thank you for the testimonies that you have given me I thank you lord

Poems From A Higher Place Donna M Heinzen

Jesus speaks to all of us through the Holy Spirit. He speaks to all of us in different ways. About a year ago, He started speaking to me through poetry. Many of these poems speak about improvements I need to make in my

My Very Own Words Derrinique Elliott

This collection of poetry features one original example of fifteen different types of poems. Each poem is listed with its type and the literary elements used in it.

Valentine S Day Poems Senorita

I have always loved writing songs and poetry. I choose to write poetry. I was born on Valentines Day, and I decided to write about it. This book of poems was a delight to me. It is a creation of my feelings about

Devil In The Woods D A Lockhart

A collection of letter and prayer poems in which an Indigenous speaker engages with non-Indigenous famous Canadians. D.A. Lockhart’s stunning and subversive fourth collection gives us the words, thoughts, and experiences of an Anishinaabe guy from Central Ontario and the manner in which

Art Lessons Ann Iverson

Poems that explore the relationship between the author's search for meaning and the art and life of Vincent Van Gogh.

Spells Of Coming Day Jeff Bagato

Summoning iconic outlaws and rebels such as Johnny Appleseed, Casanova, and Bonnie and Clyde, the poems in this collection seek to alter and turn back the mass mediated tendency to find "the great awakening in a/car; nirvana in a hamburger,/a genie in a

In My Reflection Ameerah A Rahman

This book is written to inspire people from all walks of life. To bring love, loss, pain, happiness, empowerment, and inspiration into light. To share the power of words, some words are a comfort to some, and some words are revealing for others.

Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart Beatriz Hausner

Juxtaposing the diction of surrealism with Ovid, Callimachus, and popular music—punk and new wave—the poems in Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart concern themselves with various aspects of Eros.

Denizens Of The Dark Eyes Steven R Lindsay

Jacob Maxson is a twenty-one-year-old drifter who reluctantly returns home to the town of Lynx, Michigan. He is young, slender, and athletic, but still grieves for his dead mother and father. Then, Jake suddenly falls in love with a divorced nurse named Catherine

Worries Roam My Heart Dr Abdulelah M Jadaa

Can love be lawful? Do futile experiences produce afflictions of love? Does deprivation kindle the fire of love? Can love persist?

The Knowledge Robert Peake

Robert Peake’s incredible eye for detail illuminates a collection of stirring and delicately attuned poems that not only roam but actively seek – travelling far and wide to all manner of places but also moving through time, taking leaps of faith or journeys

Live Life Love Latanya Murphy

This book is about living life to the fullest

In Praise Elaine L Wilson

The format of In Praise encourages readers to reflect on the positive aspects of living, celebrating life, and their relationship with their Creator. The authors descriptive, free verse poetry calls forth a heightened awareness for enjoying the beauty of this earth. Her photography

Can T Be Soul Ed Out Professor Righteous

Cant be soul(ed) out is a collection from the heart and mind of professor righteous. Feeling that being more conversational(while still coming from the heart and mind) is what attracts readers and fans, not to mention those that needs uplifting, professor righteous decided

Sunshine After Rain Sagar Singh

Evoking both the exotic and the mundane, using images that reverberate in the mind, the author breathes life into short pieces, poems that leave behind an imprint. Writing poems since teenage years, this now-mature writer uses both traditional and modern forms, including impressionism