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Memories Today Yesterday Tomorrow Forevermore Linda L Dawson

For writer Linda L. Dawson, poetry is an expression of emotions oftentimes bundled and knotted up who finds it difficult to share her innermost feelings. It is a way of pouring out the definition of the real you in an uninhibited and written

Life Meds Breakfast Orange Juice A Heartfelt Collection Of Poems And Words Of Wisdom Sergio J L H Sanders

With the belief that the pharmaceutical business has the human race enslaved to become dependent upon taking medications everyday to feel good and operate, author Sergio J.L.H Sanders has designed Life Meds, Breakfast & Orange Juice: A Heartfelt Collection of Poems and Words

Crone 39 S Notebook Nancy Talley

What can I say about a collection of poems that span forty years of my life. Some of the old poems are not-so-good. A few are my favorites. All of them speak of who I am as a human. I am forming this

Knowing Wholeness Nancy S B Ging

This little book of earthy, spiritual and sometimes sensual poems will inspire the reader to embrace oneself completely. Moving stuck energy and freeing the reader to celebrate aliveness is the poets goal. Equal play with this poetry is given to finding our relationship

A Cluster Of Lights Michael Pitman

What pleasure just to bask

Recycling Words Katherine Cabrera

Poet Katherine Cabrera presents Recycling Words, in which she highlights the complicity of the mind and simplicity of the world. This collection is the scapegoat of the mind to the soul, a passionately compelling journey of words connecting spirituality and mind, yielding self-discovery.

It S Basketball Time Danielle N Calhoun

This book is a childrens book to teach the fundamentals of basketball, as well as help kids that play basketball adapt to the game and use their skills to the fullest potential.

I Left Myself Behind Carol Samuels

Offering vibrant imagery and eloquent language, I Left Myself Behind presents a collection of poetry and prose that speaks to the tragedy and triumph of abused women around the world.

Open Skies Sushma Sagar

Open Skies is a collection of poems by Ms Sushma Sagar, an Indian. Hers is a voice that speaks of everyday phenomena in lyrical, evocative verse. These are poems that will touch a chord in your heart, and leave you to ponder the

A Cowboy Spirit Stuart Hooker

This book is a compilation of a few of my "cowboy" poems. It is a diverse mixture of topics about ranching and cowboyin.' They vary from purely fictional, such as "Team Ropers From Hell" and "Another Hundred Years," to poems based on real

Word Colors W X Libris

The idea for (Book titled) Word Colors came to me back in the late Seventies when I still (at that time) was caught between being an artist/painter or a poet/writer. So I eventually chose to write and utilize my (lifelong) study of words

Dreams Demons And The Woman Of A Thousand Years Kay Ebrahimi

My Joy In The Morning Rising From The Ashes Terrence J White

Life presents the greatest benefits: struggles, pain, tears, fears. That's what it is all about, right? My Joy in the Morning: Rising from the Ashes doesn't simply provide tools; it gives examples, experiences, and expressions of what life truly is: an opportunity to

Patty 39 S Poems Of Inspiration Patricia A Grego

Never give up on your dream. A little hope goes a long way.

Pegasus Patricia Rosset Mcqueen

Pegasus: Ancient Greek Muse of Poetry is the authors first book of poems. This reflects the peoples search for the truth of the past and of their ancestors using history and heraldry. The book contains subjects of all kinds of famous people and

The Smell Of Exile Padmore Enyonam Agbemabiese

The Smell of Exile is a collection of poems that speaks about complex and diverse human experiences. They are simple stories about people, their hopes, dreams, and their indomitable spirit that clings to something mystical as they struggle to survive in a foreign

Other Worlds Untold Runesu Chazvemba

A panoply of poems all in free verse exploring the abstract and enchanting, sublime realm carved in words and drawn with such an abandon and flourish upon the vast canvas of a creative tapestry. The poems beg to be felt, to be perceived

Spindrift Lee Ribich

Spindrift Lean overboard; study the water. Watch the tide within the tide. Circles spin in the current, strong enough to double back against the flow. Small whirlpools course laterally, Not down. Drifting forward with the tide, Then back. Each spin gathers more drift:

Stop Pressuring Me Ami Dzissah

This book is a revised version of my first book, The Westerners; that was published in 2005. The book also comprises of poems written by the author at the end of the book. The book focuses on bullying behaviors, peer pressures and a

I 39 M Not Here For Your Entertainment Tara Fleur

I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment is Tara Fleur 'Woman Of Bones' first collection of poetry. She is a Performance Poet, Fine Artist MA, Psychiatric Nurse, and Survivor of Trauma. She has a battled with Mental Illness alongside a varied involvement in Acute