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Thoughts Through Time Celeste Ashli Clarke

Celeste Ashli Clarke is a native of Trinidad and Tobago. She attends St. Joseph's Convent secondary school in Port-of-Spain and enjoys reading short stories, writing poetry, taking photographs, and singing before live audiences. Celeste was inspired to publish this book after spending the

Septuagenarian Stew Charles Bukowski

Septuagenarian Stew is a combination of poetry and stories written by Charles Bukowski that delve into the lives of different people on the backstreets of Los Angeles. He writes of the housewife, the bum, the gambler and the celebrity to evoke a portrait

A Swankee Dandy Doodles David O 39 Leary

From random phrases, ideas, and observations and some finished poems and lengthy monologues, I managed over a period of almost a year to mine and extract "through a type of fishing" the current collection of writings contained in this book. It coincides and

Wrinkles Michael Hammer Walker

I think it was Maxim Gorky (lower depths) who once said that laughter not only opens the mouth to laugh but also opens the mind to thought. In this book, there are many poems that give that food for thought, for consideration and

To Self Excel Be The Best Version Of Yourself Yolanta Lensky

In the book To Life-Excel, Become the Best Version of Yourself!, Yolanta Lensky presents some designs illustrated by the lines from her next poetic collection. The concept of self-transformation that had reshaped her own life is in focus here, and it is worded

We Live We Die Annette Herd

I read once that on its way to the moon Apollo 11 was only on course for about 3% of its journey. But land on the moon it did, as we all know. Live is not linear. It requires constant adjusting. Each one

Triple Jimmy And A Glowing World Jimmy Boom Semtex Saurabh Pant

This new collection is a joint collaboration between Jimmy Boom Semtex, Saurabh Pant and other writers. It features exciting new work on many topics and styles. There are Haiku, free verse, rhyming poems and more. Topic wise ranges from Jimmy's explosive and interesting

Picasso S Goat Joan Cofrancesco

The poems are short zenlike poems about love, cats, AIDS, travel, picasso, etc.

Ancient Greece 2nd Grade History Book Children 39 S Ancient History Edition Baby Professor

Is it possible, at all, to visit ancient Greece without leaving the comforts of home? Of course, it is! You have this educational book to take you where you want to go in Athens. The next pages will tell you important facts that

The Meaning Of The Reading Between The Lines Edward V Beck

Mr. Beck has grappled with the hardest questions and the deepest meanings of life for more than fifty years. Contained within these poems are the results of that grappling. Convinced of the absolute inerrancy of Scripture, and believing Scripture exhaustively addresses the essential

Hey Yo Yo Soy 40 Years Of Nuyorican Street Poetry A Bilingual Edition Jes S Papoleto Mel Ndez

HEY YO! YO SOY! 40 YEARS OF NUYORICAN STREET POETRY, A BILINGUAL EDITION is a 386-page collection, comprised of three previously published books, CASTING LONG SHADOWS (1970), HAVE YOU SEEN LIBERATION (1971), and STREET POETRY & OTHER POEMS (1972), that consist of stories

Knowing To Know Liliane Boctor

Knowing to Know is a compilation of poetry and thoughts that express the author’s view of what life offers.

Enterludes Nadine G

We should talk about love. We should talk about lust. We should talk about sex. We should talk the aftermath. We should talk about the spirit. We can talk. We must talk. Lets converse. Nadine G Enterludes is a collection of poetry that

Poems Of Life P G

Everyone has a mind of his own. This is a God-given gift. We express ourselves through our emotions, our likes, our dislikes, etc. We live in a fast world and are taken up in our very own world. These poems are for us

Dead Man 39 S Float Derk Wynand

Dead Man's Float details that sad emblem of Western alienation, the tourist couple in their rented tropical Eden. Here life is temporary and not at all cheap. The wildlife is spectacular, the culture incomprehensible, and the locals politely try to hide their hilarity

Beautiful Contents Joseph Ogbonna

Beautiful Contents is a collection of poems on Love, Religion, Philosophy, Individuals, Icons, Nature, and Moods. In it, the author tries to conform to the pattern of writing of the poets of the classical era. It is lucid and good for all lovers

Rhythms Of Seasons Anala L Balraj Chanchal Krishna

They say love is like seasons, with it's own rhythms. And each rhythm is a poetry in itself. The poems cover the themes of love, redemption and nostalgia.

An Evolution Of Consciousness M W G Kawana

In truth There is no fear

Voices From The Soul Leonard Blount

This book is a collection of poems that the author use to give people a positive outlook in life. The author also use this book as a medicine to inspire people in a way of healing them emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Selected Poems Of William H Grimball William H Grimball

Bound in leather and printed on archival quality paper with gilded page ends, the first edition of the Selected Poems of William H. Grimball is a treasure. This e-book puts the highly crafted poems on your Kindle, Nook, or other device at a