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Un Feel Tered Chelle Conyer

Most of these poems are a small piece of myself, an insight to parts of my lifepast, present, and even future. They are fresh at the time they are written, a natural flow of raw emotions about whatever is going on around or

The Father 39 S Hands Jason Coursey

The Fathers Hands a 31 daily devotional with poems that refl ect upon The Fathers Character. The inspiration came from going through a deep trial and God spoke to me from Isaiah 41:10: Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed,

Grandma S Hands Rachel Bryant

The book Grandmas Hands: A Portrait in Time was inspired by the life of Rachel Bryants paternal grandmother (whose parents were slaves) as well as her own observations of blatant discriminatory and degrading practices inflicted upon those once thought to be inferior. This

Dipping Down From Deep Within My Soul Roberta R Blango

Dipping Down from Deep within My Soul is an assortment of vibrant, inquisitive, enchanting, and diverse poetry guaranteed to soothe your soul in any situation you may encounter or have already stumbled upon in life. Its straightforward poetry, no guessingthe poems are direct

Going Going Gone Volume One Dawn Escoto

This book contains a collection of poems and verse about a variety of extinct, rare, endangered, or threatened species of the Western Hemisphere. Always factual in content, they also appeal to the readers emotions and will. I hope they will be enjoyed by

Narrow Droplets Cassandra Swiderski

Narrow Dropletsis a riveting collection of 240 poems on four themes: mind, body, heart, soul. Edgy and sophisticated, works from this Detroit-based poet make you re?ect, react, and respond. From conveying the heartache of betrayal to questioning the role of a higher power,Narrow

My Heart In Exile Kush Ha Mim

Peace and blessings to you all and welcome to the mind of a distraught Jamaican muslim immigrant poet From my vantage point this is my point of view Its lonely at the top im exiled away But i view love on the horizon

Pages From The Tree Of Life Dr J Israel Brubeck

This book is a private collection of personal thoughts, a look through a window of relationships, good and bad times, divine images, an elegy of life, and the pathos of death. Its journey has healed, blessed, and truly taken me through a revelatory

A Journey Through Darkness Terese Weitzel

This selection of poems is the culmination of many years of writing. I first began writing poetry as a teenager. It was then, as it is now an outlet to express on paper what I could not do in words. There has been

Black Pen Marks Damion Wilson

This book is a series of poems inspired by the black experience of struggle, love, religion, victory, and life. These words are my true thoughts and feelings of life period written by my black pen. The hopes of the author for this book

Incantations Ambar Past

This book of poems and stark, vivid illustrations is rooted in the female soul of indigenous Mexico. The Tzotzil women of the Chiapas Highlands are the poets and the artists. Ambar Past, who collected the poems and drawings, includes a moving essay about

Good Night Good Night Dennis Lee Qin Leng

Good Night, Good Night collects some of Dennis Lee’s best-loved poems on the themes of bedtime and dreaming, brought to life by the warm and whimsical art of award-winning illustrator Qin Leng. This board book is the perfect nighttime read-aloud for the very

Poems For You Jasper Flores Kuya Jap Aquino

Poems for You presents a collection of poems inspired by different expressions of love and life events ranging from courtship and dating to marriage and divorce. Jasper Aquinos poetry mirrors the different emotions of lovers that are inspired by his own unique life

Desire John Macdonald

Desire,such a beguiling word, almost a phrase unto itself. What comes to mind are the more mundane wishes,leading to a sensual state of mind.Such would adequately describe my intentions,and you will find them in the upcoming pages.Nothing radical,or unusual,but, an unrestricted,vocalization of my

Can I Free The People With Poetry I 39 Ll Free The People With Poetry Mr Sanford Shuman

If one seeks only enjoyment ,this is not the book for you. This work touches on many themes, but chiefly on matters that challenge,educate,inspire,provoke etc.However, it includes themes on romance,inspiration,spirituality and revolution.For the serious reader i highly recommend this book.Poetry of this nature

These Extremes Poems And Prose Richard Bausch

Many of the poems and prose in These Extremes focus on the author's family and relationships, ranging from a memorialization of his oldest sister, who died young; to prose memory pieces recalling his childhood and adolescence; to loving but unsentimental portraits of his

The Happier Eden Elliott Troop

A collection of poems by the young poet Elliott Troop, touching on various themes from love and youthful innocence to the rampant development of a materialistic culture.

Weight Of Snow Jennifer Chrystie

Jennifer Chrystie’s poems have been published widely in Australia as well as in the UK and US. Her first poetry collection, Polishing the Silver (Ginninderra Press, 2006) was commended in the Fellowship of Australian Writers Anne Elder Award.

From The Lighthouse Jean Williams Turnage

It is evident in todays world that we are living in perilous times. In her first collection of inspirational poems, Jean Williams Turnage relies on her Christian beliefs to shine a light on challenges we may face in this lifetime and encourage others

A Dream Come True Daniel G Montejano

Have you ever been in love? Or had a silly little crush?