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Situations Before Heaven Carl L Johnson Ii

Life obstacles that we experience good or bad pave our path. Although it may appear things are not working in your favor always remember God will see his people through. Our father watches every tear we cry whether it is tears of love,

The Dense Mistiness Of The Ordinary Mo Issa

In his first collection of poetry, Mo Issa reflects on the pains and joys he experienced while on his own journey of self-discovery to find his authentic voice. Throughout these thirty-three diverse poems, Mo delves into the emotions surrounding his sense of feeling

Diary Of The Mad Hatter Tm Karthik

Poetry is the language of the soul expressed from ones heart, with passion for a pen. A journey of this introverted, average looking, not so great student, worker and actor who suddenly woke up and realized his experiences through love in and out,and

Tidings Sandy Cunningham

There is no available information at this time.

Dear Leader Damian Rogers

A psychedelic remix of religious texts, memory, and borrowed biography, this collection sings a new kind of order into air.

Mark Twain The Best Works Mark Twain

This ebook compiles Mark Twain's greatest writings, including novels and short stories such as "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court", "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County", "A Dog’s Tale" and "The

Poetry Of A Life Thus Far Sarina Sorrenti

Poetry has always been a natural form of self-expression and a medium to record, observe and communicate with the universe. The poems I have collected over the years represent a layer of my persona and the awakening of my soul.

The Codex Mind Of An Adolescent Dekota L Bostic

Who would never stop loving you, no matter the fortune and fame? A love of nothing to lose and everything to gain. A love that fuels each other's fire for each other's flame. See, I loved this girl who was the star in

Unfailing Love Kevin Pedraza

In a life that is so uncertain, one thing is for sure; we were all made with a purpose. A purpose to love, laugh, and help one another. But when we fail one another, Jesuss unfailing love never will. Unfailing Love was written

I Crowned My Damn Self Tamara T Allen

I now live in Dallas, Texas but was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in Wichita, Kansas. Let my start by saying I am super hyped about my fi rst publication! My poetry refl ects several aspects of lifes reality, sometimes animated, sometimes

Antologia Po Tica Mario Andino

El lector tiene en sus manos la tercera antologia de poemas del escritor chileno radicado en los EE.UU., Mario Andino Lpez. Autor de once novelas publicadas en Sudamrica, Espaa y los Estados Unidos, obtuvo un Doctorado en lenguas y literaturas romances en la

Words Of My Mind Heart T J Woolnough

These words are my feelings. These words are my thoughts. These words are my life in verse. They are not here to be analysed. They are here to be read.

What My Arms Can Carry Gianna Patriarca

What My Arms Can Carry is Gianna Patriarca's fourth book of poetry. She returns to the themes she explored first in the award winning Italian Women and Other Tragedies (Guernica Editions 1994) - the dislocation wrought on the lives of immigrants and the

Iris A Stillbirth And Pouring My Heart Out In A Song Yael Zohar Hansen

A cathartic account of dealing with the process of healing after a stillbirth and believing that music not only acts as spiritual companionship but exists before and after the event.

A Beginning In Smiles An Ending In Tears Christian Powell

"This is my journey of the joy of joys that came with the courting and marriage of my wife, and of the unanswered pain and loss due to a divorce. Truly a collections of whimsical rhymes and limericks of love and fun, plus

Watehica That Which You Hold Dear Eya Mani

Life And Love Of A Kamelyn Angel David Sanabria Jr

Angel David Sanabria, Jr 1984-2010

His Story History My Story Mystery Anna Michelle Walden

Things seem to be happening very quickly. Some things were secrets. And I knew these secrets would never be appropriate, for any conversation, in any lifetime. However, it was my reality. Was anything good going to come out of this? There was too

Rivers Of Time Richard G Moriarty

Step into Rivers of Time; a poetic journey and a glimpse into one life sustained by faith, family and tradition. Rest in the truths. Allow the wisdom of each verse to inspire you to embrace today and hope in tomorrow.

99 Angels Of Hope Regan Lu Shieh

This book is for all those who wish angels would come into their lives and help them out. Of course, this book does not have the magical abilities to call upon some real angels, but perhaps after reading it, the readers will have