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Cycles Of Death Lee Shearer

A group of semi-retired executives become bored with their country club life and decide to partcipate in an annual nationally known 450 mile bike ride across Iowa (RAGBRAI). In the process they uncover a serial killer who selects victims from the middle-age wealthy

Oksana Anil Dhar

Twenty one year old Jai Grover has it all: good looks, an engineering degree from IIT-Delhi, rich and loving parents, and an easy life in a sprawling parental home. But when he decides to take a year off to create a dance group

Dark Tribute Iris Johansen

New York Times bestseller Iris Johansen is back with another high octane thriller in Dark Tribute that will leave your mind racing and your heart pounding.

A Sackful Of Quarters L M Favier

A SACKFUL OF QUARTERS is a collection of short stories set throughout the twelve months of the year. Each story is a seasonal account of one particular character's life experience. The glue that holds them all together is that each woman or

And In The Beginning There Was Belfast David Atcheson

This is a tense, dark novel posing the question whether an ordinary man, from an ordinary background, can in fact be a serial killer. The story is told from different perspectives and on different time-lines, and the ordinariness of the main character is

Anatomy Of A Murder Robert Traver

First published by St. Martin's in 1958, Robert Traver's Anatomy of a Murder immediately became the number-one bestseller in America, and was subsequently turned into the successful and now classic Otto Preminger film. It is is not only the most popular courtroom drama

96 Rocks Ron Ph D Hummer

WKRX, 96 Rocks, is the modern workplace in Corporate America where management, empowered by non-compete agreements, holds the future of their employees in the palm of their hands and can crush them at any time. The employees sit back and worry about losing

The Best Tales Of Hoffmann E T A Hoffmann

Ten of Hoffmann's greatest tales, enormously popular in Europe but rarely seen in the United States: "The Golden Flower Pot," "Automata," "Nutcracker and the King of Mice," "The Sand Man," and 6 others.

The Phoenix Experiments Nan Pipes

Several years after losing both her parents, Kimber Taylor is ready to create a new life. Her nursing career begins in the psychiatric ward of a county hospital where Kimber is drawn to a handsome colleague, Dr. Tom Williams. But when she accepts

The Sculptress John K Potter

The Scultptress is about a prominent woman plastic surgeon who thinks she's God and finds out she's not. Goaded by a reporter into doing pro bono work, she selects, as her patient, a homeless, scarred man. A terrible mistake.From the moment she meets

Dark Winds Yellow Birds Jo Mitchell

...Air rank with evil-smelling smoke, pushed by dark winds, howling through his mind....

Family Honor Jamie Hill Judith Pittman

Bodies of dead women are piling up and Detective Melanie Curtis is doing everything she can to solve the ‘Cheerleader Slasher’ case. Surprised to discover her chief has requested help from the FBI, she’s even more shocked when she meets the sexy FBI

More Than You Know Beth Gutcheon

In a small town called Dundee on the coast of Maine, an old woman named Hannah Gray begins her story: "Somebody said 'true love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.' I've seen both and I don't know how

Sherlock Holmes Selected Stories Arthur Conan Doyle Barry Mccrea

Detection is, or ought to be, an exact scienceFor more than a century the Holmes stories have held a strange, almost inexplicable grip on the popular imagination. They are intimately associated with late Victorian and Edwardian society, yet curiously timeless in their appeal.

Follow The Sun Edward J Delaney

"Follow the Sun is just plain fantastic. Edward J. Delaney has orchestrated a tight, tense page-turner and a harrowing, deeply imagined literary portrait of an entire family. . . . What a knockout read." —Paul Harding

The Canceled Czech Lawrence Block

Evan Tanner ran head-first into a piece of shrapnel in Korea, and now he can't sleep. Ever. Which can be an asset for a dedicated linguist, term paper forger, thief, lost cause enthusiast . . .

The Death Wish Hit Jay Patrick Liz Howe

Heather Holmann has been diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer, and theres no hope. The disease will kill her, but she is determined to control the remainder of her life. Not wanting her sons to see her wither away, she decides to hire a

The Complete Collection Of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who first appeared in publication in 1887. He is the creation of Scottish born author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A brilliant London-based detective, Holmes is famous for

Uncommon Collectables Lisa Dewar

As a Las Vegas detective, Devon Cartwright thinks he has seen it alloverzealous partiers, sadistic con men, desperate gamblers, and even murderers. But, when a dead woman is found scalped in a prominent hotel on the strip, Devon realizes there are monsters out

On Thin Icing Ellie Alexander

Welcome to Torte-a small-town family bakeshop where the treats are killer good.