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The Last Honest Man Mills Boon Vintage Superromance At The Carolina Diner Book 3 Lynnette Kent

Top Notch Surgeon Pregnant Nurse Mills Boon Medical Brisbane General Hospital Book 1 Amy Andrews

Enter into the world of high-flying Doctors as they navigate the pressures of modern medicine and find escape, passion, comfort and love – in each other’s arms!

Keeper Of The House Rebecca T Godwin

Keeper of the House is an unforgettable novel narrated by the lively Minyon Manigault, a young black woman from a coastal South Carolina Gullah community. In 1929, due to mysterious family circumstances, Minyon is given up by her grandmother to the employment of

Nuri Does Not Exist Sadru Jetha

An astonishingly charming collection stories, engaging us with the utterly believable innocence of its refreshingly Utopian vision.

Innocence And Anarchy John Canzella

Innocence and Anarchy offers a brilliant fictionalized portrayal of the tension between the established order and attempts at social reform in nineteenth-century Russia, where innocence, idealism, and faith are transformed into political intrigue, vengeance, and despair. Actual historical events, people,

The Time Of Her Life Mills Boon Vintage Superromance Jeanie London

Susanna Adams is too young to be a widow. She's still in her thirties! There will be no sitting around trying to fill empty days for her. Instead, she's accepted a big promotion, moved states and is embracing her own dreams again. She

Expecting The Doctor 39 S Baby Mills Boon Cherish Teresa Southwick

The Invisible Life Of Ivan Isaenko Scott Stambach

In The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko, Scott Stambach presents a hilarious, heart-wrenching, and powerful debut novel about an orphaned boy who finds love and hope in a Russian hospital after Chernobyl.

Miracle Creek Angie Kim


Book O 39 Barry Ghabaei

Book O' is a collection of versatile short stories that will throw you for a spin. A collection of lovable anecdotes told in a riveting voice that will make you wonder whether you should laugh or cry. Book O' is a Book O'

Fear Of Fighting Stacey May Fowles Marlena Zuber

"Stacey May Fowles evokes Lives of Girls and Women in a text that is often sweetly sad, but not sorry." Mariko Tamaki, co-creator of Skim. Combining Stacey May Fowles's humorous, biting prose with Marlena Zuber's whimsical and raw illustrations, Fear of Fighting searches

Dr Blake 39 S Angel Mills Boon Medical Medics Down Under Book 10 Marion Lennox

Dr. Blake Sutherland is the sole G.P. in town. Overworked and exhausted, he needs a miracle. He gets one in the form of seven-months-pregnant Dr. Nell McKenzie, who announces that he is to have a holiday while she takes over his practice!

Waking Up With Dr Off Limits Mills Boon Medical Amy Andrews

Jess's Diary: At least catching my housemate Dr Adam Carmichael – bachelor, sex-god, and my secret crush extraordinaire – in my bed (! ) means he finally knows my name! For years Adam's been 100% off-limits (if ever a man needed a revolving

The Starboard Sea Amber Dermont

"A rich, quietly artful novel that is bound for deep water, with questions of beauty, power and spiritual navigation as its main concerns. The title refers not to the right side of a boat but to the right course through life, and the

Baby By Chance Mills Boon Vintage Superromance White Knight Investigations Book 1 M J Rodgers

The Attic Danilo Kis John K Cox

The Attic explores the relationship of a young man, known only as Orpheus, to the art of writing; it also tracks his relationship with a colorful cast of characters.

Happiness Is Too Much Trouble Sandra Hochman

Turner Publishing is proud to present a new edition of Sandra Hochman's, Happiness Is Too Much Trouble

The Man Who Broke Hearts Mills Boon Vintage Cherish Stephanie Howard

Winesburg Ohio Sherwood Anderson

Winesburg, Ohio was inspired by Sherwood Anderson's early life experiences growing up in Ohio. This frank realistic portrayal of small town life brought the novel into the twentieth century. The influence of this book cannot be overstated. Writer's as diverse as Ray Bradbury,

All Grown Up Mills Boon Desire The Men Of Wolff Mountain Book 5 Janice Maynard

Believing Sam Ely was the only one for her, young Annalise Wolff threw herself at him. But he claimed he was too old for her…and that she was too forward. Seven years later, she's still reeling from his words, vowing never to forgive.