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Her Surprise Family Mills Boon Vintage Cherish Patricia Thayer

Trading Christmas When Christmas Comes The Forgetful Bride Debbie Macomber

The Cloud Of Unknowing Mimi Lipson

Funny, tough, and heartbreaking--often all at once--Mimi Lipson’s debut collection is a grand tour of bars, diners, bus stations, dog parks, hardcore clubs, vacant lots, and other places that draw people whose inner lives are richer than their wallets. Lipson’s alter ego, the

Sarah Sara Jacob Paul

An engrossing meditation on the meaning of faith, Sarah/Sara is the story of a young Orthodox Jewish woman who undertakes a solo kayaking journey across the Arctic Ocean after her parents are killed and she is disfigured by a terrorist bomb in a

Honor Bound Mills Boon Vintage Superromance Count On A Cop Book 49 Julianna Morris

Worthy A Novel Lisa Birnbaum

Worthy is the story of Ludmila—or Worthy, as she comes to be known—a “former” con artist from Eastern Europe managing an eccentric, failing strip club in Tampa for her lover, Leo. Though there is much she won’t reveal, she gradually unravels the story

Right Around The Corner Steven G Traylor

One weekend. Five people. Chance meetings. One fateful outcome. Sometimes the people you accidentally meet are destined for much more

Expecting The Best Mills Boon Vintage Superromance Lynnette Kent

The Saddest Summer Of Samuel S J P Donleavy

A wily American driving his psychiatrist crazy in Vienna. Prey of a wealthy countess who wants him comfortable and secure -- and her very own. Master of his domain -- his sealed, darkened, disheveled apartment on a dank Vienna sidestreet. Abigail was not

The Stand Up Guy Srulik Stein

The Berkley Building Company's office closes on week-ends. So when Rose Shapiro arrives for work on Monday morning June 20, 1966, she has to unlock the door to gain entry. She finds her boss, Max Robbins-dead-the apparent victim of a heart attack.

The Three Faced Woman Maria Barkanyi

The contemporary story tells of a pretty girls very exiting life, full of sudden changes, loves, secrets, and peculiar coincidences. Vicky fell in love with a young Spanish doctor, but suddenly the girl is kidnapped and taken to Marrakesh. During a period of

Wedding His Takeover Target Inheriting His Secret Christmas Baby Wedding His Takeover Target Dynasties The Jarrods Book 5 Inheriting His Secret Christmas Baby Dynasties The Jarrods Book 6 Mills Boon Desire Emilie Rose Heidi Betts

The Fall Of The Stone City Ismail Kadar

It is 1943, and the Second World War is ravaging Europe. Mussolini decides to pull out of his alliance with the Nazis, and withdraws the Italian troops occupying Albania. Soon after, Nazi forces invade Albania from occupied Greece. The first settlement in their

Making Mr Right Mills Boon Vintage Cherish Jamie Denton

Darwin Alone In The Universe M A C Farrant

This brilliant collection of satirical short stories explores the evolving corporate construction of reality in the media and information age.

Ultimatum Marriage For The Sake Of The Secret Child Ultimatum Marriage For The Sake Of The Secret Child Mills Boon Desire Ann Major Yvonne Lindsay

Kings And Sages L S Beck

On a hot summer day in Arkansas in 1953, ten-year-old Annie Marcus is intent on nothing else but scraping a tick off her skin when she receives the scare of her life. Suddenly, she is looking into the eyes of Be More Happy,

Never A Bride Mills Boon Vintage 90s Modern Diana Hamilton

Captain Blood Rafael Sabatini

Physician and country gentleman Peter Blood is forced to turn from medicine to piracy in this swashbuckling classic brimming with stolen treasure, adventure on the high seas, and romance.

The Mountain Lion Jean Stafford

Coming of age in pre-World War II California and Colorado brings tragedy to Molly and Ralph Fawcett in Jean Stafford's classic semi-autobiographical novel, The Mountain Lion, first published in 1947. Torn between their mother's world of genteel respectability and their grandfather's and uncle's