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Alfie All Alone Holly Webb Sophy Williams

Evie is overjoyed when she is given her very own puppy, Alfie. Alfie adores Evie - he loves to be cuddled, sleeps on her bed and welcomes her home from school every day with a wag of his tail. But it's not long

The Surfing Goat Goatee Featuring Pismo The Kid Dana Joseph Mcgregor Ish Abdullah

A fun, true story of a mans plan to get a goat to eat the weeds in his moms yard, and to then eat the goat with his friends, takes a turn for the better for the man and for the goat. Their

If I Had A Dinosaur Sally J Labadie

A little girl is excited when her parents tell her she can have a pet. But what kind of pet should she get? She wonders if a baby dinosaur would be a good choice, and how she could take care of it.

The Prince And The Page Charlotte Yonge

A fine evening—six centuries ago—shed a bright parting light over Alton Wood, illuminating the gray lichens that clung to the rugged trunks of the old oak trees, and shining on the smoother bark of the graceful beech, with that sidelong light that, towards

Gun In The Stone Age Annick Loupias Fran Ois Thisdale Diane C Skiejka

Adventurous Guné becomes separated from her band. She meets a people who know how to talk.

The Sisters Of Spring Meadow Adrianna Hoiles

This is a series about two twin sisters named Neena and Nora. They live in a magical forest known as Spring Meadow. The sisters are good and kind, but an evil wizard named Topaz wants to get rid of them. He and his

A Forte Unseen Abby Jordan

Ask anyone: sixteen-year-old AJ Marett has the perfect life. He has a perfect family, perfect status in the perfect small town, and the perfect group of friends at the perfect high school. But AJ knows the truth. He has Becker muscular dystrophy, a

Colette And The Silver Samovar Nancy Belgue

Colette Faizal isn't superstitious, so she doesn't worry when a fortune-teller advises Colette's mother to "watch for the unexpected." But when her father announces he is going back to Iran, her mother is hurt in a car accident and Colette is sent to

Microsaurs Tiny Tricera Troubles Dustin Hansen Dustin Hansen

A lab mix-up accidentally releases a full-sized Triceratops into the town festival in the sixth and final installment of Dustin Hansen's illustrated chapter book series, Microsaurs.

Can You Picture This Cheryl Ceol

For young and life experienced people alike.

Butterfly 39 S Beauty Alissa Tenorio Daniella Tenoriio

Butterfly believes she has a dilemma: what to wear to an important event. Her friend has a solution but butterfly will have none of it. What will she decide? Can you guess? Fly along with her to figure out what she discovers.

Caliclaus And The Christmas Contraption Valerie Hart

CaliClaus and the Christmas Contraption

I 39 M Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl Gretchen Mcneil

From acclaimed author Gretchen McNeil comes her first realistic contemporary romance—perfect for fans of Kody Keplinger’s The Duff and Morgan Matson’s Since You've Been Gone.

Wang Ming Kateri Wang

Children are taken away to the far off lands of China and introduced to Wang Ming, the greatest of the great pandas. Visit Wang Mings world of the bamboo forest and come along on his adventure of overcoming his fears and earning his

Silky Beagle Finds A Home Speedy Publishing

It was a bright, sunny day at the farm just outside of town. Playful puppies chased butterflies and each other. Regina, their mother, watched them run around with a smile on her face. Today her children were being picked up by their new

The Crow Chronicles Stephen Elder

A look at life through the eyes of Grift and Graft, corvine students of mankind. The Crow Chronicles describes how two crows move from the open countryside into town. The two friends have to adjust to a lot of things, such as traffic,

L Frank Baum S Book Of Santa Claus L Frank Baum

Here in one volume are both of L. Frank Baum's Santa Claus stories: The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, and A Kidnapped Santa Claus. In The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, Baum gives us a glimpse into the magical history that

The Three Humans Or Perfectly Normal Lynn Thornton Anna Cassata

The Goldilocks mythos has long been part of our culture, but a look through the eyes of Baby (or in this case, Youngest) Bear has been sadly missing. In this fun retelling, a bored Youngest Bear tires of helping his father and wanders

Brexston The Bear And Ferndelia The Mermaid Elise Morris Toucet

There is magic in the world, that brings us happiness and laughter.

The Adventuresome Antics Of Taf Tif Tobe Tiggy Princess And Toby Karen Demers

The book brings children into a special place where cats have their own unique , exciting and numerous fun-filled escapades. Their experiences and different happenings and a language that has been especially created for the cats will thrill young children to understand why