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Cricket Paige Conner Cochran

Cricket: The Pony Who Believed in God's Plan is a story about Cricket, a pony that is very short. She is so short that some things dont always come as easily to her as they should. In the end, Cricket learns to trust

Pond Babies Cathryn Falwell Cathryn Falwell

Pond Babies is a book for very young children (2-5). It helps kids in their exploration of the natural world as they discover the creatures that live around the pond. Vibrant cut-paper collage in Cathryn Falwell's signature style, along with a humorous bit

Missing Calvin Crane And The Kidnapper Kevin Don Porter

MISSING. That's what the posters say about the girl. After bumping into a strange man at Yellowstone National Park who's secretly removing the posters, Calvin Crane thinks their van is being tailed. In a cramped van full of farts and Frito-feet with his

Monstro And The Kelp Kids Michael S Amorillo

Monstro, a large and loveable sea monster who lives by the California sea, is different than most monsters. He is not interested in being scary or hiding under childrens beds. He only wants to spend his days roaming the sea. But there is

Hero Stories Of Rustem The Hero Prince Of Persia Firdusi Retold By Elizabeth D Renninger Illustrated By J L S Williams

The name Rustem is derived from the Persian name Rostam, the name of the Persian epic hero figure who is featured in this volume.

Joey 39 S Journeys Raynedine Arnoldi

Joeys Journeys Seasons follows the main character Joey as he ventures through time while discovering and learning about the different seasons. The book has an interactive element in that it involves the reader through the use of questions, thus making it entertaining and

Warriors 3 Book Collection With Bonus Material Warriors 1 Into The Wild Warriors 2 Fire And Ice Warriors 3 Forest Of Secrets Erin Hunter

For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their warrior ancestors. But now the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger, and sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day. Noble warriors are dying—and some deaths

Chosen P C Cast Kristin Cast

Dark forces are at work at the House of Night and fledgling vampyre Zoey Redbird's adventures at the school take a mysterious turn. Those who appear to be friends are turning out to be enemies. And oddly enough, sworn enemies are also turning

The Trap And The Trip Charlene Townsend

On an enchanted mountain full of ancient secrets and mystical powers live some very unique woodland creatures. Among them is a squirrel named Merle, a skunk named Hunk, and a bunny named Sonny. The legend of the mountain protects all that live there,

The Fable Of The Snake Named Slim Doug Snelson

In this poignant tale told in fable style--a story featuring animals and conveying a moral--young readers will meet Slim, a snake that wobbles instead of wiggles and they will discover that being different can make the difference that matters most. It is a

The Secret Sea Barry Lyga

Twelve-year-old Zak Killian is hearing a voice. Could it be a guardian angel? A ghost? No, that's crazy. But sometimes the voice is so real. . . . It warns him of danger.

Flip Flies To School Jamie Selko Raquel Rodriguez

A grampa makes sure that every trip young Flip takes to Edgewood Elementary School is an adventure!

Danny Dunn On The Ocean Floor Raymond Abrashkin Jay Williams

Another accident in Professor Bulfinch's laboratory, brought on by Danny, results in the creation of a transparent, resilient material. The material proves useful in creating a bathysphere, and Professor Bulfinch, along with his friend Dr. Grimes, Danny, Joe, and Irene, descends into the

The Vampire Journals Books 1 12 Morgan Rice

"A book to rival TWILIGHT and VAMPIRE DIARIES, and one that will have you keep reading until the very last page!" -Vampirebooksite.com (re Turned)

Snowflakes Knocking At My Window Cynthia Weathers

This book is showing how a boy being awakened by a sudden knock at his window. At that time he never knew how different his life would change. He met these little snowfl akes and became friends with them. I truly believe this

Ancient Greece 2nd Grade History Book Children 39 S Ancient History Edition Baby Professor

Is it possible, at all, to visit ancient Greece without leaving the comforts of home? Of course, it is! You have this educational book to take you where you want to go in Athens. The next pages will tell you important facts that

The Adventures Of Super Cam Allyson Olivia Theophilus Elechi

The Adventures of Super Cam is about a boy who uses his super powers to help other children. This story demonstrates that everyone can use his or her gifts and talents to change the world. In a time where bullying is commonplace, this

Christmas Poems For Children George Stanworth

14 Christmas Poems for Children featuring 'An Alien Stole My Christmas Tree', 'If Christmas Was A Spaceship', and 'I Love You Mum'.

Grimms Fairy Tales Complet Active Toc A To Z Classics Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm

The Story Of Peter Pan Retold From The Fairy Play By Sir James Barrie James Matthew Barrie

The Story of Peter Pan is here re-told from the fairy play, delightfully adapted into this book with wonderful storytelling, music and beautiful illustrations.