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Miss Salt Miss Pepper The Sauces And The Onion Leaves A West African Folk Tale Anon E Mouse

In Issue 25 of the Baba Indaba Children's Stories, Baba Indaba narrates the West African folktale about Miss Salt and Miss Pepper and their friends the Sauces and the Onion Leaves. They hear of a handsome youth and go off to see if

Max S Great Sea Adventure G S Coltman

A young coastal bird experiences both the fear of being bullied and swept out to sea,with the joy of self growth and the value of friendship as he navigates the dangerous journey from shark-infested waters to getting home. Along the way he learns

The Lucky Feathers Las Plumas Encantadas Jifang Lu

Among the clouds, there is a little bird that will make a little girl feel what happiness is ----------- Entre las nubes, hay un pajarito que har que una nia conozca la felicidad

Supernova 39 S Unique Family Lg Davidson

Supernova has run away! There are some changes in her family. Supernovas parents are getting divorced and she is very sad and does not understand. Supernova travels in her spaceship to earth so she can find a new family. Along her travels, Supernova

The Disappearing Magician Kate Egan Mike Lane Eric Wight

Snazzy Cat Capers The Fast And The Furriest Deanna Kent Neil Hooson

"I want to be Ophelia when I grow up!! And I want Oscar to be my BFF--Best Fishy Friend! Snazzy Cat Capers is fabulous, funny and fin-tastic fun with illustrations that pounce off the page."

The Very Special Ducklings Wava Cirisan Stella Schutze

Through the miracle of science and the grace of egg donation, childless families are having their dreams fulfilled and being blessed with a child. These children will begin a life journey with their parents that will include, someday, the realization of their beginnings.

Lua The Llama And The Mountain Of Joy Alison A Birks Linda Weston

Lua the Llama has a dream and sets out on a spiritual journey of self-discovery to find out who she really is. Under the guidance of the old healer don Paqo, she finds the nature of her true self and her place in

Joryn Looked Up Karla Moeller Sabine Deviche

When Joryn is a little joey, he loves snuggling up in his mothers pouch. But as he gets bigger, he finds one day that he can no longer fit inside of it. As hard as he tries, he cant squeeze small enough to

Howie 39 S Favourite Pet Gill James Brown

The inspiration and Idea of the Howie's Favourite Pet came when my Daughter-in-Law worked in a PRE-SCHOOL where my 6year old Granddaughter attended. I told my Granddaughter about my childhood at her age and so her mother said why dont I write a

Koobla The Camel Nancy Walker Dindo Contento

Koobla the Camel introduces children to the delights and peculiarities of the animal (and insect) world. These aspects are interwoven in a funny, weird, and surprisingly fast-paced way, with a light moral thread that promotes the idea of belonging and family.

Nicanor The Penguin Raphael Melis

Nicanor, a penguin from Patagonia, has been on a lovely vacation in Brazil. But while swimming home, he gets caught in an oil spill. Hes so sick, he cannot swim anymore. Hes afraid hell never see his friends in Patagonia again.

Seven Little Chickens And Their Big Adventure Amy Montana

Seven Little Chickens and Their Big Adventure Amy is a loving little girl who adopts seven baby chicks. As they grow, Amy learns to take very good care of them. One day, the chicks are delighted to discover a magical abilitythey can fly!

Everless Sara Holland

New York Times bestseller!

Captain Virtue And The Champions Of Justice Alyn Cardarelli Lowell Hildebrandt Dan Drewes

Meet Nicholas, a boy whose imagination is so powerful he can pull his favorite superheroes out of his comic book. But when he inadvertently summons a few bumbling henchmen out of a story, the balance of power shifts, putting his beloved heroes in

Away We Go Emil Ostrovski

“Funny, heart-wrenching, and wickedly smart, Away We Go is everything I love best about Emil Ostrovski's writing. This is a great novel!”—Andrew Smith, Printz Honor–winning author of Grasshopper Jungle

Khloe Dutch Shay Dorr

Khloe Dutch is a loveable, charming first grader who is awestruck by her 15 year old cousin Paige from Memphis, Tennessee. Paige comes to visit Khloe and her family in Chicago for the summer. Khloe, is mesmerized with Paige because she is a

The Great Game Of Angels Pamela Morgan Jeff Cappleman Halaka Kalyanpur

Journey back before time began to discover how the very first Angels came to be. Explore with the playful pixies as they invent and play the greatest game ever. This tale includes a beautifully illustrated Find the Angels game so your child can

Someplace Else Donna Montalbano

Is there Love After Death? When you leave your body, where do you go? Star-crossed young lovers meet in an ethereal borderland between life and death, called Someplace Else. One of them is alive, and the other is not; but they soon discover

The Corps Of The Bare Boned Plane Polly Horvath

When an accident leaves teenage cousins Meline and Jocelyn parentless, they come to live with their unknown and eccentric Uncle Marten on his private island. They soon discover that the island has a history as tragic as their own: it was once an