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Of Men Women And Horses Fred Glueckstein

Of Men, Women and Horses is a collection of stories about one of historys most enduring relationships; those of men, women and, the most noble of animals, horses. The collection includes the touching and inspiring true stories of Rosa Bonheur and The Horse

The Brehon Laws A Legal Handbook Laurence Ginnell

This early work constitutes a comprehensive study of Ireland's indigenous system of law. Brehon Law survived in Ireland until the 17th century when it was finally supplanted by the English common law. Brehon law was first transcribed in the 7th century, but had

Receiving Erin 39 S Children J Matthew Gallman

Between 1845 and 1855, 2 million Irish men and women fled their famine-ravaged homeland, many to settle in large British and American cities that were already wrestling with a complex array of urban problems. In this innovative work of comparative urban history, Matthew

The Nature Of Monsters Clare Clark

A pregnant teenager discovers her employer’s sinister secrets in an eighteenth-century London that “feels alive and intense, magnificently raw” (The New York Times Book Review).

A Chain Of Events Ruthie Green

In October 2011, a ceremony was held at the Washington, DC mall to unveil a granite statue of our slain Civil Rights leader, Rev. MLK, Jr. The large piece of granite was 30 feet high and a light reddish-brown in color. It looked

Treatise On Consequences John Buridan Stephen Read Hubert Hubien

The Smile Of The Human Bomb Gideon Aran Jeffrey Green

In 2017, nearly six thousand people were killed in suicide attacks across the world.

Gordian Knot Apartheid And The Unmaking Of The Liberal World Order Ryan M Irwin

Writing more than one hundred years ago, African American scholar W.E.B. Du Bois speculated that the great dilemma of the twentieth century would be the problem of the color line. Nowhere was the dilemma of racial discrimination more entrenched-and more complex-than South Africa.

Empires In The Wilderness William J Griffith

This is the account of a series of enterprises undertaken in Guatemala during the 1830s in an attempt to draw immigrants and capital from Europe to continue the subjugation of the vast unpeopled wastes. It is a record of failure, but a failure--like

Shishapangma Doug Scott Alex Macintyre

In 1982, following the relaxation of access restrictions to Tibet, six climbers set off for the Himalaya to explore the little-known Shishapangma massif in Tibet. Dealing with a chaotic build-up and bureaucratic obstacles so huge they verged on comical, the mountaineers gained access

Small Works John A Donaldson

How can policymakers effectively reduce poverty? Most mainstream economists advocate promoting economic growth, on the grounds that it generally reduces poverty while bringing other economic benefits. However, this dominant hypothesis offers few alternatives for economies that are unable to grow, or in places

Dreams Deferred A Concise Guide To The Israeli Palestinian Conflict And The Movement To Boycott Israel Cary R Nelson

Dreams Deferred arrives as debates about the future of the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict intensify under the extraordinary pressure of a region in chaos. The book empowers readers to be informed participants in conversations and debates about developments that increasingly touch

Sex Without Consent Merril D Smith

A group of men rape an intoxicated fifteen year old girl to "make a woman of her." An immigrant woman is raped after accepting a ride from a stranger. A young mother is accosted after a neighbor escorts her home. In another case,

Land Reform In China And North Vietnam Edwin E Moise

This first book to consider land reform in both countries show that reform, as the Communists have conducted it, can be justified in China and North Vietnam for both economic reasons and ideological imperatives. Moise argues that the violence associated with land reform

Taming Democracy The People The Founders And The Troubled Ending Of The American Revolution Terry Bouton

Americans are fond of reflecting upon the Founding Fathers, the noble group of men who came together to force out the tyranny of the British and bring democracy to the land. Unfortunately, as Terry Bouton shows in this highly provocative first book, the

The Haitian Revolution History For Fools Fatima Ahmed

Exactly how did a tiny half-island full of slaves overpower the lawmakers, generals, and soldiers of France - not to mention the devious brother-in-law of Napoleon? The answer: through the Haitian Revolution. This revolution is unlike any other in the history of the

American Soul The Contested Legacy Of The Declaration Of Independence Justin Buckley Dyer David L Boren

American Soul brings together a variety of primary source documents related to the contested meaning and legacy of the Declaration of Independence, and the various speeches and writings assembled together demonstrate how competing interpretations of the Declaration have shaped, and been shaped by,

Prelude To Disaster John L Bullion

Prelude to Disaster is the most comprehensive account of the fateful decision to tax American colonists. Unlike other studies, it emphasizes the central role of the young George III in the process. Central to this examination are George’s principles of statecraft and government,

Joy Runs Deeper Bronia Beker Joseph Beker

Bronia and Josio (Joseph) grew up in Kozowa, a shtetl filled with lively culture, eccentric characters and extended family. When Bronia met Josio, she was charmed by his confidence and fearlessness. Separated when Josio was drafted into the army, reunited amid the chaos

Brightfire P M Sabin Moore

Brightfire covers important events during and after the reign of King Raedwald of Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, East Anglia, UK, and is set mainly in and around his homestead nearby, with some scenes set in Northumbria and elsewhere. The story is set in the