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Jon Mckay L L Layman

I heard again those savage screams I had heard in my delirious dreams. They were comingall of them. Arrows filled the air, whacking the wood walls of the cart. Load! I yelled to Miranda, handing her the spent pistol. I didnt even know

The Singapore Necklace Jaim Kaan

THE SINGAPORE NECKLACE Storyline The narrative took place in 1914 Singapore in a span of ten months. A part of the British Straits Settlements finding itself well into the age of the industrial revolution, due to the opening of the Suez Canal and

The Bishop And Other Stories Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

One of the last stories of Chekhov. This is the tragedy of a representative of the intelligentsia, whose pursuit of a very successful church career cuts him off from real human intercourse. Until he faces death, the bishop does not understand that something

Citadel Kate Mosse

Combining the rugged action of Labyrinth with the haunting mystery of Sepulchre, #1 bestselling author Kate Mosse’s eagerly awaited Citadel is a mesmerizing World War II story of daring and courage, in which a group of determined women fighting for the French Resistance

The Abolitionist Barry Bennett Blander

"THE ABOLITIONIST" is a three-act play occuring between the years, 1851 - 1861. The protagonist is Jonah MacKenzie, a wealthy minister renowned throughout the nation for his abolitionist activities. His aristocratic wife, Elizabeth, is a partial invalid from a stroke; and their only

Mistress Oriku Stories From A Tokyo Teahouse Matsutaro Kawaguchi Royall Tyler

"Royall Tyler's translations are nothing short of superb—crisp, restrained, ably balancing the ribald and the profound."—Booklist

The Secret Agent A Simple Tale Joseph Conrad

The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad. In the only novel Conrad set in London, The Secret Agent communicates a profoundly ironic view of human affairs. The story is woven around an attack on the Greenwich Observatory in 1894 masterminded by Verloc, a Russian

Send Me Safe My Somebody Geri Bennett

Its 1969 and American pilot, Paul Winslow, has been shot down and captured in Vietnam. In a love story that transcends time, Sarah Fremont, a San Francisco hotel executive, comes to believe that she has known and loved him in more than one

Antonina Wilkie Collins

Antonina was Collins's first published novel, dedicated to Lady Chantrey, wife of William Collins's friend, the sculptor Sir Francis Legatt Chantrey (1791-1841).  Antonina was begun in April 1846, delayed for a year during the writing of The Memoirs of William Collins, R.A., and

Tasso S Journey Paula Renee Burzawa

When the Greek army calls retreat near the Albanian border before the Nazi invasion of Greece, Tasso rushes home to protect his family.

Daughter Of Destiny Nicole Evelina

Before queenship and Camelot, Guinevere was a priestess of Avalon. She loved another before Arthur, a warrior who would one day betray her.

Riggins Row Suzann Cordell

Most white folks refer to Riggins Row as a shanty town. No white man would dare show up there unless it was daylight. No self-respecting white woman would be caught there at all. But for Johnny Ruth and Hessie, its home. All of

In The Shadow Of David The Secret Rebellion Martin Baggen

A thoroughly innovative reworking of “the greatest story ever told.”

Alexander The Great Jacob Abbott

This book is one of the best books ever written on Alexander the Great, his incredible conquests, his eventual downfall, and the aftermath of his death. 

The Executioner S Daughter Hunter J W Burke

Musette Lefvre, a peasant girl from a French provincial village abandoned by her father after the death of her mother, is put into the care of the local priest. Childhood traumas force her to flee to the capital, where the anonymity of eighteenth-century

An American Story Natale Caruso

It is 1908 when white master, Robert Fox, and his Negro servant, Wilma, welcome their daughter, Millie, into the world. Five years later, Robert and Wilma set a wedding date. But the night before the celebration, the KKK races down the hill to

Unto The Tulip Gardens Gul Irepoglu Feyza Howell

The sumptuous Topkap? Palace in eighteenth century Istanbul is a place of breathtaking splendour where human foibles, love, lust and above all greed reign supreme in the lives of a sultan, a painter, a grand vizier and some of the world’s most beautiful

The Bridge Of Whispers Jan Smolders

It is December of 2007 just outside Antwerp, Belgium, when Richard Van Pelt storms out of the dining room of his fathers residence. Time is running out for their familys copper-tubing company. With the Chinese nipping at their heels and the Brazilians not

Wild Rose Pauline Donaldson

The book is set in 15th Century Yorkshire, while the Wars of the Roses are still being waged. Alice, in her early twenties, lives alone in a small, remote valley in a shepherds shelter and small cave. Her life changes completely when she

Norway Wasn 39 T Too Small A Fact Based Novel About Darkness And Survival Irene Levin Berman

This story reveals the fate of two Jewish families during the German invasion and subsequent Holocaust in Norway in 1940. Inspired by the author’s own experience growing up Jewish in 1940s Norway, it brings readers both young and old into the touching struggles