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Cousins Geraldine Gardner Girard

This is a story set in the North Carolina Mountains. It is about two families of Scotch-Irish and also French decent. It centers in on one 11 year old girl and her 6 year old sister and two boy cousins, one is 12

A Fugitive In Walden Woods Norman Lock

“A Fugitive in Walden Woods manages that special magic of making Thoreau’s time in Walden Woods seem fresh and surprising and necessary right now. Norman Lock tells the story of Samuel Long, an escaped slave who encounters Thoreau, with insight and some welcome

The Crucible Of Man Mark J Moe

Just an innocent, young boy when Roman invaders killed his father, Carpathimos fights back when they return to his island paradise to take away his sister and mother. While fighting to save them, he is captured and taken back to Rome where he

The Cavalier Club Stanley Goldyn

The year is 1618 and the beginning of the brutal Thirty Years' War. Lieutenant Jack Channing's life is about to be immutably altered by two events. He falls in love with a beautiful countess and witnesses an attempt on the Polish King Sigismund's

Stoop To Battle Tim Shaw

1914, as Europe teeters on the edge of a war that will decimate a generation, Gustav Steinhauer of the German Secret Service hatches a plot to destroy the British economy. Deciding that only one man can pull-off his daring plan, he sends Wilhelm

Moon Hunt W Michael Gear Kathleen O 39 Neal Gear

Moon Hunt is the third epic tale in the Morning Star series by New York Times bestselling authors W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear.

Rhodesia 39 S Hangover P P K Walther

An immigrants experiences of the Chimerunga and his service, initially with the Police, but later with Military Intelligence. He liased with South African state security (BOSS), finally using these contacts to emmigrate there before the new state of Zimbabwwe came into existance.

The Cottingley Secret Hazel Gaynor

“The Cottingley Secret tells the tale of two girls who somehow convince the world that magic exists. An artful weaving of old legends with new realities, this tale invites the reader to wonder: could it be true?” — Kate Alcott, New York Times

Hero By Accident Guido Galeano Vega

We don’t need a professional qualification to be honest. We don’t need to be the President to express gratitude to the children. When a child has something to tell you, be sure to listen, because sometimes they have important things to tell. We do not need

Fanette Volume 2 Suzanne Aubry

Now a young woman of social standing, Fanette still holds out hope of finding her sister. One day, out of the blue, she receives a letter from Amanda and a mysterious request to meet in secret. But Amanda's troubled past catches up with

A Date With Dishonour Mills Boon Historical Mary Brendan


Forever Friends Lenore Mckelvey Puhek

Amelia's world shatters on her 18th birthday. Her fiance marches off to fight as a confederate soldier for Virginia in the Civil War. Amelia believes Jeremiah is dead. Year pass. They both create new lives. Jeremiah deserts and eventually marries, moving his family

Hannah 39 S Beau Mills Boon Historical Charity House Book 2 Renee Ryan

Indulge your fantasies of delicious Regency Rakes, fierce Viking warriors and rugged Highlanders. Be swept away into a world of intense passion, lavish settings and romance that burns brightly through the centuries

A Christmas Tale John Bergeson

Toward the end of the year in 1906, food provisions and heating fuel are scarce as the little town of Luther, Michigan faces one of the worst winters on record. As fierce blizzards isolate the town from the rest of the world, a

Main Street Mollie Lyon

Martha and Tom Sloan build a family and life on Main Street in a beautiful home in the early 1900s. Tom searches to better their way of life with expansion of his livery commerce into the new auto business. Life for Martha centers

America 39 S First Daughter Stephanie Dray Laura Kamoie

The Ag Boys Edward F Roberts

An unforgettable look at an obscure part of the deep south just before the dawning of the Civil Rights movement and the turbulent 1960s would forever change it forever. A unique blend of humor, pathos, and bitter reality throws a harsh and revealing

The Lances Of Lynwood Charlotte Yonge

For an explanation of the allusions in the present Tale, scarcely any Notes are necessary, save a reference to the bewitching Chronicle of Froissart; and we cannot but hope that our sketch may serve as an inducement to some young readers to make

Beguiled Mills Boon Vintage 90s Modern Susan Spencer Paul

Lady Lillian Walford Had The Look Of Perfection

Sulha Malka Marom

Does one honor one's country or one's heart? Malka Marom explores this classic dilemma in her stunningly powerful first novel, an extraordinary tale of people caught up in a violent and seemingly endless historical conflict, compelled by love and grief to transcend it.