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The Colonial Countess Robin Bell

On arrival in England after sailing from Australia in 1886, eighteen-year-old farmworker Mary Evans discovers she comes from an aristocratic family and has inherited the title of countess. With no knowledge of the aristocratic way of life or the role she is expected

The Book Of The Heathen Robert Edric

1897. In an isolated station in the Belgian Congo, an Englishman is to be tried for the murder of a native child. Imprisoned in a makeshift jail, Nicholas Frere awaits the arrival of the Company's official investigator while his friend, James Frasier, attempts

Dawn Of Deliverance James R Peters

When terrorists loyal to Robert Mugabes Zimbabwe African National Union win control of the Honde Valley on the eastern border of Rhodesia, the government must decide whether to concede defeat or take a stand.

Tony 39 S Wife Adriana Trigiani

Set in the lush Big Band era of the 1940s and World War II, this spellbinding saga from beloved New York Times bestselling author Adriana Trigiani tells the story of two talented working class kids who marry and become a successful singing act,

Heart Remembers Margaret Redfern

Sequel to the The Storyteller's Granddaughter.

His Duty Her Destiny Mills Boon Historical Juliet Landon

The Fencing Master Alexandre Dumas

In one of the volumes devoted to his travels in Russia, Dumas related that the Czarina, wife of the Czar Nicholas, having procured a copy of The Fencing Master, asked her friend the Princess Trubetski to read it to her. While thus engaged

Soldiers Never Sleep Hawk Kiefer

"Soldiers Never Sleep" is the story of Andy Walker, the battles he fights and the women he loves. Historical fiction, the book is about the Indian Wars, the Buffalo Soldiers, and World War Two in the South Pacific. Great warriors fill the pages,

Pale Blue Light Skip Tucker

Pale Blue Light is a rare espionage thriller set in the Civil War. Young Rabe Canon leaves his family's Alabama plantation at the start of the Civil War, befriending Major Thomas Jackson of Virginia Military Institute -- later the esteemed Stonewall Jackson. When

Good Man S Croft John M Brewer

Born at the end of the nineteenth century, David Mendy comes from the upper Thames valley in England, a place haunted by memories and customs thousands of years old. These include the good mans croft, an untilled patch reserved for the lands spirit

Questions Of Honour Questions Of Honor Mills Boon Historical Kate Welsh

Indulge your fantasies of delicious Regency Rakes, fierce Viking warriors and rugged Highlanders. Be swept away into a world of intense passion, lavish settings and romance that burns brightly through the centuries.

Big Medicine Charlie Nicks

Big Medicine is an intellectually rich and engaging historical epic detailing the early development of the West from 1850 to 1893. This enthralling historical novel is set on the present day Flathead Indian Reservation in Western Montanas magnificent Mission Valley.

Border City Blues 3 Book Bundle Michael Januska

Prohibition means two things in the Border city of Windsor, Ontario: big business, and big trouble.

My Lady Midnight Mills Boon Vintage 90s Modern Laurie Grant

Letters From Brazil Mark J Curran

Letters from Brazil: A Cultural-Historical Narrative Made Fiction recounts the adventures of young researcher Mike Gaherty in Brazil in the turbulent 1960s. It tells the story of his research on Brazilian folklore and folk-popular literature (with inevitable amorous moments along the way) while

The Warrior 39 S Dance Sherrie Seibert Goff

The Warrior's Dance weaves a gripping account of Rome's third king, Tullus Hostilius, who is celebrated in history as the bellicose leader who destroyed Rome's mother city, Alba Longa. In this rich, compelling look back at a time when history and myth intermingle,

No Fortunate Son Philip Michaels

Patrick Golden is a student at Berkeley during the turbulent and vibrant late 1960s. The product of working-class Jewish and Irish-Catholic parents, he takes a huge step out of his social comfort zone when he makes the move to the storied walls of

The Abduction Of Aramis Kathleen Clare

When Henri IV of Navarre ratified the Edict of Nantes in 1598, many Catholics and Huguenots (French Protestants) alike questioned its content and what it meant to them. Then when Louis XIII rescinded the edict and caused an outcry from the Huguenot, it

The Valley Of Amazement Amy Tan

Amy Tan’s The Valley of Amazement is a sweeping, evocative epic of two women’s intertwined fates and their search for identity, that moves from the lavish parlors of Shanghai courtesans to the fog-shrouded mountains of a remote Chinese village.

Sexual Hors D Oeuvre J M Roberts

The story explores the relationship of married women, who began the swinging 60s. Two years after marrying John, June decided to go out alone, ballroom dancing.