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Green Sun Kent Anderson

"One of the unsung legends of crime fiction" (Chicago Tribune), Kent Anderson, returns after two decades with this dazzling novel about justice, character and fate, set against the backdrop of an American city at war with itself.

Deepest Springs Nmm Duman

The story centres around Dikeledi, a young girl in the independent homeland of Transkei, one of the Bantustans of the former apartheid era in South Africa. The Sotho tribe is in the minority in this area and culture still plays a very big

The Gilded Age Mark Twain Charles Dudley Warner

The book reflects the state of 19th-century society in the United States – votes in the Senate and Congress are bought and sold, all this is carefully hidden and masked. The curse of the „Tennessee” land, which could but did not enrich the

Eleanor Mills Boon Historical Sylvia Andrew

Miss Eleanor Southeran was reliably informed that independence of mind was not a desirable quality in a young lady.

Runaway Lady Mills Boon Historical Claire Thornton

‘I will hire you only on condition that you promise to do everything in your power to protect me. ’

Fingal O 39 Reilly Irish Doctor Patrick Taylor

Discover how Dr. O'Reilly began his medical career in the tenements of Dublin in Patrick Taylor's New York Times bestselling series.

The Notorious Dr August Christopher Bram

Christopher Bram tells the story of Augustus Fitzwilliam Boyd, alias Dr. August, a clairvoyant pianist who communes with ghosts, and who finds meaning in his life through a strange love triangle with a righteous ex-slave and nervous white governess. Spanning the years between

Hunterston Happenings Donna K Hunter Sandra M Scott

Slurp! What's licking Jeffrey's face? Travel through time with Venator, the Great Hound, who represents the spirit of the Hunters as he takes eight year old Jeffrey Hunter on a historical tour of the walled garden, estate grounds and Hunterston Castle in Scotland.

Bear Vel Orr

In the Black Hills, Dakota Territory in 1873, budding romance ends in tragedy resulting in Jim Earlys obsessive pursuit of a giant grizzly to the ultimate, bloody finale. Some real characters and the frontier locale, frequent encounters with other deadly wild animals and

We Answered The Call Christopher J Brady

Scottie Berrand was not unlike many young American men in the late 1960s and early 70s. He enjoyed cars and respected his elders, especially the men in his family who had answered the call of duty in wars dating back to the Civil

Fallen Land Taylor Brown

An Indie Next pick and an Okra 2016 Winter Selection!

Montezuma Red Camille Calhoun

In September 1939, Effie Reinhardt Kohl is like every other seventeen-year-old German youth. She has her circle of friends, her family, her dates, and her enjoyment of all things important to teenage girls. But as Hitlers war machine begins its path of destruction,

A Marriageable Miss Mills Boon Historical Dorothy Elbury

Caught in a compromising situation!

A Passionate Pilgrim Henry James

The narrator meets the American Clement Searle in a London hotel. Searle had long wanted to move to England, to run away from the routine of his life. However, he is physically ill and depressed because his lawyer cannot support his claim for

The Hayburn Family Guy Mccrone

The year is 1900, and as the old century ends and Queen Victoria's reign draws to a close, the past is catching up with Henry and Phoebe Hayburn. Dark secrets continue to haunt them, as they begin to plan for the future of

The New Madrid Quake Chronicles Claude Walker

In December 1811, a series of quakes rocked the area near New Madrid, Missouri, a settlement on the Mississippi River. Sparsely populated by French fur-traders, a dwindling number of Native Americans and newly-arrived European immigrants, the region rumbled for weeks. Rivers ran backwards.

Vengeful Deputy I J Parnham

The town of Lone Ridge was a lawless hell-hole until the ruthless Nyle King eliminated all the gunslingers. Now Nyle controls the town and everyone who opposes him ends up dead, so US Marshal Caine tasks his deputy Gabriel Flynn with bringing Nyle

A Rogue Of Her Own Grace Burrowes

In this instant USA Today bestseller, a marriage of convenience between a duke's niece and a reformed rogue leads to a delightful battle of wills.

Split Level Sande Boritz Berger

In Split-Level, set as the nation recoils from Nixon, Alex Pearl is about to commit the first major transgression of her life. But why shouldn’t she remain an officially contented, soon-to-turn-thirty wife? She’s got a lovely home in an upscale Jersey suburb, two

Her Hesitant Heart Mills Boon Historical Carla Kelly