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The Nature Of Monsters Clare Clark

A pregnant teenager discovers her employer’s sinister secrets in an eighteenth-century London that “feels alive and intense, magnificently raw” (The New York Times Book Review).

His Enemy 39 S Daughter Mills Boon Historical The Knights Of Brittany Book 4 Terri Brisbin

Time Invested Ginger Simpson

Why won’t Meagan Murphy’s father allow her to date anyone in uniform? He must have reasons he hasn’t shared, but contrary to Daddy’s rules, Meg meets Ryan Cullen while volunteering at the USO and throws caution to the wind. Ryan only has a

The Violinist Of Venice Alyssa Palombo

Like most 18th century Venetians, Adriana d'Amato adores music--except her strict merchant father has forbidden her to cultivate her gift for the violin. But she refuses to let that stop her from living her dreams and begins sneaking out of her family's palazzo

A Tinker In Blue Anchor James Haydock

After a checkered career at sea and on land Leo Mack settles down in Blue Anchor shortly before the Civil War. A solitary man living in Ida Crabtrees boarding house, he earns his living as a tinker but finds his worth and mission

The Nativity Stories B Michael Fee

For centuries, Jewish and Christian scholars, historians, archeologists, etc., have attempted to flesh out in finer detail the recorded accounts of the four evangelists. They have been constrained by both time and the gospels themselves. We remain, to this day, as unfamiliar as

The Worthington Wife Sharon Page

Take a step back in time with this beautiful historical romance!

Journal Of An Average American Joe Perry

I was born late and have been slow ever since.

The Sheikh Mills Boon Historical Anne Herries

Minnow James E Mcteer Ii

Minnow is an otherworldly story of a small boy who leaves his dying father’s bedside hunting a medicine for a mysterious illness. Sent by his mother to a local druggist in their seaside village, Minnow unexpectedly takes a dark and wondrous journey deep

The Heretic 39 S Wife Brenda Rickman Vantrease

From the bestselling author of The Illuminator comes a magnificent tale about the power of love and the perils of faith

The Calhoun Chronicles Bundle The Charm School The Calhoun Chronicles Book 1 The Horsemaster 39 S Daughter The Calhoun Chronicles Book 2 Halfway To Heaven The Calhoun Chronicles Book 3 Mills Boon M B Susan Wiggs

Award-winning New York Times bestseller and consummate storyteller Susan Wiggs brings you three enthralling historical romances about unconventional women and the men who learn to love them.

The Gilded Man Clifford Smyth

WHEN, one evening in the late Autumn, David Meudon reached the entrance to Stoneleigh Garden, where Una Leighton awaited him, it was evident something unusual had happened.

The Trunk Rahimah Rahim

The story begins in the year 2002 in Boston, Massachusetts, the cradle of liberty. The setting is an attic of an old house in Roxbury, Mass, a working class, neighborhood, in Boston, made up of mostly descendents of former slaves in America.

At Vitoria Marcia Riman Selz

How could a medieval Jewish cemeterycause so much debate? At Vitoria transportsthe reader from 1950s Bayonne, Franceback to medieval Spain and weaves a storyof success, love, terror, tragedy, shame, andhonor. The historical and cultural detailsmake for an evocative narrative that drawthe reader in

The Incomparable Countess Mary Nichols

The Ambassador To Brazil Peter Hornbostel

In March 1964, a secret task force of United States warships and tankers set sail from the Caribbean bound for Brazil. The flotilla, which had the code name Operation Brother Sam, included the world’s largest aircraft carrier, several destroyers, a troop carrier, and

The Soldier S Oath Christopher Lewis

It is 1530, and life can be as dangerous as it is short, especially for a soldier. In the majestic capital city of Casile, Captain Arathin Briar is content with his life. After taking a beautiful bride six months earlier, he has just

The Bride Of Windermere Mills Boon Vintage 90s Modern Margo Maguire


The Linens Of Santa Chiara Jerry Riccio

The Linens of Santa Chiara is an absorbing story about family, friendship, and love. It is the story of Aldo DiLorenzo, and of the ties that bind a noble WWII Italian-American Captain of a B-17 bomber, to his family and friends. When Aldo