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Prophecy Elizabeth Haydon

In Elizabeth Haydon's Rhapsody, a fellowship was forged--three companions who, through great adversity, became a force to be reckoned with: Rhapsody the Singer; Achmed the assassin-king; and Grunthor, the giant Sergeant-Major.

Trouble For Two Vampire Soul Book Two Vampire Romantic Comedy Mac Flynn

Misty’s carefree life of dealing only with the living has come to a dead-end with the arrival of Roland the vampire. Now she finds herself in the midst of an invisible feeding frenzy for Roland’s soul box, a heavy paperweight that does nothing

Kabumpo In Oz Ruth Plumly Thompson

Kabumpo in Oz is the sixteenth Oz book, and the second written by Ruth Plumly Thompson. During Prince Pompadore of Pumperdink's eighteenth birthday celebration, his birthday cake explodes, revealing a magic scroll, a magic mirror, and a doorknob. The scroll warns the prince

Sin Du Jour The First Course Matt Wallace

This Sin du Jour omnibus collects in a single edition the first three books in the series from Hugo award-winning author Matt Wallace: Envy of Angels, Lustlocked, Pride's Spell, and the bonus short story "Small Wars".

The Past And Future King Warren M Mueller

The Past and Future King transports the reader to another world filled with compelling characters that move the imagination. More than a fantasy book, it is a story with ageless relevance to the great themes of life such as adventure, love, redemption, and

Dream Lover Tony Desouza

In this story our main character, a middle aged executive, charming husband and loving father and grandfather, boasts about his ability to continue with interrupted dreams. As fate would have it he meets a pretty young thing who happens to be his physical

A Supernatural Threat Ramon Elmerito Gatchalian

A young attorney finds his ex-girlfriend dead, murdered under mysterious circumstances. To escape the clutches of the law, which has wrongly tagged him as the culprit of the heinous crime, he travels to Vegas at the behest of a ghost claiming to be

Osceola Thom H Weekley

Perry Thompson is sent down to the Big Cypress swamp to interview Billie Osceola who is reportedly 183 years old. During this process he learns from the Indian point of view about the history of Florida. He also falls for Billies daughter, Angela,

Stuff As Dreams Jon Decles

Science fantasy is the middle ground between science fiction and fantasy where the author provides credence for elves and werewolves and a moral compass for the ventures of technology. Extrapolation can be used not only to see where the future might be going

The Man God Has For You 7 Traits To Help You Determine Your Life Partner By Stephan Labossiere Conversation Starters Dailybooks

The Man God Has For You: 7 Traits To Help You Determine Your Life Partner by Stephan Labossiere  | Conversation Starters

Master Of The Cauldron David Drake

Garric or-Reise was born the son of an innkeeper in Barca's Hamlet on the Isle of Haft, but through valor and determination became first a prince and then the Regent and successor to the feeble Valence III, King of the Isles. But the

Enthralled Melissa Marr Kelley Armstrong Rachel Caine Claudia Gray

A journey may take hundreds of miles, or it may cover the distance between duty and desire.

Phoenix Genesis Phoenix 1 Christian Warner

Enter the world unseen and cross paths with those who sacrificed body and soul to protect everything from the impending darkness. Darkness willing to swallow up the universe and see to its obliteration. Follow each of their stories as everything they know comes

Purity J M A Quinn

In the early 1800s, a wagon train comes to a halt in the torrid heat of the desert as three men climb down and out of their wagons. One of the three men, a Murray Calloway, living-legend and lawman wherever he may perch,

The Towers Of The Sunset Jr L E Modesitt

L.E. Modesitt, Jr.'s The Towers of the Sunset continues his bestselling fantasy series the Saga of Recluce, which is one the most popular in contemporary epic fantasy.

Cesar 39 S Way The Natural Everyday Guide To Understanding Correcting Common Dog Problems By Cesar Millan Conversation Starters Dailybooks

Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems by Cesar Millan??????? | Conversation Starters

Immortal Wimon Sainimnuan

An ageing tycoon wants to achieve immortality

Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man What Men Really Think About Love Relationships Intimacy And Commitment By Steve Harvey Conversation Starters Dailybooks

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment by Steve Harvey | Conversation Starters

Sphinx David Lindsay

Nicholas Cabot, 25 years old and newly endowed with his uncle’s fortune, takes lodgings at the house of retired tragedian Leslie Sturt, intending to devote his time to perfecting an invention for recording dreams.

The Rosie Project A Novel By Graeme Simsion Conversation Starters Dailybooks

The Rosie Project: A Novel by Graeme Simsion | Conversation Starters