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The Curse Of Kalaan Linda Saint Jalmes Jon Paul Ferrara

Realms Of The Dragons Maiden To The Dragon Book 2 Dragon Shifter Romance Mac Flynn

The forests of Miriam Cait’s new world hold more secrets than she can count, and more dangers than she cares to know.  Unfortunately, hey must travel through one such forest on their way to Xander’s kingdom.  The troubles start with a drenching rain

Dragonkin Lavie Tidhar

"A neat idea, combining homage to Holdstock with urban fantasy."--Locus

Soltis Omar Morales

Experience a world of magic and wonder through the eyes of a young human slave. Roy was serving his lizard-like master, until one day, he and his friend Rena decide to explore an ancient temple. There Rena finds herself experiencing a vision in

The Plot To Destroy Democracy How Putin And His Spies Are Undermining America And Dismantling The West By Malcolm Nance Conversation Starters Dailybooks

The Plot to Destroy Democracy: How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West by Malcolm Nance | Conversation Starters

Asia Folklore Tales Of Prince Yamato Take Bilingual Edition English Spanish Muhammad Vandestra Maya Aminah Sakura

The insignia of the great Japanese Empire is composed of three treasures which have been considered sacred, and guarded with jealous care from time immemorial. These are the Yatano-no-Kagami or the Mirror of Yata, the Yasakami-no-Magatama or the Jewel of Yasakami, and the

Finding The Way Home Roselin Casanova

Finding the Way Home tells the story of Julia, a woman who discovers that her innate ability to see things brings with it both challenges and possibilities. Some people think she suffers from hallucinations. She comes to wonder whether her visions depict reality.

Against All Grain Delectable Paleo Recipes To Eat Well Feel Great By Danielle Walker Conversation Starters Dailybooks

Against All Grain: Delectable Paleo Recipes to Eat Well & Feel Great by Danielle Walker | Conversation Starters

Born Of Defiance Sherrilyn Kenyon

Born an Outcast, Talyn Batur has spent the whole of his life fighting against the prejudice of his people. An Andarion without a father is not something anyone wants to be.

Lord Of Fire Lord Of Wind Jeffrey Lyman

A monarchy deposed. A city besieged. It is whispered in the streets that the salvation of the people lies in the chosen one…in royal blood. They lay their hope on Rhex, their warrior prince, returned from exile wielding the power of a FireLord.

The Image Of The Invisible Connie J Cartisano

Lucifer had it allbrains, beauty, position. What the hell happened?

Oey And The Angels J Hobo

Oey is a happy eight year old sea creature who is full of curiosity, he has a dream to one day become human and explore dry land. He has four brothers and three sisters who have all been raised with good moral values.

A Dead Heart That Beats Shana Donais

Vampire, werewolves, witchesso many different stories about these creatures that have changed and evolved in time. Karmalla finds herself introduced to the world of the supernatural where vampires and werewolves and witches exist, leading her to discover that not only does her family

A New Dawn For Nimara Tanya Bourton

Bruno, now twenty one years old, is just about to ask Summer a very important question when both of them are suddenly transported back to Nimara. They learn that the existence of the Gwarks and their planet hangs in the balance. How will

A Walk To The Store Jason Cogshall

This is the adventure of two sisters on their way to the store. Along the way, they encounter a mean dragon and a brave warrior hopefully giving parents and children. The book provides some good topics that both a parent and child can

The Border Keeper Kerstin Hall

A 2019 Nommo Award Finalist

Honor Among Thieves David Chandler

When it comes to epic fantasy, David Chandler’s breathtaking trilogy, The Ancient Blades, steals the show! Honor Among Thieves, the concluding volume in the fantastic adventures of young cutpurse Malden in and beyond the treacherous City of Ness, honors a glorious fantasy tradition

The Courtship Of The Queen Bruce Mcallister

Some boys play baseball or computer games, but Brian keeps an army of shells in their dresser drawers. And every night, he fights for the honor of the Queen Conch and wears the marks of battle to breakfast in the morning.

Idle Ingredients Matt Wallace

"Hilarious, raucous -- and leaves you literally hungry." --The Washington Post

Tales Of Three Hemispheres Lord Dunsany

This peculiar collection is a very real treat: we envy you the reading of it. Among the treasures in this volume are "The Last Dream of Bwona Khubla," "How the Office of Postman Fell Vacant in Offord-Under-the-Wold," "The Prayer of Boob Aheera," "East