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The Va Ndrian Queen Rachel L Carazo

Yvane, the Vandrian Queen, has ruled her kingdom without fear for centuries as guardian of Viola, the Violet Tourmaline, an ancient gem with great power. However, when a stranger breaks through the magical defenses of her kingdom with the assistance of the forgotten

Grimms Fairy Tales Complet Active Toc A To Z Classics Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm

Because Am Olivier

Bec Otinga, a young girl, is rescued under strange circumstances from war-torn Africa and brought to the UK by an unlikely alliance between the future Archbishop of Canterbury and a shadowy organization that searches the world for people with unusual capabilities. Bec graduates

Dreams Diary Antonio Almas

Wolfburn Brittany Blessing

Seventeen-year-old Widith Hannah is finishing up a project for her speech class: The Hunters and the WolfBurnians, a local legend about a group of hunters and their shapeshifter prey. What she doesnt know is that this project will change her life. Widiths life

Zoose Empowered Joyce Hum

Zoose is a schem, a special angelic being with a big heart filled with determination to carry out a mission for God. He has just volunteered for his first assignment on earth. He is about to encounter man, Gods curious creation, and discover

Hexe Skadi Winter

A young girl, born during the coldest winter people could remember in a remote German village shortly after WWII, tells the story of her childhood. Growing up under the care of her grandmother, she soon learns that by the end of war, bombs

Only For A Wonderful World Anna Frosali

This book has been written by a sensitive and the things she has foreseen have come true and are becoming true. The sensitive made her vision of the future coincide with the year 3000, but in reality she thinks that this future is

Mastering Fear A Navy Seal 39 S Guide By Brandon Webb Conversation Starters Dailybooks

Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL's Guide by Brandon Webb ?????? | Conversation Starters

Moonlight And Diamonds Michele Hauf

The Werewolf and the Socialite. Two Different Worlds. One Shared Destiny.  

Aychnant Chronicles Page Eleven Twin Tales J K Murfhey

An epic tale of magic, corruption and self discovery. Katerva has to learn to survive in another world, against all the odds, sinister plots and unknown enemies. Katerva joins with a secretive group of Enchanters, discovering then mastering innate skills. The quest, together

The Rise Of Sorcha Scarlett Mason Book 3 Trisha J Kelly

The Rise of Sorcha A grey cloud is making its way over to Waters End. Toxic gases are propelling across the skies. Deep in the heart of Island Seven, the Sorcerer lets out an evil laugh as he awaits the impending destruction of

Louisanna And The Lopsided Kingdom Myra F Dingle

Louisanna lives with her grandmother, Nimee, in a huge house on a lonely northern island. Her only companion is her nanny, Cerena, who has come to realize that Louisanna has inherited her grandmothers second sight. Louisanna is drawn by a force she does

Beyond The Open Door Abigail Grace

Jamie Sage has quite an overactive imagination, and it causes problems. When daydreaming becomes a habit and nothing seems real anymore, her father has no choice but to call in a professional--a professional, one might add, that doesnt specialize in the psychological area

When Violence Is The Answer Learning How To Do What It Takes When Your Life Is At Stake By Tim Larkin Conversation Starters Dailybooks

When Violence Is the Answer: Learning How to Do What It Takes When Your Life Is at Stake by Tim Larkin | Conversation Starters

A Silly Question Edith Nesbit

Dolly asks her kitten to explain why he's white and all his brothers are tabby. Dolly was not surprised to hear the kitten speak, for she had read her fairy books, as all good children should, and she knew that all creatures answer

Echoes In The Dark The Summoning Book 5 Robin D Owens

The planet is dying, slowly being drained by an alien Dark, and only one last, desperate plan can save it.

Apocrypha Of The Dark Crusade D L Burt

Suppose you had to fight a war in a place you could not go. So you sent warriors protected in specially made armor to do the fighting for you. For thousands of years you sent them. For thousands of years they fought and

Metaphorosis March 2016 Jack Noble Sabrina N Balmick Octavia Cade Gerald Warfield

Beautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis.

I Ll Be Gone In The Dark One Woman 39 S Obsessive Search For The Golden State Killer By Michelle Mcnamara Conversation Starters Dailybooks

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer by Michelle McNamara | Conversation Starters