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Johnny The Amazing Parrot And Friends Rich Mikie Web

Johnny was brought to the United States from the jungles of Africa. He was sold to a pet store in Roseville, Virginia, where he was givin the name Johhny. He is a fifteen inch yellow- headed amazon oratrix, and appears to be about

Iban Woman Golda Mowe

Twenty-year-old Ratai is proud and strong for she is the eldest child of Nuing, the Iban warrior who went to the invisible world and returned alive, and the granddaughter of Bujang Maias, the great headhunter who was raised by apes. Despite her pedigree,

The Second Sight William Black Iv

Henry Lamont does not believe in ghosts. Or faeries.

It 39 S A Miracle Ranjitham Paul

Its a Miracle! is indeed a miracle storybook written by Ranjitham Paul for very young readers. The book is packed with four interesting stories. Jesus doesnt take money from the till to pay His temple tax. Why? When Tillee Swallowed the Moon has

Deadhouse Landing Ian C Esslemont

Esslemont's new prequel trilogy takes readers deeper into the politics and intrigue of the New York Times bestselling Malazan Empire. Dancer's Lament focuses on the genesis of the empire, and features Dancer, the skilled assassin, who, alongside the mage Kellanved, would found the

Tears Of An Assassin Dj Power

TEARS OF AN ASSASSIN Jim Coleman has no idea what to do with his life. He joins the Marine Corps in 1962 on a whim. He makes history by shooting perfect at Parris Island. Jim has become the only marine ever to accomplish

Weatherwitch Cecilia Dart Thornton

Asrãthiel is a beautiful young woman, the darling of the Weathermaster clan. Yet there is an air of sadness that surrounds this beauty, for Asrãthiel lost her mother to an evil enchantment and her father soon after when grief engulfed him and he

Swift Brutal Retaliation Meghan Mccarron

You can't win a ghostly prank war with your dead big brother. Only survive it.

Gauntlet Of Fire Magna Kruger

Aidans quest for his true identity and the Darcanians best kept secrets will alter everything in the ancient families Not so long ago, Aidan lived happily within Darca Castle, the impressive rock fortress of the Darcanians. Then he had to leave and endured

Fate Lisa M Hoffman

The island of Sanzu is in unknown turmoil. When humans begin forgetting how to respect nature, the spirits of the land begin to wither and die. From the sorrow and suffering of the spirits a deep hatred is born, seeking to destroy everything

Tipsy Elf George Saoulidis

Michalina just wanted to party with the other elves. She definitely didn't want to be roped into guard duty, given a protector's blade and assigned to the gate where nothing ever happens.

Prime Movements Peter Dabbene

This anthology represents the first collection of writing efforts by Peter Dabbene. Prime Movements is a mixed-bag compilation featuring tales of adventure, science fiction, a pair of children's stories, and a few compositions that, surprisingly, are not entirely fictional.

The Door Into Infinity Edmond Hamilton

An amazing weird mystery story, packed with thrills, danger and startling events.

Owen Pendragon W S Markendale

Twelve-year-old Owen Evans is a normal boy living in the North Wales town of Llangollen. But strange and frightening events have begun to occur to the south, in Cornwall, with disappearing children and strange footprints, leading to terrifying images of giants with clubs

Finding A Way Home Jennifer Hulum Luciana Guerra Shabana Kayum

Young Akiko Yamamoto wakes up to find herself in a strange and magical world. She soon meets the worlds only other inhabitants - two young boys, one from China and one from Haiti. How did three children, all from distant lands, come to

Guns Of Avalon Roger Zelazny

One of the most revered names in science fiction and fantasy, the incomparable Roger Zelazny was honored with numerous prizes-including six Hugo and three Nebula Awards-over the course of his legendary career. Among his more than fifty books, arguably Zelazny's most popular literary

The Taken Vicki Pettersson

“Exceptional. Mystery, crime scene drama, and more than enough romance to keep the heart pumping blend seamlessly into an enthralling read that kept me glued to the pages.”

The Sellout A Novel By Paul Beatty Conversation Starters Dailybooks

The Sellout: A Novel by Paul Beatty | Conversation Starters

The Torque Of Fyra J S Seeger

Many ages ago in a vibrant and pristine world called Laurasia, four gods of great power attempt to dominate each other, breaking an ancient bond that eventually falls to the mortal realm. A quest to pursue the four talismansincluding the Torque of Fyra

Almuric And Other Fantasies Robert E Howard

An Earthman transported to Almuric, a remote alien world where he must contend with apelike humans, winged monsters, and other sinister forces. Robert E. Howard’s collection of fantastic fantasy science fiction short stories will not fail to entertain!