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Becoming Your Own Knight In Shining Armor Selina Schuh

Do you feel like your dream relationship is just a fantasy? Are you tired of being stuck in a cycle of pain and suffering? Are you waiting for that special someone to save you? In this empowering book, educator, speaker, author, and owner

Tools For Life Or In The Creation Of Your Best Life Shannon Ph D Lynn

The Ayahuasca Path Gerd Fonrobert

This book contains a model of the spiritual path with two foundations: the use of ayahuasca for the effect of mental concentration and for self-knowledge as a spiritual improvement process, reaching purification by knowledge of oneself and the faithful practice of good. There

Get Your Life Back Emma Walker

Her second book, Get Your Life Back will draw the reader into a collection of inspirational stories that reveal common interruptions people face in life that are stressful, painful and challenging. This book offers encouragement; hope and motivation to the reader to press

Being Acting Anne Givaudan Daniel Meurois

This condensed booklet featuring practical exercises communicated to Anne Givaudan and Daniel Meurois by Masters of Wisdom has been long-awaited.

My Pain Had Purpose Yvette Steele

Yvette Steele weaves an inspiring tale of survival, faith, revival, and redemption in this recollection of one woman’s life spent emerging from mental, physical, and emotional pain, heartache, and abuse, while struggling to find her identity both personally and spiritually. Building an emotional

A Pathway To Union Ariana Khent

Reunite your feminine and masculine selves and create personal and global transformation

Prayer With God Veronica O 39 Connor

How often do you engage in quality communication with the Lord God? Do you live daily in His presence, seeking His will and direction for your life? Is good communication with Him mandatory for you, since He supplies your needs every hour, every

101 Selected Sayings Of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him Irfan Alli


The Perfect Living Bread Mr Richard Kofi Aplerku

The book Perfect Living Bread is a life turning point and is supposed to be the most important tool in the life of every living being. The purpose of this book is to bring to the awareness of every living being that the

The Earth Path Starhawk

America's most renowned witch and eco–feminist offers a sequel to her bestselling classic The Spiral Dance, weaving together the latest findings in environmental science with magical spells, chants, meditations and group exercises to create the ultimate primer on our relationship to the earth.

Enchantment Is Yours Dorothea Orleen Grant

Enchantment Is Yours, A Journey of Spirit is a collection of original universal poetic insights and reflections that is inspirational, motivational, universal, passionate, and illuminating. After each poetic insight and reflection, there is a ruled blank page designed especially for you to write

Mood Swing Evelyn Danielle Butler

Depression is not an event that occurs overnight. In fact, it can probably be more accurately described as a mold growing in your basement. By the time you see and recognize it, the mold is in your wall! Youre fighting like crazy to

Real Vampires Night Stalkers And Creatures From The Darkside Brad Steiger

A chilling chronicle of the often ignored history of vampirism as it has surfaced repeatedly in news articles, historical accounts, and first person interviews, this shocking account of occultist rituals and the inhuman forces that influence them shines a light on the horrifying

Astro Navigation From Square One To Ocean Master Alan Murray

Astro-navigation from Square One to Ocean-master begins at the very beginning of this relatively complex subject and progresses logically through all the required "astro skills." Each new concept builds on UNDERSTANDING with no learning by rote. A 130-word glossary, 160 diagrams and 40

The Path Within Anthony Santen

The Path Within is an invitation to observe and transform the only person who can access and influence your life and your future: you! Filled with sound philosophy and practical examples, this book is the culmination of many client sessions and years of

Earth Water Fire Wind Kiesha Crowther

Since the dawning of humanity our ancient ancestors held the answers regarding how to live in harmony with our planet and knew the true understanding of what it meant to be a human being. We once understood the most precious and important connections

They Have Revelation Absolutely Wrong Brother Fred

The first title I had for this book was; "GETTING OUT OF HELL". Because that is one main point we all were taught & still no one Preaches ALL must come out of hell. It's in Rev. 20:13 and is plainly written. Pastors

Journey Into Thought Sidney Andrews

Are you ruled by lifes motivatorsor lifes agitators? Do you know what it means to live an authentic life? Are you fully prepared to claim your territorial rights to your own potential?

Who I Was Who I Am Who I Have Become Lorenzo Keith

The book describe what educators can do to shape a student mind set and give hope for a brighter day. It tell the story of the importance of having God fearing parents in your life at the beginning sowing love. As you read