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Peace Be Upon Islam Dr Abdelfattah Mohsen Badawi

This book deals with morals in Islam, improving self-image by nonattachment to objects, attachment to God, and moral enrichment. There is perfect compatibility between Islam and yoga on the highest level and also resemblance of Islamic prayers and yoga asanas. Enlightenment is the

Surrendering To The Call Marilee J Bresciani

This quick and easy-to-read book of humorous vignettes, taken from the author's daily life, provides readers with profound yet practical strategies to personally explore everyday occurrences. Readers are coached to step into their own authenticity, while embracing ambiguity and a sense of the

Love And Accept It All Cristy Lynn Hayden Ma B Sc

Cristy Lynn Hayden suffered a very severe brain injury as a result of a drunk driver crossing the median and hitting her car. Miraculously, she recovered fully from her brain injury and slowly created a life that has become more than she or

Soft Diamond Light Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky

This eBook was created to make the vision of Soft Diamond Light more accessible to a global audience, and more importantly, to add the powerful energy of Soft Diamond Light to the online consciousness' of the internet. It is based on Part one

Historical Dictionary Of Witchcraft Jonathan Durrant Michael D Bailey

Witchcraft has proven an important, if difficult, historical subject to investigate and interpret over the last four decades or so. Modern historical research into witchcraft began as an attempt to tease out the worldview of ordinary people in 16th- and 17th-century England, but

Free To Be Healthy Margaret Stuart

WHY IS IT THAT SOME PEOPLE WHO DRINK AND SMOKE LIVE LONG LIVES WHILE OTHERS WHO APPEAR TO BE LIVING HEALTHY LIVES DIE YOUNG? Free to Be Healthy is your toolbox to enable you to bridge the gap to a truly healthy life.

Overcoming The Hardships In Life Edward Kwarteng

Imparting Into A Destined Life.. The tenacity of your well-being in life depends on your identification in Christ through Godly investments and their implementations. This book explains it all with the knowledge of life experiences, mysteries and the power to overcome lifes crises

The Tabernacle Dwells In You Anton L Seals Sr Jennifer J Seals James Joshua Nelson

An Almanac For Moderns Donald Culross Peattie

An Almanac for Moderns contains a short essay for each day of the year that contemplates a unique but factual aspect of unbridled nature. According to a review in Nation, this collection of essays manages to “appeal to the ordinary lover of nature

Jesus The Untold Story Gerjo Van Der Horst Rob Heitkamp

Most people know Jesus from the four gospels in the Bible and have built up a picture from that material. In our times, other writings have been found that show a very different Jesus, such as the gospels of Thomas, Mary Magdalene and

Take It Or Leave It Marlin Dujuan

There are a lot of issues and testimonies I would like to discuss with you all, mainly, things thats been happening to me. My own personal experiences, situations that are mind blowing and mind boggling or too good to be truethings like bullets,

Tails Of Love For The Dying Karen Pico Rn

In Tails of Love for the Dying, Karen Pico, RN describes stories of her hospice patients, their struggles at the end of life, and how their relationships with their pets add depth and quality to their end of life experiences. This book shows

Medium Memoirs Alaine Portner

Can our loved ones still touch us after theyre gone? They can and they do! Through channeled messaging, sensory input, and loving humor, gifted medium and spiritual teacher Alaine Portner builds a bridge between the departed and their loved ones here on Earth.

Black Men Be Truthful To Yourselves And Arise Michael W Barnett

This book was written with the hope of showing people that its never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. We can make the best or the worst of it. My wish is that you

Spirit Seekers Alexander Morningstar Short

I started to walk down the hallway, and as I got to the front door, Taylor yelled at me, saying she was sorry. She started to walk toward me, but as she was walking, I saw something running toward her from behind, and

People And The Peepal K P Rashmi S Manasi K V Raju Sunil Nautiyal

Growing urbanization and its negative impacts on urban ecology have been felt acutely, the world over. Protecting the ecosystem is a major issue on the global agenda and preserving it is a priority. Conservation of tree biodiversity through sustainable ecosystem management approaches is

My Pal Blaise Richard Leviton

In 2020 angels of a high order started incarnating on Earth as humans.

It S Time You Believe Chrissie Cory

She was twenty-three years olda college dropout, estranged from her parents, depressed, addicted to drugs, and brokenhearted after a string of unhealthy relationships with men.

Creator And Creators Roza Riaikkenen Margarita Riaikkenen

Creator and Creators starts from the point of Nothing/Everything and the cosmic Rhythm, and gradually includes and explains the esoteric and exoteric mechanisms that lead to manifestation of life as we know it. Through an analysis of personal experience and the synthesis of

The Science Of Mind Ernest Shurtleff Holmes

Here is the complete first edition of The Science of Mind. For the careful practitioner this is the preferred edition, as later editions lacked the power and focus of this edition and were simply less readable. Here you will find six lessons and