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The Angel Lady Susan Reynolds Francine Gillen

I deem Susan as being authentic because she draws information from her experience with Angels rather than from literature, imagination, or hearsay. What scholars and scientists can do is stop quibbling and study the affects Angels have in the lives of people they

Five Lessons Neville Goddard

A course given by Neville Goddard over 5 evenings to include: Consciousness Is The Only Reality - Assumptions Harden Into Fact - Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally - No One To Change But Self - Remain Faithful To Your Idea.

The Romance Of Sorcery Sax Rohmer

From the creator of the diabolical Dr. Fu Manchu comes this exploration of occult history. Sax Rohmer, an expert on the dark arts, presents an intriguing tour of sorcery through the ages, from ceremonies of witchcraft and demonology to the spells, curses, and

Reflections Of Life Avis Simmonds

This book, Reflections of Life, depicts a variety of lifes situations that cause us to reflect. We do reflect on life one day at a time, because as the years go by, there are so many events of the past and hopes for

Cancer 39 S Gifts With Love Hope Robert V Heffernan

Imagine being diagnosed with a disease as seemingly minor as melanoma that quickly progresses to stage four cancer, where the chances of survival drop to less than 10% in five years. And, the options are only surgery, a handful of tough FDA-approved treatments,

Mystic S Bible Jack H Mckeever

This book is written to show that the Bible is a metaphysical encyclopedia, a very spiritually enlightening book. Many peoplefrom spiritual leaders, bishops, clergy, and the populaceare grounded in the here and the now, in the physical, without attention to the spiritual side

Am I Enlightened Yet Angela Edstorm

Angela Edstrom shares her healing journey from fear to love in this lighthearted account of her lifelong struggle to find peace. After being diagnosed with lupus in 1989, she began a quest for healing and spiritual enlightenment. Years of searching for a simple

As If Smiling By Sharon Anderson Sharon Lenore Anderson Ollie Lynn Anderson

this book is an autobiographical spiritual adventure story; a coming of age of a little girl from the Alberta prairies desperately longing to be once more anchored in the divine, and finding the path to freedom through a beloved guru; Swami Kriyananda.  She

Qi Men Dun Jia 540 Yin Structure Yap Joey

Supercharge Your Qi Men Studies

Thirty Christian D Bobo Christian D Bobo

This book will not only change the way you think of yourself but you will discover so many gifts God has blessed us with to make an impact in the lives of the people around you and I. Inspiring books can sometimes give

Whispered Grace Beth Chapman

At the age of fifty-seven the author took three years off from life to learn to listen to her heart and nature. We are not taught to listen. We often do not have someone who will really listen. This book offers meditations offered

Fragments Jeanetta Girgis

"Fragments" is a book for you to complete. My contributions are to inspire yours. The thief has been at work in our lives, and left us with rags, but the Lord Jesus asks us all to submit those rags to Him.

Your Nostradamus Factor Ingo Swann

You Can Predict the Future Throughout the centuries the future has been seen in dreams, in visions, and by seers. But you don't have to be a prophet or a visionary to predict what the future holds. Now, Ingo Swann explains how to

Prophets Of A New Age Counterculture And The Politics Of Hope Martin Green

The "New Age," contrary to its stereotype of crystals, incense, and Tarot cards, describes important cultural movements of the 18th through 20th centuries which share a preoccupation with political change, experimental art, sex, new ideas about medicine, primitivism, and the familiar axis of

Colours Of Your Life Steve Dinga

Have you ever wanted to reconnect with your childlike spirit and live with peace, joy, gratitude, happiness, and an expanded presence of love in your life?

Rebirth Within My Heart Sezin Aksoy

This book talks about the great coincidences of my life story that led me to the best possible healing, before and after my heart surgery; how life prepared me for the most painful time of my life and how it thought me to

I Am Not God And Neither Are You Dr Donavan D Mccargo

In todays world, many of us spend a great deal of our time working, stressing, and being overwhelmed with the challenges of our environmentall in the spirit of obtaining our goals and aspirations. While on this journey we call life, we encounter hardship,

Why People Believe Weird Things Michael Shermer Stephen Jay Gould

Universal Handbook Olga Kharitonova

This book is written in order to help people get more clarity in the vast field of spiritual information and to focus the readers mind on several points: Always follow your inner voice/guidance. Nothing is ever static or permanent in universe. Everything is

The Divine Intelligence Governing Everyday Life Lonnie Hudspeth

Deep down, you yearn to do something more with your life. You fear your life wont be a success unless you discover and do whatever that something is. You sense the universe gently nudges you towards your destiny, but you only pick up