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More True Tales Of The Paranormal Ghosts Poltergeists Near Death Experiences And Other Mysterious Events Kimberly Molto

From phone calls from the dead to various forms of hauntings, this fascinating collection of true paranormal accounts written by a researcher and scientist documents the experiences people from all walks of life have had with the supernatural.

Convinced Mccreadie Avlon

Based on the true story of a boy who was institutionalized at the age of two. He suffered brutal abuse and heart-breaking tragedy. Unable to process the depths of his own reality he became lost. Lost and meaningless. And just when it seemed

The Afterlife Prajnananda

Apart from serving as a teacher for nearly four decades under the govt. of Odisha (INDIA), the author has been a spiritual master with his spiritual Sadhana and quest for mysticism resulting in his direct experience and communication with spirits that started during

Civil War Ghost Trails Mark Nesbitt

Riveting ghost stories with history from all the major engagements of the war.

The Akashic Field Sheldon Stoff

From The Akashic Field: It Makes Every Place in the Universe Part of the Neighborhood

Proverbs Man And Son Soul Body And Spirit Barney S Johnson

Their path has been guiding me to believe in the truth: the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. My great-grandfathers, grandfathers, uncles, and fathers paths were directed down the bloodline to the qualities of a Proverbs man. They believe in the saying A

Both Ends Of The Rainbow Gloria Ku 39 Uleialoha Coppola

Lomilomi is a way of life that weaves a path of Aloha in all you do. Both Ends of the Rainbow shares this healing journey and how you can find your life's purpose through Gloria's inspiration. Exquisitely illustrated through stories shared by the

All In Docious Ghoti

Written by a three time Middle East veteran; medically retired with seventeen years of military service. Retired as a Sergeant First Class who has been trained in the armys Equal Opportunity Program. Served as an E.O. Representative at the company, battalion, and the

Transformed Earlynn A Sheehan

Transformed shares with you spiritual truths learned along the path to spiritual freedom. Earlynn Sheehan takes you along as she transforms her life from deeply religious to deeply spiritual. As her vision of the true nature of God transformed, she left worry, guilt,

Power In The Blood Richard Porter

In Power in the Blood, Richard Porter shares a fresh perspective in conjunction with little-known and fascinating details, as he examines the connections that join science and spirituality. Porter integrates the latest findings in science with the ancient and traditional knowledge of faith

The Gift Of Forgiveness Firozia Wandis Slattery

Wake up! Know who you are. Open your heart to all the love, harmony, and beauty of your real self.

What On Earth Have I Done Robert Fulghum

Robert Fulghum's new book begins with a question we've all asked ourselves: "What on Earth have I done?" As Fulghum finds out, the answer is never easy and, almost always, surprising. For the last couple of years, Fulghum has been traveling the world

The Book Of Destinies Discover The Life You Were Born To Live Chetan Parkyn Carola Eastwood

Have you ever wondered about your life's purpose? The next step in the life-changing Human Design system, The Book of Destinies presents in-depth profiles of the 192 Life Themes that encompass humanity. Based on the place, date, and time of your birth, your

Naked Online J Cargile K Jernigan D Wagner

Is online dating driving you crazy? Maybe you want to try this modern-day matchmaking method but youve heard horror stories. Navigating the world of profiles and prospects requires a level of vulnerability that can feel like standing naked in front of strangers.

The Mindful Addict Tom Catton

The enlightening and worldly journeys of a once hopeless addict whose life was profoundly changed after a chance meeting with a nomadic spiritual healer.

The Pain Companion Sarah Anne Shockley Dr Bernie S Siegel

A Practical, Gentle, and Empathetic Approach to Pain

Prayers For Children At Christmas Time Children 39 S Christian Prayer Books Baby Professor

This is a big collection of prayers for your little readers. It is important that you nurture your child's spirituality by adding the religious significance to Christmas celebration. Teach your child that Christmas is not just about gifts, it's also a time for

Women Scorned Wendy 39 S Revenge Devil Daughter Sgt Pope Wayne A Sr

American Robert D Padelford

AMERICAN to breathe free, to live at Liberty, and to have the responsibility and authority to extend that freedom and liberty to all humanity, to protect and defend the defenseless, promote hope and prosperity for people everywhere, to be the stronghold where the

Hector Gary Finnan Camryn Finnan

This Little Book is about being present to the wonders that exist around us At Ground Level, discovering all that we fail to see when we spend so much of our lives chasing bigger, better, faster, more, endeavoring to fly higher.