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The Light Beyond The Stars Valerie Savage

Science fiction! Non-fiction! 

New Word Volume 2 Lela Kakulia

Hereinafter is my book New word the work unique by its contents and in essence. This is a book of prediction. Years beforehand, I described all those necessary expected political events or natural phenomenon related to the whole world. Most of them have

Alchemy Of Grief Your Journey To Wholeness Nancy Loeffler Sheila A Foster

Fantasy Kingdom School Of Wizardry The Prominencius Primordial Erick S Tieman

This book is comprised of most occults under the teachings of many mytho's of wizardry. This book is for people of all different types which & is what i designed it for it to be. The book is based on only the different

Stretching Lessons Sue Bender

Written with all the clarity, honesty, and insight that made Plain and Simple a phenomenal New York Times bestseller, this final volume of the Plain and Simple trilogy is about taking risks to grow spiritually and how to "stretch" to grow beyond our

The New Generation Nilsa Rodriguez

These Sacred Literatures are written for all humanity to understand the true teachings of all the Great Leaders. I am now giving you the wisdom of GOD. I am now giving you the wisdom of THE BLESSED MOTHER, JESUS THE CHRIST, BHAVAGON KRSNA,

Jesus A Love Like No Other Mary Berry

How does one go on living after your loved one leaves? What about the ones left behind enveloped in anguish? What does a person do with crushed faith?

Dreaming The Soul Back Home Shamanic Dreaming For Healing And Becoming Whole Robert Moss

In this extraordinary book, shamanic dream teacher Robert Moss shows us how to become shamans of our own souls and healers of our own lives.

Forgiveness It Is Not What You Think It Is Phylis Clay Sparks

The Forgiveness Process detailed in this book goes way beyond the barrage of information already available on the subject of forgiveness. The author explains the profound negative effect unforgiveness has on the body, mind and spirit, and shares her personal discovery about what

Inspirational Encouragement Jessie I Morsell

God downloaded this book to me. I am willing to let God lead me all the way.

My Joy In The Morning Rising From The Ashes Terrence J White

Life presents the greatest benefits: struggles, pain, tears, fears. That's what it is all about, right? My Joy in the Morning: Rising from the Ashes doesn't simply provide tools; it gives examples, experiences, and expressions of what life truly is: an opportunity to

You Don T Need Talent To Succeed Tim Corbin

You Dont Need Talent to Succeed, But Everything Else Counts shines the spotlight on your abilitiesmy abilitiesanyones abilities. We all have the ability to be kind, to strive for excellence, and to keep promises. Were able to be on time for appointments, willing

My Life In Words Jade Knight

Relationships (mother, romantic,work, also with myself) my experiences growing up in a single parent home. Not addressing past childhood experiences, teenage phases, love, just life in general.

Your Unique Self The Radical Path To Personal Enlightenment Marc Gafni

Your Unique Self changes the game both in terms of our understanding of what enlightenment means and why it matters and even more importantly, in terms of our understanding of the self and its relationship to the larger contexts of life and relationship.

On The Road To Find Out Cherie Bell

On the Road to Find Out: an MLS Journey begins with a crisis that eventually turns into inner exploration and world travel. Cherie Bell writes with humor and honesty of her decision to return to college after almost thirty years to work on

A Philosophy Of Universality Omraam Mikha L A Vanhov

For the last few decades, men and women have been trying to deal with the world’s problems on a global scale through the creation of countless political and cultural organizations. But it is not enough to set up organizations with a universal vocation:

Authentic Insights Cecelia Frances Page

AUTHENTIC INSIGHTS is a book of extraordinary experiences and topics. There are 70 stimulating stories and articles to enjoy and appreciate. HUMAN INTEREST TOPICS are: 89 Year Old Woman Hiked Across The U.S.A., Family Albums, Be Yourself, Unusual Occasions, About Laura Ingles Wilder,

By The Voice Of The Spirit Alberta T Anderson

Q: Father God, where are You, and the TRUTH of Your Word!? (Bold print) A: My Spirit is always with you, speaking truth to you in a quiet voice, but you continue to listen to, and believe the doctrines of men, and not

Seeking Health And Joy Dr Antonietta Francini Md Ma

Dr. Antonietta Francini has not had an easy life. Stricken with post-traumatic stress syndrome after World War II and subsequent terminal cancer, she is a true example of courage, determination, faith, and the ways in which one woman can walk through struggles and

The Loneliness Cure Dianne A Allen Ma

Dianne Allen brilliantly attacks the loneliness monster that lurks inside. She goes straight for the cause then offers the direct cure for the issues that created your loneliness from the start. No more feeling lonely in a crowded room! If you have ever