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How To Turn Your I Can 39 T Into I Believe Can 30 Excellent Strategies That Will Enable You To Achieve Your True Potential Delroy Constantine Simms

"How To Turn Your I Can't Into I Believe I Can" inspired by my mentor Karl Wilson and motivational speaker Althea Grant is an excellent personal development book, which explains 30 excellent strategies, that can help readers focus on self-esteem; confidence; goal setting;

Long Knives Tak Paris

Author Tak Paris (Chris Kasparis) chronicles the next chapter of his extra-ordinary life in search for self-realisation and a deeper understanding of the ancient origins of Romano-Celtic Britain. This book is a sequel to The Burning Ground, his first autobiographical novel, detailing his

Sacred Bliss A Spiritual History Of Cannabis Mark S Ferrara

Sacred Bliss demonstrates that throughout religious history, cannabis has offered access to increased imagination and creativity, heightened perspective and insight, and deeper levels of thought.

Finding My Ultimate Purpose Michael Ceaser

Finding My Ultimate Purpose is Michael Ceaser’s life story of triumph over the traumatic events he has experienced. His journey encompassed gang activity as a teenager, time in prison, alcohol and drug abuse, and a terrible gambling addiction. With the use of 12-step

Famous Curses Elliott O 39 Donnell

Frightening accounts of the Erskines of Mar, Lambton Worm, Gordons of Gight, Screaming Skull of Calgarth, Wild Cunliffe of Wycoller Hall, Smithhills Hall, Corfe Castle, Dread Coruisk and the Curse of Rudesheim.

Practical Advice For Wholesome Living Charles Arthur Shipp Sr

During his formative years as an educator, many of the authors colleagues encouraged him to write a collection of the phrases and comments he used over the years in interaction with colleagues and students. Initially, he had planned a memoir of just a

Regression A Journey To The Beginning Of Your Current Past Life Helen Casteleyn

This book is written for therapists as well as for the layperson. It explains step by step how to proceed. This handbook teaches you how to travel through time. You get to see past lives and help send the deceased into the Light.

The Wisdom Of Sake Pierre Delorme

The illustrated book by Pierre Delorme, The wisdom of sake , includes nine stories that depict life in Japan in the sixteenth century. The protagonists are essentially samurai. But other characters appear as this African called The Black Tiger, who was the servant

Bolters And Coolers Watson Watson

In Bolters and Coolers, Noel Watson tells true, rough-and-ready stories about the art of street fighting. At seventeen, he trained with Zen Do Kai martial arts and learned if you wanted to survive on the street, you needed to know more than how

Peace Of Mind The Key For Happiness Danilo Henrique Gomes

Peace is possible. You only have to find it within your Self, where it already exists. Let's learn how to enjoy and use it. Human beings are prone to infinite development within their limitations. Bearing this in mind, I have to ask you this

Acts Of Kindness Adam Mayers

Small things can often mean a great deal. For the past five years readers of the Toronto Star's website have been telling each other that, as they shared their stories in a feature called "Acts of Kindness." The common thread is that a

Truth Integrity Courage Love Lagina Glass

Four Guiding Principles that have changed the way I view myself in relationship to all that is.

Hands Of Hope Thomas Williams

Based on a true story.

Light On The Origins Of Reiki Tadao Yamaguchi

A journey towards the origins of Reiki as it evolved from Mikao Usui's first inspirations, showing you how it was traditionally taught and practiced in Japan in the mid-thirties of the last century, including many valuable practical applications and cultural background including the

Simple Ways To Wellness A Workbook For Self Healing Louise Taylor

This workbook teaches how to use affirmation, visualization, acupressure, and color therapy - easy non-invasive methods of self-healing for everyday complaints. It is organized alphabetically by ailment, from allergies and elbow problems to sciatica and wrist pain, with descriptions and illustrations of the

Real Nightmares Book 2 True Unexplained Phenomena And Tales Of The Unknown Brad Steiger

Do you think that you have bad dreams? Well, these people have lived them! Secret government experiments, soulless monsters, a haunted mansion, and more are covered by paranormal researcher extraordinaire Brad Steiger, an author of thousands of books and articles on the mysterious

Prayers For Children To Celebrate Easter Children 39 S Christian Prayer Books Baby Professor

Easter is more than just the fun activity of egg hunting. It is a celebration that commemorates the time when Jesus rose from the dead. So during this day, teach your child to pray. This book will give you an idea of what

Journey From Within Matthys Ferreira

Life presents us with opportunities to meet and interact with many people, and in rare instances these meetings result in real friendships. These friendships grow as the result of a mutual understanding and shared visions and beliefs. It is my honour to compose

Girls Like Us Gina Misiroglu

We all have moments from childhood that have molded our perceptions of ourselves and our lives. In Girls Like Us forty accomplished and influential women share these tender and uplifting moments from their own childhoods and teenage years. Isabel Allende tells of her

Descartes Was Right Souls Do Exist And Reincarnation Proves It Casimir J Bonk

Challenge the scientific denial of the soul's existence with a book that proves that the brain is not the sole explanation behind human thought and behavior.