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Stern Manor Denise La Croix Denise La Croix

"There are two types of male slaves, the kind that mistresses keep and the kind that they use for fun and then pass on or sell to other mistresses." Upon her arrival in London, Fiona Bellamy stands poised to take on a new

Getting Filthy With Daddy Penelope Liksit

When I tell my daughter it's time to get filthy with daddy she probably thinks I'm referring to painting the bedroom. But I have a whole other kind of filth in mind...

Desperate To Claim Him Real Milfs 10 Tori Westwood

What do you do when you're horny and the only man in the house is your inexperienced lodger? Well, you get him hard and sit on him, that's what. Carl's worried at first by his landlady's advances, but no man can deny a

Cherry Pie Sister Makes Three Kethandra Wilde

After a breakup, Matt looks forward to a quiet Valentine's Day. Then his gorgeous sister invites two girlfriends over for the night.

The Realms Of War 5 The Call Of Krakenos Elf Tentacle Fantasy Erotica Jenna Powers

During a small break, the Elven High Priestess, Ariel was captured by trolls, who had their way with her. As her allies arrived, she was taken deep inside a dark, mystical cave. When she awakes, she finds herself naked and the mythical, ancient,

Closet Desire Stephen Van Scoyoc Susan Van Scoyoc Dr Jason Charles Ray Leaning

Whispers in the dark. Secret longings. Hushed giggles as the hinges on the closet slowly creak open. Beyond the door, in the darkness, carefully hidden, is the passage to a place more magical yet every bit as innocent as Narnia. When lovers pass

Driven By Fate Entangled Brazen Tessa Bailey

A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

Indian Family Passion Vinod Nair

Suckle Me Kelly Addams

Joanna hated the elevator, so when the lights failed & the floor shook as the metal & mirror box came to a halt between floors her panic set in. Fortunately quiet & intense stranger Darren calmed her nerves with a gentle touch. There

Submitting To My Son In Law Veronica Sloan

Annie prides herself on being a good mother and an even better wife, but she'll have to betray her morals if she wants to save her daughter Carly's marriage. Michael, her daughter's handsome husband, wants to divorce Carly for cheating on him…unless his

A Way With All Maidens Mel Johnson

Odd tale of an Elizabethan drama company, with S---- the deviant playwright.

Campus Rumpus A Collection Of Gay Erotic Stories Landon Dixon

A collection of five sexually explicit erotic stories with gay themes including domination, submission and crime.

Rise And Sex Charlie Flemming

Education In Servitude T S Mann

Three students find out that breaking the rules at Bamber College comes with a heavy penalty imposed by the Student's Disciplinary Board. Made to join the college's community service programme. They find themselves required to provide very special services for a very select

Mom 39 S Got A Tight Pussy Mother Son 4 Pack 2 Sara Kitty

Four hot mother son erotica stories by Sara Kitty.

How To Have An Affair And Other Instructions Michael Hemmingson

Comes now this fascinating and enticing new collection of transgressive smut by Michael Hemmingson, author of such Blue Moon Books classics as The Comfort of Women, The Dress, House of Dreams, Amateurs, The Rooms, and 66 Chapters About 33 Women. Hemmingson gently, sometimes

Flat Rock Sandy Platts

Truelawney The primary character in this story is like most young bucks. Even though he was raised right, he still had growing up to handle. Lucky for him there were friends. From old John Stamey and best friend Rafe, he learned as he

Everybody Wins Erotic Novel Sand Wayne

A Vintage Erotic Novel Involving a Sexy and Seductive Girl, Full of Sexual Adventures, Surprises and Twists.

Cornered Ambushed With Pleasure Miller Rose

Melissa was still a teen but she had landed herself a man. He was older, gorgeous and she could not wait to give herself to him. She dreamt about it and she could not wait for him to take her and deflower her.

Challenging Roomie Erotica Short Story Tina Long

Tony was surprised to find out that his girlfriend Rihanna used to date his roommate Ruben a few years ago. He considered Ruben as arrogant and self-centered, bringing in various girls. However, he could not believe his eyes when Rihanna and Ruben reconnected